Lena The Plug – A Star Who isn’t Ashamed to be Herself

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Lena The Plug – A star who is not ashamed to be herself

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Let’s take a peek at Lena The Plug’s life, biography, net worth, career, appearance, and many more. It is gonna be interesting.

Lena The Plug – A Star Who isn’t Ashamed to be Herself

Lena The Plug is a stunning content creator from the United States of America. She is very popular among the masses for her perfect figure and for her innovative videos on her Youtube channel. Lena began coming into the spotlight after 2012. She has been gained a large fan following since then.

She started working as a Nanny from 2014 to 2016. Before becoming famous, Lena worked at a grocery store and also as a cashier. Lena’s life has been a roller coaster ride, and it is pretty exciting. Let’s take a look at Lena The Plug’s bio, early life, wiki, net worth, and many other things.

Lena The Plug’s Early/Personal Life:

Lena The Plug was born on 1st June 1991 in Glendale, California, U.S.A. She is 30 years old as of 2021. Lena lives in California right now. She is an American, and her ethnicity is Armenian-American. She is pretty famous today because of her fitness and boldness, but it was not always like that. As a matter of fact, her family was very narrow-minded and didn’t much appreciate social media fame.

But, had Lena listened to them and just gone with the flow, we would not have had such a great talent in our society. She is primarily known for being a Youtuber and Content creator. Her widely known name is “Lena The Plug,” but it isn’t real. Her real name is Lena Nersesian. Gemini is her zodiac.

Her religion is Christianity and but she isn’t a practicing Christian. She has not shared much information available about her folks or her siblings. Some sources claim that she did not have any siblings, and Lena is the only child of her parents. Lena attended a high school and completed her early education from there and went to California University and graduated from there with a Psychology degree.

If that is true, then that makes her a psychologist. Beware of her! Because California is expensive, it became difficult for Lena to continue her studies any further. That is why she went to Sweden. Europe has an edge on the United States in terms of free studies. She did her post-graduation from there.

She confirmed that she is not on talking terms with either her mother or father in an interview. The reason became the profession she chose to be in. As stated earlier, her family was pretty narrow-minded. That is why they ended their relationship with her. Lena says that she wanted to be self-sufficient, and this is what she thought could make her enough money to be independent.

Lena’s Physical Appearance:

Lena The Plug has a great body, and her fitness is what keeps her under the spotlight. In simpler words, if she stops caring about her physical appearance, people will stop giving her attention, and Lena knows this perfectly. That is why she always keeps herself fit and appealing.

She has a height of 5 feet 7 inches, 1.7 meters, 170 centimeters. Her weight is approximately 53 kilograms or 115 pounds. Lena has black hair and brown eyes color. She does have tattoos on her hands and piercings on her ears and nose. The measurements are 35-28-37. Lena’s shoe size is 5, and her bra size is 34 C.

Lena The Plug’s Relationship/Boyfriend:

Lena does have a boyfriend named Adam Grandmaison or better known as @adam22. They began their relationship in 2017. Their daughter’s name is “Parker Ann Nersesian.” Their daughter is about 2 years old and was born in November 2020. Lena has attracted many controversies towards her.

The most well-known is a video on her Youtube channel titled “I Let My Best Friend Have Sex With My Boyfriend.” This video has gained more than 21 million views to this date and remains the most popular video on her channel. The controversies didn’t stop there. A little after that, in another video named “$EXTAPE AT 1 MILL,” Lena announced that if her channel crossed the 1 million subscriber mark, she would release the sex tape of them.

Lena The Plug has posted some pictures of her daughter on her Instagram account since November 2020. In a similar post, she sarcastically captioned that they used an app to find out how their kid would look like by combining their faces, and the outcome was terrifying. But thankfully, to their surprise, they were blessed with the cutest baby on earth (for them, of course).

Lena The Plug’s Career/Professional Life:

She started her career as a Nanny from 2014 to 2016 and also did several other jobs like cashier and at a grocery store. On 22nd August 2016, Lena started her Youtube channel, named “Lena The Plug.” That’s where her professional life officially started. To this date, her channel has more than 168.25 million total views, and her channel description is “Come for the booty, stay for my irresistible charm.”

Most of her controversies have been begun through her channel, and even after all that, Lena has more than 1.62 million subscribers on her channel. The most popular video on her channel is the one where she let her best friend sleep with her boyfriend; it has more than 21 million views.

Furthermore, Lena uses her channel to post videos about her personal life and other sexually appealing vlogs as well. She was wise to use the controversy to her advantage by asking her fans to take her channel to the 1 million subscriber mark, and then she would post a sex tape. This trick worked, and she gained more than 1 million subscribers within a short time.

Other than Youtube, she also has accounts on Instagram at @lena.the.mom, where she has around 550,000 followers, and also on Twitter at @lenatheplug, where she posts some very sexy and naked photos and videos. That is why she has more than 1.2 million followers. Viewer discretion is advised!

Lena was awarded “Celebrity of the year” in 2018 by PornHub and has been ranked at 120 among thousands of pornstars on the site. Her profile has more than 103 million views and more than 300,000 subscribers. She is amazing at making these videos, but you would be surprised to see her previous interviews. How?

In one of her videos in 2016, Lena The Plug clearly stated that she has received many offers to do porn videos, but she declined all of them because they weren’t paying enough. She further said that she knows many people that are pornstars and are really good at their job, but she won’t do it because she doesn’t feel like it and doesn’t need to. Lena The Plug is kind of an introvert, and having sex with someone in front of many people is not her cup of tea.

But it seems like Lena changed her mind after that decided to pursue a career as a pornstar, and she did. Lena The Plug also received an award in 2018, and if you go to her profile and watch her videos, you will see a sudden change in her nature, and you will definitely have fun.

Some Random Facts about Lena The Plug:

She loves to keep pets.

Her favorite color is White.

She loves to dance and sing.

Lena prefers to stay fit always.

Her boyfriend’s name is Adam Grandmaison, and they have a daughter.

She ranks 120 on a famous adult website and has more than 103 million views.

Her parents ended their relationship with Lena due to her profession.

She lives in L. A., California.

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