Living and Working in Finland: Your Guide to Work Permits in 2024

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Planning to work in Finland? This beautiful Nordic nation offers exciting opportunities for professionals across various fields. Whether you’re a seasoned specialist or a recent graduate, securing the right work visa is crucial. This guide simplifies the process for obtaining a Finnish residence permit based on employment.

Finland’s Thriving Job Market:

Finland boasts a dynamic job market constantly seeking skilled foreign workers. However, to work beyond 90 days, you’ll need a residence permit.

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Types of Finland Work Permits:

There are various permits catering to diverse work categories. We’ll explore the most common ones:

  1. Residence Permit for Employed Person (TTOL): This is the most popular permit, suitable for those with job offers in specific fields like construction, childcare, or restaurants. Note: Employers must conduct a labor market test to ensure the position isn’t filled locally before sponsoring you.
  2. Residence Permit for Specialists (EU Blue Card): Highly qualified professionals earning a minimum salary of €3,638 per month (as of 2024) and holding higher education degrees can apply for this permit.
  3. Residence Permit for Seasonal Work: This permit caters to those engaged in seasonal activities like tourism or forestry for 3-9 months.
  4. Residence Permits for Internships, Research, and Au Pairs: Dedicated permits exist for internships, research projects, and working as an Au Pair (cultural exchange program).
  5. Residence Permits for Entrepreneurs and Startup Entrepreneurs: Aspiring business owners can apply for permits based on their business ventures.
  6. Residence Permit for Athletes or Coaches: Professional athletes, coaches, and referees can apply for this permit with a secured job offer.
  7. Job Seeker Permit: This permit allows recent graduates (within the last five years) from Finnish institutions to look for work in the country.

Who Needs a Visa for Finland Work?

Citizens from the Schengen Area, EEA/EU, Nordic countries, the US, New Zealand, Australia, San Marino, the Vatican, Andorra, and Japan can work in Finland for up to 90 days without a visa. However, to continue working beyond that period, they’ll need to register as working residents.

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Steps to Apply for a Finland Work Visa:

  1. Secure a Job Offer: Having a confirmed job offer in Finland is the first step.
  2. Submit Your Residence Permit Application: Applications can be submitted electronically through Enter Finland or filled out on paper from
  3. Biometrics and Document Submission: Visit a Finnish Embassy or a Visa service provider to verify your identity, provide biometrics, and submit all required documents.
  4. Application Processing and Decision: The Finnish Immigration Service processes your application and informs you and your employer of the outcome. Upon approval, you’ll receive a residence permit card.
  5. Travel and Start Working: With your residence permit, you can finally travel to Finland and begin your new adventure!

Job Search Resources:

  • Work in Finland
  • Job Market Finland
  • Indeed Finland
  • EURES Finland Jobs

Essential Resources:

Remember: For the latest and most accurate information, always refer to the official Migri website or contact them directly.



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