How to Wall Jump In Dead Cells? Guide 2022

how to wall jump in dead cells

During the gameplay of Dead Cells, you will come across some high and perpendicular walls, and you will wonder how to wall jump in Dead Cells?

Bear in mind that there is no real wall jump in Dead Cells. But, there are some tricks you can use to do that.

What this article will cover:

  • How to Wall Jump in Dead Cells?
  • How do you break the floor of a Dead Cell?
  • A bonus question in the end.

Let’s begin, shall we?

How to Wall Jump in Dead Cells?

As mentioned above, you will not be able to actually wall jump in Dead Cells, but these tricks will help in this regard.

In order to enable the wall jumping capability, you would first have to enable the Spider Rune.

This will not be an easy task; keep checking your progression and the number of potions. The Spider Rune capability enables you to stick to walls.

By obtaining this ability, you can stick to the walls and keep moving upwards. But first, make sure that you have the capability to smash floor tiles.

Floor tiles-breaking ability is important to advance in the game’s missions. You would be required to go to Slumbering Sanctuary.

There are some ways how you can do that. But remember, during the whole quest, Spider rune is of paramount importance here.

How can you reach the Slumbering Sanctuary?

First and foremost, go to the Toxic Sewers. You won’t face any difficulty in finding these sewers.

The Toxic sewers will lead you to the Ancient sewers. You will come across a game villain, and you would fight and defeat him.

After defeating him, keep going forward, and you will reach the Slumbering Sanctuary.

In the Slumbering Sanctuary, you will meet a major game villain there, and you would have to defeat him.

As you defeat the villain, the Spider rune will fall from the villain. From there you can obtain the Spider rune.

This ability will then let you stick to the walls and climb them. That is how you can wall jump in Dead Cells.

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How do you break the floor in Dead Cells?

In the Elite room, you will meet a major game villain, and you will need to defeat him.

After his defeat, the ability to break floor tiles will be enabled, and you would be able to break floor tiles from now on.

Bonus Question: Which shield is the best in Dead Cells?

The “Best” shield is the shield that fits your requirements correctly. So, it is for you to decide which is the best.

However, the Assault Shield is used and preferred by many players globally. Why?

This shield lets you stop attacks from the enemies and provides you with better protection compared to other shields.


We have talked about how you can wall jump in Dead Cells, how to break floor tiles, and which is the best shield in Dead Cells.

I hope that this guide helps you in your gameplay and keeps you advancing. Good luck!



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