Tiny Texie: What to Know About this 3.6 Feet Adult Dancer? Texie’s bio, net worth, & more

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Today, we have yet another example of the “height does not matter” phrase, Tiny Texie. Let’s take a look at this 3.6 feet adult dancer’s life, b 

Tiny Texie: What to Know about this 3.6 Feet Adult Dancer? Texie’s Boyfriend, net worth & more

Height does not matter. You must have heard this phrase many times in your life, and some of you might believe it, and some of you might not.

But the examples in favor of this phrase are stronger and more impactful than those that are against it. Today, we will be talking in favor of it with the bio of Tiny Texie.

Tiny is considered to be the shortest adult dancer in the world. She is a proud member of the adult industry and has a lot of inspiration in her life.

We will talk about Tiny Texie’s life, bio, wiki, net worth, career, and many others. This is going to be inspiring for all of you.

Tiny Texie’s Early/Personal Life:

Tiny is an American adult dancer who was born on 25th January 1992 in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. She is around 30 years as of 2022. Her complete name is Tiny Texie.

She is a true inspiration for many people around the world who think that their height is the reason they are not able to pursue their goals. You may think that she is just short naturally, but that is not the case.

This adult dancer is suffering from a rare syndrome that we will talk about in detail later in this article. The names of her family (her father, mother, sister, or brother) are not known to the public.

From the beginning, Tiny never much cared about people’s opinions about her height and always wanted to do something big. Even when she was just a girl, she was interested in dancing.

It is still unknown which middle or high school, but an assumption is that she went to the Corpus Christi, high school. She is around 30 years today, and it seems that not only did she attend high school but also the university.

Moreover, Tiny Texie is a successful dancer in the adult industry. She is such a beautiful artist and deserves all the recognition she gets on many occasions.

Tiny’s Physical Appearance:

Unlike many other celebrities in the industry, Tiny has a pretty different life and indeed a different body. However, she prefers to stay fit and is slim. Her slim body is the reason that sometimes she looks like a teen to someone who does not know about her.

She is around 3 feet 6 inches, 106 centimeters, or 1.06 meters tall. Texie has a weight of almost 32 to 36 kilograms or 72 to 79 pounds. She has dark brown eyes and black hair color.

Tiny’s body measurements are 28-24-33 inches or 71-60-83 centimeters. By the looks of it, she seems to be bisexual. If not for the height, she has just the perfect body to be a model or a dancer.

Tiny’s Boyfriend/Relationship:

Celebrities, especially those who work in the adult film/entertainment industry, prefer to keep their personal life away from public knowledge.

That is why, if you have read our previous articles on celebrities’ biographies, you would know most of them often keep their love life private.

But not today. As Tiny Texie has revealed that she has a daughter, but she is not yet married. He is currently dating Anastasia Graves, who is a famous TV star, photographer, and make-up artist. As mentioned above, she seems to be bisexual.

What Disorder does Tiny Texie have?

Tiny Texie is not just short naturally. In fact, she is suffering from the Kenny-Caffey syndrome. This syndrome is considered to be extremely rare. It is a hereditary disorder.

The patients who are suffering from this disorder have such a short height. With short height, I mean literally short. Furthermore, they have shorter eyes than normal ones.

Moreover, they have several disabilities in their bodies. That is what Tiny Texie is suffering from. Despite all this, she has earned her place among the top celebrities in the industry.

Tiny Texie’s Career/Professional Life:

Texie began her career in 2015. She was always interested in dancing and the adult industry. For that reason, she started participating in modeling and dancing contests.

She won in some and lost in some as well. But that did not stop her from going ahead with her goal of becoming a professional and successful dancer.

From 2015, her career skyrocketed, and she began receiving many modeling and dancing job opportunities. She has worked with many famous magazines.

Many magazines like Entertainer Magazine from Florida. She used her growing fame to grow her social media presence. She has been in the industry since 2015, which means around 7 years.

Today, Tiny Texie is one of the top adult professional dancers in the world. One thing that is special about her is her height because she has a record of being the shortest adult dancer in the world.

Her Instagram account has around 460,000+ followers at @tinytexie. She also has a TikTok account, where she has more than 5 million followers and 72.8 million+ likes at @tinytexieofficial.

Tiny is also active on OnlyFans, where she has uploaded around 100+ images, 120+ videos, and has gotten 54,500+ likes at Tiny Texie. Her OnlyFans subscriptions are as follows:

If you want to subscribe to her account for 31 days, you would have to pay 14.99$.

For 3 months, you will pay 50.97$.

For 6 months, you will pay 89.96$.

And, for a whole year (12 months), you will have to pay 119.94$.

She is doing great with her career, her girlfriend, her daughter, and her life. Tiny has defied the odds against her and is shinning in the adult industry.

Tiny Texie’s Net Worth:

Tiny has a good net worth of around 1 million dollars, which makes her a millionaire. The primary contributors to her net worth are ads, brand endorsements, modeling, dancing, and of course, her OnlyFans account.


I have descriptively talked about the life, bio, career, disorder, net worth, and relationship of Tiny Texie. She has never let her height and people’s opinions keep her from achieving her goal.

On the other hand, she has used her height in her favor, as she is globally known as the shortest adult dancer. Take this example for inspiration. Good Luck!

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