How To Start Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online? Full Guide 2022

how to start the diamond casino heist in gta online

Playing Grand Theft Auto is a never-ending joy. From GTA Vice City to GTA V, the GTA has given us some of the best Open World games.

GTA Online is no exception. Today, we will be looking at how to start a diamond casino heist in GTA Online.

What this article will cover:

  • How to start the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online?
  • How much money does the Diamond Casino Heist give you?
  • A bonus question in the end.

Let’s begin, shall we?

How to start the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online?

GTA Online has opened a massive door of opportunities, activities, and many missions that were not present in the previous games.

The Casino heist is available to all the players, just like several other heists. But first, you would need to download GTA Online’s latest version.

If you have the latest version of GTA Online, then you are all ready to wreak havoc on the casino.

Once you download the heist mission, you will get a message. You may get it right away, or it may take some moments. Wait for it.

The message sender is unknown at the moment. The message you get will be:

it’s lester crest. meet me at mirror park. we have something to discuss.

After seeing the message, go to Mirror park. You won’t find it challenging to find the park, as it will clearly be mentioned on your map.

Then find the “L” icon on your map. Once you reach the “L,” Lester will approach you and will offer you a pretty great chance of making real money.

Let’s put the whole scenario into perspective. You get a message from Lester. He asks you to meet him at Mirror park.

You go there and meet him. After the meeting, he goes away and calls you again and asks you to purchase an Arcade.

After you purchase the Arcade from your phone via Maze Bank Foreclosure, the heist begins!

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How much Money does the Diamond Casino Heist give you?

If you carry out the job with pure perfection, you are in for a big surprise, as a hefty amount is waiting for you.

Around 2.1 MILLION+ of Cash, 2.3 MILLION+ of Artwork, 2.5 MILLION+ of Gold, and 3.6 MILLION+ of Diamonds.

Pretty motivating, right?

Bonus Question: Can you the Diamond Casino Heist solo (alone)?

While it may not be a wise decision to do that, however YES! You CAN perform the heist on your own.


I have talked in detail about how to start the diamond casino heist, how much fortune you can make through the heist, and whether you can perform at the job on your own or not.

Hope this guide helps you throughout the game. Let us know in the comments about your further queries. Thank you.


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