Nostalgia: A Little Time Beautifully Spent 2022

Nostalgia. Does the word ring a bell? Yeah! It does. How can you ever forget the best time of your entire life? Don’t you remember your school life period? When our biggest fear was a class test or homework?

When you used skip/bunk classes with your friends, to go on a short adventure. Yeah! It is all coming back to you, isn’t it? Whether you admit it or not, you did wish to grow up fast when you were a kid, thinking that adult life is cool.

I’m gonna be talking to you, considering you are someone who has passed out of school. So bear with me. So, I was talking about wishing for adult life in childhood, which turned out to be a scam of your life, right?

Nostalgia is what keeps the past alive. What if you could relive all of that again? What if, all of it could return? I know! I mean not actually, but in the memories.

What is Nostalgia?

Time flies, man. Time flies

Nostalgia is the memories of something great and memorable from the past, that can not come back now. It is the name of the sentiment of being homesick.

We all are selfish in some ways. There have many moments when we felt extremely happy, but it was not that good of an experience for someone, get what I’m saying? Simply put, we all have a friend or friends that we love to roast, don’t we?

Now, that friend has been broken for many years, but still, you want all of that to happen at least once again. That’s why it is said that “Live the life to the fullest“, while you can.

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Things that Happened for the Last Time:

juliane liebermann O RKu3Aqnsw unsplash Nostalgia: A Little Time Beautifully Spent 2022
Dad’s arms, the safest place to be, right?

If you look at it seriously, there are some things, some moments that happened for the last time and after that, they never happened again.

A Talented Pakistani Youtuber, Junaid Akram, recently made a video named “The Day of Displacement“, in which he took all of his viewers on a sad, yet, awesome journey of nostalgia.

I am gonna break it down to you. Nowadays, there are many distractions around us and we do not think anymore, about what is it all about? Am I happy?

When you were a kid, your parents used to pick you up in their arms, and you couldn’t have felt more relaxed and safe, but then, there came a day when your mom or dad picked you up and put you down for the LAST time, and then they never picked you up again. Never!

As much as it is sad, it is also reality. I know change, is part of life. But I want you to just close your eyes and think about it for a minute, if all of this could happen again, wouldn’t you love this? You should thank Nostalgia, at least it is alive in your memories.

Furthermore, being a kid, you used to play all day and used to sleep anywhere in the house, even on the floor, and when you woke up, you were always in your bed.

But then came a day, when you slept on the sofa and when you woke, you were still there on the sofa. No one picked you up, because now you could not be picked up.

Do you remember that you used to play with your friends outside, but eventually, there came a day when you went out to play with your friends outside, and after that, you NEVER went out with them again, did you?

youth g337974252 1920 Nostalgia: A Little Time Beautifully Spent 2022
You miss it, don’t you?

Nostalgia will hit you even harder if your friends are separated from you, or have moved out of town, or (God forbid) left this world. Just close your eyes and try remembering what it felt like because chances are, you won’t ever be able to live it again.

It is said that everyone around you, like your family, your friends, your partners, all of them will have their last day with you at some point, but the sad part is, you DON’T know when. Maybe many of the people have had their last day with you already and you won’t ever see them again.

You should really take a tour of nostalgia, time to time in your busy days. Because there is a famous saying that, “People go away, but memories stay“. It all comes down to Nostalgia, the reason for some happiness in your, sometimes miserable life.

Why does Nostalgia Make me Cry?

gadiel lazcano ulPAVuxITEw unsplash Nostalgia: A Little Time Beautifully Spent 2022

You would know this feeling if you have gone through one. Sometimes, when you are feeling extremely sad, you tend to go into nostalgia and remember all the great things in the past and realize that they won’t ever happen again.

You do all this to make yourself even sadder, I know what you must be thinking, why do we do that? It is just human nature is what should I say or shall I give you a logical reason for it, as I, myself, have gone through this, and I can make a pretty good guess.

Let me tell you something that you might already know but still be surprised, which is that it is very hard to cry these days, you just can’t, don’t ask why.

Alright, you CAN ask why? If you are a boy, you are supposed to be strong, no matter what. Strong in the sense that a male is considered to be the leader, the savior, and strongest of the family. Society believes that if the leader is becoming weak if the leader is crying, what will happen to the family?

If you are a grown-up girl, you can’t cry either, because you are not a kid anymore, grow up. This is what you hear while growing up. I find it very wrong thinking. But, it is what is, right? WRONG! you are not bound by any of those rules. You can cry or I’d say you should cry.

So, I was talking about making yourself even sadder on purpose, this is what people do to bring their sadness to the point where they start crying. I, even do it most of the time.

It is so funny and strange at the same time to think that in childhood, you could cry anytime you want but they needed a reason to smile or laugh, growing up, there is always a smile on your face(even if you empty inside), but you find reasons to cry, even when no one’s watching you.

Nostalgia helps people do the crying and laughing on different occasions. The saying is not wrong that “Never the kid inside you, die“. This means just as the kids don’t need a reason to cry or laugh, you too, don’t.

Can Nostalgia Cause Depression?

joshua earle yi6dvuynEuo unsplash Nostalgia: A Little Time Beautifully Spent 2022

Is there a connection between nostalgia and depressions? The answer is sometimes, yes. But overall, No. First, you have to ask this question that what on earth is depression?

Google says that depression is the name of a non-stop feeling of sadness, and losing interest in all the normal activities. A study has shown that depression is not a result of a single breakdown, meaning that depression is not what you feel after a much-awaited 50 or 100 GB file fails at 99%.

That is not depression! Depression is caused by a series of unwanted, mental health-damaging events like the sudden death of loved ones, constant rejections, or low self-esteem.

Depression by nostalgia is extremely rare. Nostalgia often takes you back to the positive side of the past, not the negative. This means that if you are remembering the good memories, what’s the point of depression?

The rare cases of depression by nostalgia can be living in the past, not accepting the present. Always remember this, good things are short-lived. Even if someone is reliving the positive memories, he might start thinking that how great of a time that was, and now I’ll never get it again?

This thought tends to make him depressed, feeling the void, and powerlessness to fill it. But as I said before it is highly unlikely, only people who are already quite paranoid might experience this. You don’t need to worry.

Why is Nostalgia good for you?

cat g16ab007a5 1280 Nostalgia: A Little Time Beautifully Spent 2022
How far have you come?

Nostalgia is what helps the kid inside us, alive. See a kid doesn’t hate, he doesn’t get jealous, he is always happy, he is free of toxic societal values.

Experts believe that nostalgia can prove to be good for health as it reminds you of all the positive events from the past, and can really help get motivation from that.

If you try to remember who you used to be and who you are now, you will actually understand the reason nostalgia is good for your mental health.

The past You were kind, helping, relaxed, always smiling(literal smile), and then you will compare yourself to the present You, not that I’m saying you are not all of the things now, I’m just telling you to compare yourself.

Try figuring out who you were and who you are, and you will find the meaning of life.


In the end, I’m just gonna say that it is okay not to be okay, you are not supposed to be perfect, you are supposed to be YOU. It is okay to cry, I will even say, try crying for no reason sometimes.

Once again, “Keep the kid inside you, alive“, the day that kid, die will be the day you lose yourself. Live your life to the fullest while you can. Spend quality time with your loved ones, while you can.

Take care of yourself and find the meaning of your life and make it beautiful in every way possible. Because no one else will. Thank you. Peace!

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