Yakuza Kiwami Substories Guide 2022

Yakuza Kiwami Substories GuideYakuza Kiwami is filled with immersive and rewarding side quests called Substories. This Yakuza Kiwami Substories Guide will tell you where to find each of the Substories, the best way to complete them and any information on the rewards you receive once completed.Substories become available at different times of the game. Some are only available after completing specific chapters or certain parts of the main story. As such, we have arranged this Yakuza Kiwami Substories Guide in a chapter by chapter fashion.

Yakuza Kiwami Substories Guide – Chapter 4Substory #1

The Price Of An F-CupSubstory #1 – The Price Of An F-CupHead to the location marked above to start the first Substory. A distressed girl called Mai is in some trouble. Send the gentleman away and then you can go on a drink with her. During the evening she’ll ask you a few questions and ask you to drink. The second time she asks you to drink, I noticed a fizzing in the whisky, as if a tablet was dissolving. From there both Mai and the Barkeep seem very determined to get you to drink. I avoided doing so. Clear out the goons that come in to complete the Substory. At the end, if you choose not to spare them, you get told about a secret casino in the Ramon Shop. You get 100,000 Yen.Substory #15 – The BouncerSubstory #15 – The BouncerHead to the location marked on the image above. There is a Club Owner in the area that asks for your assistance protecting her club. You’ll have to clear out the goons, if you respond with “She’s my girlfriend” at the end, they swear never to return. You get an Italian Scarf as a reward and 5,000 Experience Points.Substory #13 – Pay It ForwardSubstory #13 – Pay It ForwardYou get a Silver Briefcase as a reward. You have to wait until Chapter 6 for the next part. Head to the alleyway just East of Vincents bar. There’s a man there that has lost a Silver Briefcase. You get a Swiss Watch and 1,000 Experience Points.Substory #21 – Con-TactsSubstory #21 – Con-TactsIn the alleyway marked above. A man will be on the floor searching for something. As you run past you will stand on his contact lenses. He will ask you to pay 200,000 Yen to purchase replacements. It’s a scam, so don’t pay him. He will retreat and you’ll learn he’s done this before. Keep an eye on your map throughout Chapter 4 at this location, as he will eventually returned. The map will be marked with a !. Once he returns head back and beat him down to complete the Substory. You get 20,000 Yen and 5,000 Experience Points.Substory #36 – Professional BrawlerSubstory #36 – Professional Brawler 36There’s a Professional Brawler in the parking lot. He will challenge you to a fight for a 10,000 Yen purse. It’s not a difficult fight but after beating him once, you’ll have to challenge him again – along with several of his men. Take them all down and you’ll receive 30,000 Yen and 1,000 Experience Points.Substory #53 – MesuKing: The Queen of BeetlesSubstory #53 – MesuKing The Queen of BeetlesHead to this location, just outside the Club SEGA on Nakamichi Street. Kazuma will find a card on the floor and a young boy will come over. Give him the card and he tells you to visit him at Club SEGA to learn to play the game. Head inside and speak with the kid to finish the Substory.Substory #70 – Practice Match With The ProfessorThis is a direct follow on from Substory #53 – MesuKing: The Queen of Beetles. Speak with the kid in Club SEGA on Nakamichi Street and he will play you in a game of MesuKing. Pick your card and then make sure you pick the abilities in this order: Paper, Rock, Scissors. You’ll defeat your opponent easily.Substory #71 – First RivalThis is a direct follow on from Substory #70 – Practice Match With The Professor. Speak with the kid in Club SEGA on Nakamichi Street and choose to battle someone else. It’s an easy battle, just choose Paper every time and you’ll defeat him.Substory #23 – The Crane GameSubstory #23 – The Crane GameHead inside Club SEGA on Nakamichi Street and head towards the Crane Game machine. This will start this Substory. He wants you to catch a White Bun-Chan in the Crane Game machine. You may need to speak with the Club SEGA employee to change the Crane Game prizes. You need to win one of the fat birds with a red hat, the smaller version. Win the prize, give it to the man and you get 10,000 Yen.If you leave and return after a little while he will ask you to get him some more toys from the Crane Game. This time he wants the Woo family, which are three creatures that stand on two legs and one has a top hat and cane. They never spawned in the crane game at this Sega arcade location so you might have to go to the other one near the bowling alley. Get the purple, pink and blue one then return and you will get 30000 Yen.Return again and this time he will want a Jumbo Chestnut, which is the biggest squirrel you can find in the claw machines. Your reward is 50000 Yen but the quest still isn’t complete. Head outside and save SasakiSubstory #8 – Molestation AccusationSubstory #8 – Molestation AccusationHead to this area. You’ll find a female in a blue dress. Run near her and you’ll begin this mission. A man will approach and ask for 10,000 Yen. Don’t pay him, beat him down. You get 20,000 Yen and 1,000 Experience Points.Substory #17 – Bump And ScamSubstory #17 – Bump And ScamIn this area you’ll see a group of three guys. One of them is wearing a hooded jumper, another wears glasses. When you get close they’ll play out a scam that you injured one of them. Don’t pay the 10,000 Yen. You earn 5,000 Experience Points when you beat them down.Substory #18 – Bump and Scam: RevengeThis is a direct follow on from Substory #17 – Bump And Scam. In the exact same area. Return after exploring other parts of the city and the same three guys will be walking in the same spot. This time they want 30,000 Yen. Once again, beat them down and they flee.Substory #19 – Bump and Scam: Three StrikesThis is a direct follow on from Substory #18 – Bump and Scam: Revenge. In the exact same area. Return after exploring other parts of the city and this time five guys will be walking in the same spot. This time they want 1,000,000 Yen. Once again, beat them down and they flee. You get a Colorful Parasol and 15,000 Experience Points.

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