What Does Mark Of The Dwarves Do In God Of War? Full Guide 2022

mark of the dwarves in god of war

During the gameplay of God of War, you will come across some dwarves in the missions, and they give you a Mark of the Dwarves.

Ever wondered what does the Mark of the Dwarves mean? What does it do?

This article will cover:

  • What does Mark of the Dwarves do in God of War?
  • What is Runic God of War?
  • A bonus question in the end.

Let’s begin, shall we?

What does Mark of the Dwarves do in God of War?

When you advance in the missions of God of War, you will come across some dwarves, and they will do something to your axe.

They will strike your axe with their hammer. That strike will increase the strength of your axe. That is the Mark of the Dwarves.

In simpler words, this Mark is kind of a bonus that will appear in your assets menu. Open the assets menu and check what those bonuses got you.

Your Runic will be increased by 1, and it will keep increasing with every Mark of the dwarves.

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What is Runic God of War?

Runic is kind of an attack ability using the weapons that you can obtain by Kratos in God of War.

Whichever weapon you use, you will see a couple of spaces, the first space is for lighter attacks, and the other is for heavier/mightier attacks.

These attacks have a higher intensity, and they do more damage to the enemy than ordinary attacks.

Bonus Question: What is the Best AXE Pommel in God of War?

The best axe pommel in God of War is Mistbourne. It is accepted by many people that Mistbourne is the top axe pommel in the game.

How can you unlock Mistbourne? Just complete a side mission for Sindri, and you will get this axe pommel.

But be careful; this side mission would not be a piece of cake. Good luck!


We have talked about the effects of Mark of the Dwarves in the God of War game, what is Runic, and which axe pommel is the best.

Let us know in the comments about your further queries. That is all for today, folks. Thank you.

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