Judgement Girlfriends & Dating Guide 2022

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Who doesn’t love dates with beautiful girls? And, why not while playing your favorite game, “Judgement.”

Well, your Judgement girlfriends have got covered in that sense. While advancing in the game story, you will come across some girls you can date.

This article will cover:

  • How to unlock and date your Judgement girlfriends in the game?
  • How to take them on dates?
  • How can you impress your girlfriends?
  • Can you date all the girls in Judgment?
  • Is there romance in Judgement?
  • Can Yagami have multiple girlfriends?

Let’s begin.

How to Unlock Judgement Girlfriends?

Precisely, there are four girls in Judgement that you can date. Let’s go through them individually.

1. Tsukino Saotome:

Once you have completed “The Pervert King” side mission. Stay there for some minutes and don’t do anything else.

After some time, your future girlfriend’s brother, Yosuke Saotome, will text you. You will then be able to text Tsukino Saotome. This Judgement girlfriend will be unlocked. You can choose to set a date if you want.

2. Sana Mihama:

First, you will have to successfully solve the “Amidst A Dream” side case. Then you purchase a CD for her to listen to her favorite songs and music.

Then you will protect her from her violent boss. She will eventually reach out to you when you help her in all this. Just wait for some minutes. After coming in contact, you can ask her for a date if you want.

3. Amane:

To unlock Amane, you will have to solve “The Fire Calamity” side case. The side cases where a woman foresees major catastrophes.

After successfully solving the case, stay there for some minutes; Amane will text you. You both can get to know each other and go on a date.

4. Nanami Matsuoka:

For her, you will have to solve the “Smart Watching” side case. After solving, wait for some minutes, Nanami will text you.

Talk to her, get to know each other, go for playing with her to Theater Square. You can ask her for a date if you want then.

How to impress Judgement Girlfriends?

Do you know any girl who doesn’t like gifts? Probably, no. So, giving them gifts is the best course of action when on a date with either of your girlfriend.

The process is simple. Either you or the girl will text you, you two will talk for some minutes, and then either you or the girl will ask for a date.

Before meeting your date, be sure to visit Le Marche to buy one or more gifts for your girl. Giving the right gift will automatically improve your relationship with your girlfriend.

There is a chance that the more expensive the gift, the happier you girl will be. But remember not to give her anything she doesn’t like, no matter how expensive.

You will play some games with your girlfriends and be sure to win more and lose less because I know that some of you will let the girl win on purpose.

If you win more, she will be more interested in you. The Judgement girlfriends have their own preferences.

The conversation with all of them is pretty much the same but not their likings. Let’s take a look at what each of your girls likes.

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About Nanami:

  • Her preferred gifts are watches. Simple or stylish.
  • She is a workaholic.
  • Nanami is 29 years old.
  • She loves drone racing.
  • Nanami is employed in a Marketing company.

About Amane:

  • Amane likes jewelry. You can gift her beautiful ear studs.
  • She loves Japanese Chess, also known as “Shogi.”
  • She is a pet lover and prefers smaller animals like rabbits, hamsters, and others.

About Tsukino:

  • You can also gift her ear studs. (pearl ones, preferably).
  • She is often seen at the Casino.
  • Tsukino is also an artist and loves to draw things.

About Sana:

  • She loves to cook while listening to her favorite music.
  • Sana is around 19 years old.
  • She works as a music artist.
  • You can gift her beautiful rings (Heart-shaped, preferably).
  • Sana plays games like puzzles and shooting games.

Can you date all of your Judgement Girlfriends?

I’d say, why not? That already makes you an alpha male if you can handle one woman. Yes, you can have more than one girlfriend.

This means that possibly you can date all four of them in the game. But ensure that you are on that level of intimacy and charm that the girls get naturally attracted to you.

You can master several skills, or you can be a great player at the games they prefer to play, like puzzles and shootings.


1. Is there romance in the Judgement game?

Yes, if your charm level is pretty high and your dates are going well, then nothing can stop you from having a romance with your girl.

Increase the chance of romance by asking her out, again and again, to show her that you are interested in her and her life.

2. Can Yagami have multiple Judgement girlfriends?

Of course, he can. More Yagami becomes sexually appealing and charming, more girlfriends he can have.


We have shared all the essential info regarding the Judgement girlfriends. By following these tips, you can impress your Judgement girlfriends and have romance over and over.

Let us know in the comments about your experience. That’s all for today, folks. Thank you.

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