Top Christmas Tree Farms In Ireland To Visit

It’s that time of year again—decorations are going up, and the shopping lists are getting longer. The largest Irish holiday of the year is almost upon us, and what’s a Christmas tree without the right farm?

Christmas tree farms in Ireland are great fun, and they offer a wide variety of trees at affordable prices. If you are looking for a Christmas tree to bring home this year, then it is really worth your while to visit one of these farms as most of them also run their own workshops where you can create some really interesting decorations.

In this post, you will find the address and the contact details of top Christmas tree farms in Ireland so that you can get more information about their opening times and prices.

What are the Types of Real Christmas Trees in Ireland?

It is estimated that more than 500,000 Christmas trees will be accumulated before the year ends. So, it is high time you decide which of the following real Christmas trees you are bringing home. Each of the mentioned Christmas trees has its own uniqueness, and every tree has its own specialty. Let’s take a look.

1. Noble Fir:

The Noble Fir Christmas trees are widely known for their elegance and are among the best when choosing a good Christmas tree for homes. According to sources, more than 15% of the total trees sold in Ireland were Noble Fir. They smell really good and lighten up the mood.

Its leaves are slightly blue, making them unique from many other trees in this list. Noble Fir’s leaves are pretty short, and it is suggested by the Agriland association to put them inside the house to multiply their beauty. They are also suitable to handle heavy decorations.

2. Nordmann Fir:

These are considered to be the most famous in Ireland. More than 75% of all the Christmas tree sold in Ireland were Nordmann Fir. Putting ornaments on their leaves is easy and fun as these trees have long but soft needle-like leaves which are almost harmless.

Nordmann Fir has shinny and greenish leaves, which look super cool with Christmas ornaments. Displaying these trees inside the house is better than outdoors.

3. Lodgepole:

Another Christmas tree with long but soft needles that are pretty strong to support heavy ornaments. Lodgepoles have an extra glamour when placed inside the house. Their shiny and green leaves leave no room for beauty lacking.

Their outlook is excellent if these trees are properly taken care of while growing. Lodgepoles are also in the recommendations of the Agriland association.

4. Norway Spruce:

Time to come outside of the house with Norway Spruces because these guys like to breathe the fresh air. Some sources claim that these trees are among the most ancient Christmas trees of all time.

But if you don’t want to go out, you would have to place them in water sand to keep them standing still. They smell fantastic, and their leaves are slightly green.

5. Korean Fir:

These Christmas trees are pretty good at handling Christmas decorations and have a solid yet decent smell. Their leaves are mostly dark green.

Korean Fir’s leaves are usually facing upwards, and they also have long but soft leaves that are entirely harmless to anyone, especially kids.

6. Fraser Fir:

What makes it unique is that the White House chooses these trees for Christmas most of the time. Because these trees have a lime-like smell and are also reliable to handle heavy decorations.

These trees have long and thick leaves that look marvelous when placed correctly. All of their tree sizes are excellent in all shapes.

When to Buy A Christmas Tree?

Although the timelines can vary mostly, the best time to purchase a Christmas tree would be during Thanksgiving. That’s because trees can be bought at pretty reasonable prices during this time than any other special deal.

Or, if you want to be precise on the dates and planning to make a schedule, then 4th to 6th December is the best time to buy a real Christmas tree. So, the choice is yours!

List of Christmas Tree Farms in Ireland:

The Christmas tree farms are usually pretty busy during Christmas time, and you can find dozens of Christmas tree farms to get your trees from. Here are some of the best among them.

1. Killakee Christmas Tree Farm:

What is better than going to buy a Christmas tree and enjoy an excellent view of the mountains at the same time? Well, Killakee Christmas Tree Farm offers precisely that. This farm has been running for over 10 years and is still one of the best the Dublin mountains have to offer.

The Killakee Christmas tree farm offers durable and renewable trees for Christmas. You can get all the info on their official website.

Contact the farm at

2. Christmas Tree Barn:

This Christmas tree farm has been active since 2012 and raises a large amount of money to give to charities. They offer a wide variety of Christmas trees to choose from and are located in Sandyford and Carrickmines Park, Dublin. They provide a helper to aid you in packing and putting the tree in your car after buying it.

People prefer to put their trust in this farm’s Christmas tree quality. Buying their trees indirectly means donating to charity work.

You can contact the farm at

3. Cork Christmas Tree Farm:

The Cork Christmas tree farm is located in a village in Cork county, named Ovens. The tree farm provides one of the best customer services in Ireland. The farm has been operating for over 2 decades. More importantly, they use natural ways for the growth of their trees.

Their trees come in almost all sizes, from small 4 feet trees to large 35 feet trees.

If you decide to contact them, then

4. Caplice’s Christmas Tree Farm:

This beautiful farm is located in Skeheenarinky, Tipperary county. They also provide many options to choose the best trees, according to one’s liking. They take great care of their staff and definitely deserve your visit.

You can reach out to their Facebook page here.

5. Kavanagh Christmas Trees:

Located in both Leopardstown and Wiclow. This Christmas tree farm has won several awards for its quality and variety. It is easier to buy their trees, as they also sell their trees online. They use natural and durable methods for the growth of their trees. Kavanagh Christmas tree farm is also deep into charity works, and you indirectly donate whenever you buy something from them.

Consider checking their farm out at

6. Wicklow Way Christmas Tree Farm:

These guys are back with a bang! After the depressing times of the pandemic and lockdowns, the Wicklow Way Christmas Tree farm returns with many options in Christmas trees. We bet you would not be disappointed with their tree and quality, as they are among the best in Ireland. Find them in Roundwood County.

Your children are gonna love their products and be prepared to get surprised! Want to know how?

Contact them at

7. Cavangarden Christmas Tree Farm:

This farm has been operating for over 35 years and has been run by the McGarrigle family since the beginning. They have been offering one of the best quality Christmas trees in the country, and they will not let you down either. You can find them in Ballyshannon, Donegal county.

Contact them on their Facebook page here.

8. Galway Christmas Tree Farm:

The city of Galway hosts this great tree farm. They make children pretty comfortable at their farm and let them decide how their Christmas tree would look like. Moreover, they will also send a staff member to help you safely put the tree in your car.

Get in touch with them here


Buying a real Christmas tree is far better than an artificial one because these real trees are renewable. The Christmas tradition is celebrated with maximum energy in Ireland and worldwide. Choosing the right Christmas tree and from the correct farm will add glamour and happiness to your festivals. Stay safe and happy. Thank you!

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