Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ireland 2022

19 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ireland:

Co. Clare:

1. The Cliffs of Moher:

The Cliff of Moher is among the top tourist attractions in Ireland. The breathtaking view of these cliffs is highly worthy of the money spent on them.

To be honest, no articles, no words, or pictures can actually tell the real story and feeling of visiting this place. If you are visiting Ireland or you live in Ireland, and by any chance, you have not come here yet, your trip is incomplete.

If you want to go to their highest point, no problem. You just have to climb around 700 feet because their highest point is 702 feet high.

And trust me, it is worth the effort. Once you reach the top, you will know why. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to the Cliffs of Moher at their official site The nearest city to the cliffs is Lahinch, County Clare.

2. Bunratty Castle & Folk Park:

Opened in 1425 and was restored in 1956, the Bunratty Castle & Folk Park is also one of the best tourist attractions in Ireland. Europe is full of these ancient monuments, and Ireland is no exception.

The architecture of this castle takes you back to ancient times. The castle walls tell you the stories of the golden era of Ireland. Be careful, though, as you should not violate any rules here, or else you could face repercussions.

Then the Folk Park has more than 25 shops built on the design of old times. In simpler words, visiting the castle and the garden means visiting the past.

If you are interested in history, you can book your trip at their official website

Co. Cork:

3. Blarney Castle and the Blarney Stone:

It is a reality that among famous tourist attractions in Ireland, ancient castles are in the majority. These high buildings that were built hundreds of years ago are still standing strong.

The castle’s walls are approximately 90 feet high. Its construction started in 1446; however, it is still standing strong, but its condition is deteriorating at a fast pace, and some sources call it a “partial ruin.”

You can see it all for yourself once you book a trip there at their official site

The Blarney stone was set into the tower in 1446 when the construction was started. There is a legend that whoever kisses this stone gets a gift. That is the reason why the castle and stone are always included in the famous tourist attractions in Ireland.

4. Kinsale:

Let’s come down from the hills and head to the ocean. The Kinsale has historical importance and has been among the famous popular tourist attractions in Ireland. You can also have some Spanish feelings here, and the food here? It is great!

Visitors come here from all around the world to eat great foods, do fishing, boat sailing, and other sea activities. Many famous festivals are celebrated here every year. So, if you are interested in doing some fishing and boat sailing, book your trip here

5. The English Market:

There is not a single foreign visit that can go without shopping. So, how about we take you to one of the famous markets in Ireland, the English Market. You can find a lot of different shops here, from the best food stores to top clothing brands from around the world.

In 2011, Queen Elizabeth II visited the English Market and was seen exchanging jokes and having conversations with the staff and people there. You can find many other activities here, but you are going to have to see them for yourself.

Get in touch with them at their official site here

Co. Dublin:

6. Grafton Street:

Grafton Street is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Ireland, especially Dublin. A lot of food vendors, clothing stores, and famous cafés. Dublin is Ireland’s capital, and it is no surprise that the city would have the most attractive places.

So, if you are actually interested in visiting this place, their official site is, and the street is located in the center of the city. So, don’t waste your time sleeping in your hotel room, and go do some shopping.

7. The Little Museum of Dublin:

Located at 15 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2. It was founded in October 2011. All the modern history of Ireland, especially Dublin, is placed there. This museum is home to some of the ancient and modern monuments in Ireland.

You can even hire a personal guide to tour the whole museum and get to know all you need to know about the museum and Dublin history. Book your trip there at their official site at

8. Kilmainham Gaol:

Every country in the world has mixed histories, and if we only talked about all the positive sides of history, that would not be correct. Kilmainham Gaol was a prison back in the old days and was converted into a museum.

It is located at Inchicore Rd, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, D08 RK28. If we were talking about Ireland’s museums, then Kilmainham Gaol would have been among the top tourist attractions in Ireland.

A visit here would definitely give you chills once. Don’t waste a single minute and book a trip there at their site here

9. Saint Stephen’s Green:

If you want to just relax a bit and lay down, Saint Stephen’s Green is the place for you. You can also feed the ducks here and go for a picnic here. The park is located in the center of the city, Dublin.

The park has an area of 22 acres with many trees, colorful flowers, beautiful bridges, and many others. Their official site is

Co. Galway:

10. Dún Aonghasa:

Among the best tourist attractions in Ireland, Galway is not less than any other county in the country. Around 12,000 people live here. The breathtaking views of this place are just the best. Some may even call this place the Aran Islands.

Clean and cool air and pretty good weather. One thing that separates this place from other tourist attractions in Ireland is the culture you find here would not be found anywhere else in the country. The island truly depicts the Irish heritage.

You can book your trip here at their site

11. Kylemore Abbey & Victorian Walled Garden:

The garden is located at Kylemore Abbey, Pollacappul, Co. Galway. The garden was built for a woman by her lover in 1867. Later, it was bought, and after that, it was converted into a tourist attraction and was opened for tourists.

You can visit the garden if you are in Galway. Here is their official site

Co. Kerry:

12. Great Skellig:

Great Skellig is an island located in the Atlantic ocean, but surprisingly, no one lives there. Its inscription as the UNESCO World Heritage site was in 1996. The island’s area is 54 acres.

Its highest point is 714 feet. The Christ’s Saddle is said to be the only reproductive piece of this island’s land. The official site of islands is

13. Killarney National Park and Muckross House & Gardens:

Kerry county’s top attractions include the Killarney National Park and Muckross House & Gardens. When Queen Victoria paid a visit to these gardens, the decorators put a lot of effort into making them perfect.

The remains of that decoration can still be seen today, as the beautiful gardens and park’s greenery are something to look at. Anyone visiting Kerry is sure to pay a visit to the national park. The park is located at The National Park, Dromyrourk, Killarney, Co. Kerry.

You can book a tour here at their official site here

14. The Ring of Kerry:

Those who love history, you would love to take a walk here to encounter the beautiful views of the Atlantic ocean, mountains, villages, and many other views.

Brace yourselves as you book your trip there at their official site You would definitely love the weather and the fresh sea air there.

15. The Dingle Peninsula:

History, art, Irish culture, and beauty. All of these things are in one place at the Dingle Peninsula. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Ireland.

All of these things are actually supported by the government. You will see many ancient monuments there during your visit. You can book your trip there on their official site at

Co. Meath:

16. Newgrange:

This monument is estimated to have been built around 3200 BC and is still standing tall. Some sources claim that these monuments are even older than the pyramids of Giza.

Newgrange has an area of 4 square kilometers. Interested? Well, book the trip here

Co. Tipperary:

17. Rock of Cashel:

The Rock of Cashel is said to be the most visited tourist attraction in Ireland. There is a legend that King Cormac’s brother is buried in the castle. It is located at Cashel, Co. Tipperary.

Rock of Cashel’s official site is Visit the website and book the trip right away.

Co. Wicklow:

18. Powerscourt House & Gardens:

The construction of Powerscourt House & Gardens started in 1731 and after ten years, in 1741, it was opened for the public for tourism purposes.

Powerscourt House & Gardens are built on Palladian architecture style. So, a trip there would be a treat for yourselves and for your loved ones as well. Their official site is

19. Glendalough:

Also known as the Monastic City, the Glendalough has been standing since the 6th century. A walk in history is what you feel while visiting this place. Beautiful scenic views and many historical monuments are put here.

Book your trip to this magnificent place here on their official site


We have talked about some of the best tourist attractions in Ireland. From the historical castles to beautiful gardens and awesome sea views and many other places.

I hope this article helps you set your trip to Ireland. Thank you.

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