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Last year, I created Version 1.0 of the breakdown of the scholarship situation at WVU and the outgoing (and incoming) transfers. With the first players “self-redshirting” (aka planning to transfer) coming out, it’s time to start a new edition of the Transfer and Scholarship Tracker. It will be your one-stop shop for the most complete picture of every position group on the WVU Football team. 

Here’s what to expect below….

  1. Overview – total numbers for scholarships, committed, etc.
  2. Timeline – Running updates of what happened and when
  3. Position Breakdown – Players coming in, going out, etc. for each position. All classes listed will be for 2024

Please note that, with this tracker starting before the season is over, the number of scholarships accounted for for 2024 will definitely exceed 85. That situation should rectify itself in the offseason as players enter the transfer portal. Also, we will be making assumptions on a couple players for now regarding redshirting or not in 2023. We can change that once (or if) they play five games or not.

  • Last updated: 8:00am ET on 01/01/2024
  • Scholarship players with eligibility remaining: 62
  • Currently committed/signed prospects: 22 (22 signed)
  • Currently committed/signed transfers: 6 (6 verbal, 0 enrolled)
  • Total scholarships currently set for next season (max 85): 90

8:00am ET on 01/01/2024 – Jalen Thornton, who was long rumored to be calling it a career and walked on Senior Day with Jared Bartlett, has confirmed that he played his final game at West Virginia University. 

7:00am ET on 12/30/2023 – Jared Bartlett went public with his decision to leave the program after playing and contributing for five seasons for the Mountaineers. This was a move the coaching staff has known about for at least a month. 

Post-Signing Day – 1:45pm on 12/20/2023 – West Virginia has not only signed all nineteen of their verbal commitments, but added three more signatures on Signing Day – wide receiver DayDay Farmer, running back Traevon Dunbar, and wide receiver Dominick Collins. 

9:15pm ET on 12/19/2023 – Ohio State linebacker Reid Carrico is now public with his decision. He took two visits to Morgantown on back-to-back weekends, pledging to the coaching staff over the weekend. He has two years of eligibility remaining. 

10:00pm ET on 12/18/2023 – Two more transfer commitments for WVU this evening as Colorado State defensive back TJ Crandall and Gardner-Webb edge rusher Ty French both pledged to the Mountaineers. Also, for the sake of this exercise, I’m going to move Bray to just a verbal commitment until an official word comes from WVU (although I know he’s signed, he has not been announced). 

1:30pm ET on 12/18/2023 – Oklahoma State wide receiver Jaden Bray has not only committed to WVU, but has signed financial aid paperwork with the University. He has two years of eligibility remaining. 

7:55 pm ET on 12/17/2023 – We’re updating with three commitments over the last couple days. Two of them are transfer additions (Ayden Garnes and Josh Minkins), while one is an offensive lineman out of high school (Luas Austin). That puts WVU back to the max, although at least two players included in the 85 number (Jared Bartlett and Jalen Thornton) walked on Senior Day. 

7:00pm ET on 12/11/2023 – Running back Justin Johnson and spear Lance Dixon are officially in the portal. This does not change the numbers, as Johnson announced already that he was leaving, and Dixon has not been with the team since the Houston game. Cobb is now the only player announced, but not yet officially in the portal.

11:30am ET on 12/11/2023 – Safety Keyshawn Cobb, who got injured in the second game of the season and missed the rest of the year, announced that he would be entering the NCAA Transfer Portal. 

2:30pm ET on 12/10/2023 – Reserve running back Justin Johnson announces that he will enter the NCAA Transfer Portal. He is not yet in the database, but this move was expected, especially after 1) he fell down the depth chart and 2) the Mountaineers began recruiting another high school running back. 

9:45am ET on 12/09/2023 – True freshman edge rusher James Heard has entered the NCAA Transfer Portal. According to PFF, he played two snaps on defense this past season. 

2:15pm ET on 12/08/2023 – Starting defensive tackle Mike Lockhart has entered the NCAA Transfer Portal. He is joined by backup kicker Danny King. 

12:40pm ET on 12/07/2023 – Cornerback Andrew Wilson-Lamp and spear Hershey McLaurin both announced that they would be entering the NCAA Transfer Portal earlier this morning. A short time later, they officially showed up in the database. 

10:50am ET on 12/04/2023 – The first scholarship player to have not previously announced his departure from the program is in the portal. Wide receiver Ja’Shaun Poke is officially in the NCAA Transfer Portal, a source tells EerSports. He played in one game this season, catching two passes for 11 yards. 

10:40am ET on 12/04/2023 – Theo Grabill, a walk-on tight end, has entered his name into the NCAA Transfer Portal. He’s the first new name of the day. It does not change our numbers from above as those are dealing strictly with scholarship players. 

10:15 am ET on 12/04/2023 – Davis Mallinger and Christion Stokes are officially in the portal. Like below, this does not change anything with numbers, just makes official what we already knew. 

9:30am ET on 12/04/2023 – Jeremiah Aaron is officially in the portal. Does not change anything with our numbers as we were first to report he left the team two months ago. However, he’s now officially in the portal. Expect the others (Stokes, Braham, Dixon, Mallinger) to join him later today. It all depends on when they got their paperwork in.

8:00am ET on 12/01/2023 – On Thursday evening, safety Christion Stokes, who appeared in four total games over two seasons, announced that he would be entering the transfer portal. 

7:00pm ET on 11/28/2023 – Updating to remove Jay’Quan Bostic. As our VIP members found out the night before, the coaching staff and a couple players are doing some mutual parting of ways. We’ve also officially moved Zach Frazier to the “going early to the NFL” section, lowering the scholarship number another.

6:00am ET on 11/15/2023 — Updating the scholarship tracker as we’ve removed two more players from the team (although they are not ‘self-redshirts’ like the previous ones). Linebacker-turned-safety Lance Dixon and safety-turned-wide receiver Davis Mallinger are no longer with the team. Dixon has not been part of the team since the Houston game, while Mallinger and WVU parted ways last week, sources tell EerSports. The transfer portal is not open, so neither are technically in the portal at this time. We’ve also updated to reflect the fact that WVU and high school commit KJ Flowe have parted ways. 

6:00AM ET on 10/5/2023 — This is the first update and the original creation of this tracker. It’s a bye week, and we also learned of our first two transfers out of the program – wide receivers Cortez Braham and Jeremiah Aaron have elected to “self-redshirt” and are no longer with the program. That brings WVU’s total projected scholarship number to 95 for 2024. Of course, it will not be there, as players are expected to transfer in the offseason, and there may even be a few players who elect to enter the NFL Draft or simply call it a career. There is zero reason to be concerned. Over the limit is a very good place to be right now. 

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