How to Unfollow Channels on Twitch

Fed up with some channels on Twitch and feel like getting rid of them?

However, this may not be the only reason you want to unfollow channels on Twitch.

Whatever the reason may be. It is not our concern. You came here to know, How to unfollow channels on Twitch.

That is what we will be focusing on.

You can either unfollow a channel or turn off its notifications. Depends upon you.

How to Unfollow Channels on Twitch? (Desktop)

If you want to unfollow one channel, then it is a simple method.

But what if you want to unfollow several channels? Would you have to go through all those channels?

No, this can all be done from one place in your Twitch account. Let’s see from where.

  • Access your Twitch account on the site.
  • On upper-left side of the screen, there will be a “Following” tab.
  • After clicking on the “Following” tab, open the “Channels” sections.
  • All the channel you follow will be shown on the page altogether.
  • Every channel will have a “Green Heart” at the lower-left side of the channel.
  • By clicking on the “Green Heart,” you will simply unfollow that channel.
  • You can it to more than one channel at a time on the same page, as all of your followed channels are there.

Now, that is one way of getting the job done. There is another.

What if you want to unfollow all of your followed channels?

How to Mass Unfollow or Unfollow all channels on Twitch?

This method is used by people who have followed a lot of channels and are now getting fed up with this.

This website was used to carry out this job. However, it is now removed by Twitch.

Let’s see how you could’ve or could use it to your advantage.

  • Access the website and you will see “Sign in with Twitch” option. Log in your account.
  • All of your followed channel will appear altogether again.
  • There will be an option “Unfollow all.”
  • Clicking on it will instantly unfollow all of your followed channels.

How to Unfollow Channels on Twitch? (Mobile)

What if you don’t have a laptop or any kind of desktop available at the moment.

And you really want to unfollow channels on Twitch. Don’t worry. You can do it from your mobile.

  • Open any browser in your cell phone.
  • Search for “”
  • After logging in your account on Twitch site, you will see three dots at upper-right corner.
  • Click on them, and find “Desktop site” option, and click on it.
  • Your mobile screen will be converted to a desktop-like screen.
  • From there, find the “Following” option on the upper-left side of the screen.
  • Then the “Channels” section, and then the “Green Heart” to unfollow channels.

After accessing the desktop site on your mobile, all the steps are just like the actual desktop.


1. Which button is the Unfollow button on Twitch?

The “Green Heart” on the lower-left side of your followed channel is the Unfollow button.

Clicking on it will “Unfollow” that channel.

2. Will the channel know if I unfollow it?

Depends upon the popularity of the channel. This means, that if the channel is very famous, he will never know, let alone care.

But if you unfollow a relatively smaller channel that always tries to keep check of its followers will probably know and feel bad.

3. How to turn off a channel’s notification, instead of unfollowing it?

Whenever the channel’s notification pops up, simply go to the channel’s home page.

You will see a “Bell” there. Clicking on it will turn off that channel’s notification.

Concluding the Point:

It is obvious that as long as a channel is providing any sort of entertainment, it is okay.

But when it starts to compromise on content quality or gets involved in controversies, it is likely the channel will lose followers.

So, we have provided all the info on how to unfollow channels on Twitch. Use it to your advantage. Thank you.

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