Where to Find the Statue in Code Vein? – Full Guide 2022

where to find statue in Code Vein

The “Code Vein” game came out in 2019, and you need a specific statue, and without it, you cannot go any further.

So, where to find the statue in Code Vein? We are just going to cut it short and get straight to the point.

What this article will cover:

  • Where to find the statue in Code Vein?
  • How do you get the ladder down in Code Vein?
  • How do you activate the statue in Code Vein?

Let us begin the article.

Where to Find the Statue in Code Vein?

You are instructed to locate the secret statue in the Ruined City Center in a scene while progressing in the game.

The park area is the location where the statue is secretly kept. You must find that statue because, without it, you can not go ahead in the game.

But you need to get there as quick as possible. When you reach the park, look for a ladder. You will probably find it on the northern side of the area.

When you come across the ladder, use the ladder to go up (you may fall from it one or two times, but don’t worry, you won’t suffer any injury).

Once you climb up, the statue would be right in front of you (just a few meters away). Walkthrough the statue to acquire it.

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How do you get the Ladder down in Code Vein?

On the hunt for statue in Code Vein, you will come across a ladder. Just simply walk towards the ladder, and you will get the option of climbing it.

After climbing and walking through the statue, another ladder will appear, and you will have to use it.

By climbing that other ladder, you will see a cave, go inside it, and you will be in a new location.

You will probably come across the “Dark Depth Map.” Be sure to pick it up, and you are good to go!

How do you activate the statue in Code Vein?

Once you use the ladder to go up, the statue will be in front of you. How do you activate it, then?

Simply walk through the statue, and it will be activated. Comprende?


We have talked about how you can locate the statue in Code Vein and how can you activate it.

We hope that, by following these instructions, you succeed in the hunt.

Let us know about your further queries in the comments. Thank you.

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