Where to Find the Lokris Fort in AC Odyssey 2022?

where to find Lokris Fort in AC Odyssey?

Off to find the Lokris Fort in AC Odyssey? Well, you will find it once reading the whole article.

We are going to make it quick. What this article will cover:

  • Where to find Lokris Fort in AC Odyssey?
  • Where is Xerxes Fort in AC Odyssey?
  • Bonus Question in the end.

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Where to find Lokris Fort in AC Odyssey?

The zealots that you face in the game have an essential role here. It appears that one of those zealots is undercover.

And you must obtain that hint to actually find out who he is and which league he belongs to.

That league is Peloponnesian League. That hint will help you find out who the undercover zealot is.

That hint will be found in the Lokris Fort. Buckle up! This might not be a piece of cake, and you may have to retry again and again.

But here is a surprise for you. There is NO Lokris Fort in AC Odyssey. So, what is the point?

Actually, Lokris is kind of a place in the game where you will find the fort. For that reason, it is called Lokris Fort.

The real name of the fort is “Xerxes Military Fort.” This is where the clue lies that you seek.

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Where is Xerxes Military Fort in AC Odyssey?

The Xerxes Military Fort is in Lokris. It is often twisted with the name “Lokris Fort,” but that is not true.

Go to Lokris and look for Xerxes Military Fort. Once inside, you will see a crate. That crate has the answers.

Open that crate, and you will obtain the hint to help you find out the zealot.

Bonus Question: How Many Endings does AC Odyssey have?

Just for the sake of knowledge. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has around 9 (nine) distinct endings.

It all depends on your choices in the game that will decide which ending you will get.

You can also play again and again to enjoy all endings. Your choice!


We have talked about where to find Lokris Fort in AC Odyssey, where is Xerxes Military Fort, and how many endings can you get.

Hope this guide helps you. Let us know about your further queries in the comments.

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