Samuel Anderson – What’s Next for Him? Is He Done For?

On April 27, 1982, Samuel Anderson was born in Handsworth, Birmingham, England. He is 39 years old. Samuel’s mother was from Ireland, and his father was from Jamaica. He was a bright student from the beginning. Samuel completed his early education at Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School in Wednesbury, West Midlands in England.

He was utterly determined to make a career in the acting industry from his childhood and got excellent support from his family for that. That is where his journey started.

Samuel Anderson’s Career:

In 2004, Samuel went to the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London before doing the Crowther role in The History Boys’ play, written by Alan Bennett. He then went on to perform the “Crowther” role repeatedly in several other places around the globe like Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand, for both audio and video versions.

Besides these plays in theaters, Samuel Anderson has also been featured on T.V. several times doing several roles. He made an appearance in Sky One’s television program Hex during his starting days around 2004. Samuel was also starred in Channel 4’s comedy-drama serial Totally Frank from 2006 to 2007.

Again in 2007, Anderson acted in the BBC Three‘s famous sitcom Gavin and Stacey as Fingers, a side character. He then made a retuning appearance in the same show, again in 2009. Then Samuel Anderson was seen acting in the BBC Four‘s funny movie Stuck.

After that, he appeared several times on BBC One‘s famous soap opera Doctors and Casualty, a medical drama series, as a guest. But the turning point of his acting life or career was in October 2007 when Samuel appeared in Emmerdale, a soap opera drama series from 1972, premiering on ITV, as Ross Kirk.

The character Ross Kirk is what Samuel Anderson is widely known for today due to Emmerdale’s popularity among people, as the drama series has 32 seasons(as of 2021). Samuel’s role in Emmerdale was made official in September 2007. It was overwhelming news for him.

When asked to comment on this big announcement, he said that “It was a great feeling to join the cast of such a successful and thriving T.V. show.” Not just that, even the producer of Emmerdale, Kathleen Beedles, admitted that adding Samuel to the cast of the show was a great decision.

Samuel kept on acting in the show as a side character until the start of 2009 in January. His character Ross Kirk had some of the best storylines, like Ross having a satisfying relationship with Donna Windsor-Dingle or his unjustified incarceration for the killing of Shane Doyle.

He also portrayed the character of Mr. Romantic in Carte Noire’s coffee advertisement in the year 2011. Once again, in 2012, he appeared in an ad campaign of Ginsters. In another drama series of BBC, Death in Paradise, he made a brief appearance in February 2014. In the same month, an announcement from the showrunners confirmed that Samuel has joined the cast of the show Doctor Who.

Samuel Anderson was given the role of a teacher at Coat Hill School in the series’ eighth season, and he portrayed the character in 11 episodes of the show. In the middle of 2014 and 2017, Samuel played the role of Daniel, a character in Sky1‘s comedy serial Trollied.

In 2016, Anderson appeared in Moving On, a BBC series. BBC does have some sentimental connection with Samuel Anderson, no? He also appeared in Loaded, an English dramedy.

Some of his notable projects include The History Boys, Death in Paradise, Emmerdale, Witiess, Gavin & Stacey, Casualty, Doctor Who, Trollied, DCI Banks, and Loaded.

Some Interesting Facts about Samuel Anderson:

Samuel’s zodiac sign is Taurus. He graduated from The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts College. He made his acting debut in 2006 in The History Boys. There is not much information about his personal life, like his parents’ names or siblings.

He was determined to become an actor once he grew up from the beginning. Samuel has quite a grip on music, as he is a good trumpet player. Anderson loves to stay connected with his fans all around the globe. He likes to spend his free time in peaceful locations like coasts, beaches, etc.

The college he attended trained him mentally regarding his acting future. It is not a widely known fact that he is also a producer apart from being an actor. Samuel prefers to stay fit; he does constant workouts to maintain his fitness.

And last but not least, Samuel Anderson was also featured in a video game, Doctor Who: Legacy, as his own character, Danny Pink, in the show.

Samuel’s Relationship:

According to various sources, Samuel is quite a charming dude but is still single. He did have a relationship in the past. There is also speculation that Samuel Anderson is Gay. But it is also not confirmed. Like many other celebrities, he likes to maintain his privacy.

Physical Appearance:

Samuel has a fit muscular physical appearance. He is 5′ 10″ in height, and his weight is not confirmed, but considering his fitness, it won’t be wrong to say he has a balanced BMI.

Samuel Anderson’s Net Worth:

He has a net worth of around 100,000$ to 1 million dollars. The sources of his income are acting, brand advertisement, and other businesses.

Is Samuel Anderson Done for?

These are legit some questions that what is his future? Is he getting any more projects?

The answer to all those questions is a big NO! Samuel’s acting career is far from over, or should I say that he is just getting started. He is a talented actor with a lot of potentials. There are two major upcoming projects on the way in 2021.

First is Gunpowder Milkshake, where he is seen as David, and the second is Landscapers, where he plays the main character, DC Paul Wilkie. He is a producer as well. That keeps him in a win-win situation always. Thank you.

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