What does o7 mean in Twitch? Twitch Slang (How to Use it?)

While scrolling through the Twitch platform, you might have come across this “o7” word or something.

What does o7 mean in Twitch? Is it slang? How can you use it in your streams or videos?

Basically, the “o7” is kind of a show of respect by the streamer or the viewers to the audience or to the channel, respectively.

Breaking the two, we have “o,” which means “head,” and the “7,” which means “salute.”

In other words, you can say that the streamer or the viewers are saying “I salute you” by writing “o7.”

So, We have shortly described what does o7 mean in Twitch. Let’s talk about it in detail.

What does o7 mean in Twitch?

Imagine you are playing a game on Twitch and you are freaking good at it. Your shots are awesome and your skills are otuclass.

So, to tell you that you are great at what you are doing, people will use the “o7” emote on your streams or videos.

What if you said something that touched your viewers’ hearts, they would, both, subconsciously and willingly salute you.

The viewers generally use the “BetterTTV” or this “o7” to tell you that they love and respect you.

Let’s take a look at some ways, you can use these emotes from “BetterTTV.”

How People use o7 or similar emotes on Twitch?

Normally, people use these emotes in respect-showing texts and in some other ways. You might be getting confused, right?

Let’s make it easy for you. If viewers want to wish luck to the streamer, they would write “Gudluk7” or “Gudluc 7,” wishing him luck and showing respect by writing “7.”

You get the point, right? Now, you know what does o7 mean in Twitch and what are its uses. Let’s move forward.

Importance and Examples of o7 Emoticons:

However, what if you met your streamer someday? Would you need emoticons to show your affection?

No, your eyes and body language will say it all. But you gotta understand, those times are long gone now.

The streamers need some online motivation for their work and that is where the emoticons come in.

And, thanks to the pandemic, we have normalized staying more online and less socializing. People have transferred all their affections online.

Our point is, the emoji faces have now become our faces, their emotions are our emotions. That’s what the hardworking streamers need sometimes.

Sometimes, people use their words as emoticons and express their feelings like, if someone says, “You’re a great person,” you would reply, “Thank you o7

Without using the emoji, we used the emoji. That is how it works on most of the Twitch streams or any streaming platform.

BetterTTV o7 Salute:

Using the BetterTTV, when you are a streamer or just a random user on Twitch, unlocks many exciting features on Twitch.

Not just the o7, you can use many other emojis on BetterTTV. You would have to turn the BTTV emotes on.

Here are some famous BetterTTV emojis that you would really like.

Some Famous Twitch Slangs:

There are other slangs that people use on Twitch. Let’s take a look.

The first is POI, whose full form is “Point Of Interest.”

The second one is AFK, whose full form is “Away from Keyboard.” Streamers sometimes use it to tell other players that they are immediately going offline, and instead of saying it all, they simply type “going AFK.”

The third one is F, which does not have a direct full form but people type it as a sign of respect towards someone.

Activision’s famous “Call Of Duty” game has the control of tapping “F” when someone is visiting a dead body or a martyr to show respect.

The fourth one is PP, which translates into PowerPlay.

The fifth one is PvP, which translates into “Player vs Player.” This slang indicates the only two streamers are going to play against one another.


1. Why do people use the slangs on Twitch or many other platforms?

Frankly speaking, people are getting lazy day by day and they prefer things to happen instantly. So, instead of typing the whole message, they just write slang or short forms.

2. What does o7 mean in Minecraft?

The o7 emoji is generally used as a “salute.” So, whether it is Minecraft, Twitch, or any other platform. o7’s meaning remains the same.

3. What does o7 mean in Age?

If a streamer or gamer is either too old or too young and is a great player, reveal his age on Twitch and shock people.

They use the o7 to tell them that they are overwhelmed by their performance.

Concluding the Point:

We went through what does o7 mean in Twitch, what is o7’s exact meaning, why people use it, how you can use it.

This article has tried to cover all the possible answers to the main question or any query one may have concerning the title.

Hop you get what you came here to get. Good luck. Thanks.

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