Using Crushed Concrete for Landscaping: The Benefits Explained

Even a broken clock is correct two times a day, so why not broken or crushed concrete? But what good is crushed concrete and how does it benefit? Crushed concrete can be used for various such as landscaping.

Reusing the concrete once it is broken into pieces and counting its days, can actually help prevent an increase in construction sites’ trash.

You can find the broken from several construction sites free of cost, or you ask the road contractor to hand you the crushed concrete instead of tossing it away. Start thinking of ways of using it for your benefit.

Landscaping with Crushed Concrete:

Before throwing the broken concrete, consider putting some thoughts into how you can use it again and again and again. Because concrete is good quality material.

You can use it to build planters or build up walkways, or much better, use it as a mulch. Landscaping with crushed concrete is fun as it saves you a lot of money and it can be found easily. You can even ask cement companies to provide it for you for a simple fee.

Where its white texture adds beauty to the land, its ability to increase soil may not be very suitable for you. It is true that it can be found easily, but bearing its heavyweight will tell you why.

We are listing down some beneficial uses of crushed concrete to help you decide what to do.

How to use Crushed Concrete for Landscaping?

There are various ways to use recycled concrete. You can even customize its use completely, there are no instructions to its use. We are writing down some logical ones below.

1. Using Crushed Concrete as Mulch:

It is one of crushed concrete’s great uses. Using it as mulch actually makes your garden look even beautiful than ever before. As concrete is also organic in nature like mulch,

It can help retain the moisture of the soil, its fertility, and the health of the soil. If you have a big garden with dozens of plants, using broken concrete as mulch will be your best bet. Because of you, having a lot of it.

2. Using as a Retaining Wall:

Retaining walls acts as a border between the main roads and residential areas. It helps decrease unwanted noise from the roads.

Using crushed concrete for this purpose, as you can guess, you can make a pretty good and strong wall, due to its abundance and low demand. These walls are often filled with different rocks, filling concrete in there will be a better choice.

3. Uses as Mulch Barrier:

To stop the soil from getting mixed with the rocks, you can also use crushed concrete as a barrier for mulch. Although mulch and concrete don’t do well together, there is a risk of staining on concrete, but you are using broken/recycled/crushed concrete.

You won’t have to care much about the concrete surface, you can easily use it as a barrier for mulch, to prevent soil from mixing.

The Benefits of Using Crushed Concrete:

1. Cheap/Inexpensive:

Broken concrete doesn’t cost much to acquire. You can simply call it free of cost. Because of lack of its demand, obviously. Use this opportunity to your benefit and get it as much as possible.

2. Readily Available:

It is a sure thing that you will lots of broken concrete near construction sites. They have no use of it and they can not its uses. A good chance for you to ask them of it, why would they refuse?

If that is not what you want to do, then there are several companies that sell broken concrete, you can buy from them at cheap prices.

3. Will NOT Wash Away:

The crushed concrete is NOT permeable, so the chances of water passing through it or washing it away are little to none. So, don’t worry.

4. Beautifies the Surface with White Texture:

Now comes the beautiful part, the white-colored texture adds up a lot of beauty to your gardens. You can use it to create driveways through the garden or land surfaces.

It is better to use crushed concrete for this because its broken texture looks fashionable. I mean, that you might have seen this type of driveways or pathways in someone’s garden.

The broken texture actually looks quite impressive to see. It makes your driveway appealing to others.

The Downsides of Using Crushed Concrete:

No matter how good anything is, it always has its drawbacks. As does the Crushed Concrete.

1. Weight:

The crushed concrete can be very heavy in weight, closer to 1ton or 918 kilograms/per cubic yard or 34 kilograms/per cubic foot. As you can see, that is a lot of hard work for a single person.

If you are so determined to use broken concrete, consider taking someone with you while going to collect it.

2. Increases Soil’s pH:

The concrete is alkali metal, which means it has a pH of 7.0 or above that. It sometimes negatively affects the soil, especially during acid rain.

The reason for it being alkali metal is calcium. While the concrete may not be dangerous for all the plants, but it can be, for some plants.

3. Hard to Remove:

Removing concrete? Man! Keep the water bottle close, you are definitely gonna need it to stay hydrated. Concrete that is thicker than 4 inches can prove to be extremely hard to remove.

Yuka Kato from Fixr says that the cost of getting an expert to do this job for you may vary with the accordance of concrete material.

4. Does Not Add Organic Material to the Soil:

The concrete and soil aren’t made to get along well with each other. Broken concrete is used to create hard and strong surfaces, which is not the very best news for soil.

Furthermore, as mentioned in the heading, it does NOT add any kind of organic material for the fertility of the soil. Concrete is often the reason for soil erosion, flooding, or water pollution.

5. Can Develop Moss Over time:

A concrete enthusiast has been trying to find out why does moss develops on concrete, she has come across this result that, moss is a non-vascular plant, it does not possess any root.

It has thread-like structures called Rhiozoids, which help them to get attached to the ground, rocks, or trees, wherever it finds it suitable.

The concrete, being porous, allows these threads to attach to its sheltered area to absorb water, to keep living. Because the concrete provides a safe home for moss, the moss happily grows on concrete and keeps on expanding itself.


Broken concrete is quite a good, cheap/affordable, easy to get kind of material. It is not a hard task to find it. It can prove to be very useful, in aspects of wall fillings, or to use as mulch.

It even provides beauty wherever it is used. All of this is makes it a good thing to use this as a secondary priority. But, one must be careful not to forget its drawbacks. All of its cons are considerable, but avoidable if you have made up your mind.

Overall, Using crushed concrete is benefit than it is a liability.

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