Where to find the Door & Millionaire’s Key in Bloodstained? Full Guide 2022

where to find millionaire's key in bloodstained

Time to become a millionaire with the millionaire’s key in Bloodstained. We have already talked about Finding the Carpenter’s Key in Bloodstained.

What this article will cover:

  • Where to find the door & millionaire’s key in Bloodstained?
  • Where do I use the millionaire’s key in Bloodstained?
  • A bonus question in the end.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Where to find the Door & Millionaire’s key in Bloodstained?

Now, before you go anywhere else, first make sure that you are in the Den of Behemoths area. Why?

Because you can only obtain the key once you have reached this area; if not, then first think about reaching the Den of Behemoths area first.

The Den of Behemoths area would be among the last areas of the game. Assuming you reached there. What to do now?

You can simply press the L1 to fly and reach there once you have the Zengetsuto in your hands.

Then keep following the map while flying, and eventually, you will reach there to obtain the key in a crate. 

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Where do I use the Millionaire’s key in Bloodstained?

Once you have obtained the millionaire’s key, you will see a door. The key is for that door. 

Insert the key in the door and prepare for combat. Because you will meet Millionaire’ bane there.

In the game, he is a boss/villain, and you will have to fight and defeat him to receive a new shard.

But be careful, though. Because you can’t harm him with your poison or piercings.

Bonus Question: How do you beat Millionaire’s Bane?

Your guns, bullets, and whips will harm him pretty well. Use your guns and whips to fight him, and trust me, you are going to enjoy it.

Assuming that he brings a Lili from the foundation, kill her rapidly. If guns emerge from the roof, utilize the Invert Shard.

Spot yourself between the two weapons to stay away from shots. If bombs tumble from the roof, utilize the Invert Shard too, and hang tight for them to detonate.

By doing all this, you would be able to beat the boss and get the reward.


We have talked about where you can find the door & the millionaire’s key in Bloodstained.

How to use that key and how to beat one of the game’s bosses, Millionaire’s Bane.

I hope this guide helps you. Let us know about your further queries in the comments.

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