How to Private Stream On Twitch?

There are some followers and fans that you hold in high regard than others. So, how to private stream on Twitch?

For whatever reason. Either you want to record it privately and then send it to your faithful followers.

Or, in rare cases, streamers just stream but don’t want anyone to watch that. Yeah, some people do it.

The reason can be any. But one thing to know here is that Twitch does not support private streams on its website.

However, you can do it by some other methods. We will talk about them in this article.

How to Private Stream On Twitch?

Twitch had an option of password-only streaming on its platform. In which the stream could only be watched by subscribers by a particular password.

Those days are done, as Twitch removed that feature later. Unfortunately, you cannot privately stream on Twitch.

But there are some ways to do it (3 ways, to be precise). You can choose one from the following.

1st Method – Create A New Account to Privately Stream:

This is, by far, the simplest method for private streaming. Basically, you would create another account with just a random name like “gksjfe33.” You got the point, right?

Random name, random tags, and description. The whole point of this is that it is true that you can’t privately stream on your personal channel.

So, how to private stream on Twitch then? The new account will have no followers, no fans, and your channel’s random name will not be searched by anyone.

That way, you can only let your favorite people know about that other channel. No extra people.

Or, if you don’t want any followers at all, you can simply record streams without anyone watching. Let’s do it step by step.

  • Create another Twitch account with just a random name like “jbjfyu555.”
  • Then just start streaming without giving any title, description, or any tag.
  • Record it, and send the link or recording to any one of your favorites. You’re good to go!

2nd Method – Run Subscribers-Only Stream:

Again, this may not be a private stream, but it will be pretty close to that.

But, running a subscribers-only stream would give access to your subscribers only, and this will filter out a lot of unnecessary viewers.

If you run an affiliate program, you can easily stream for your selected viewers.

  • Go to the “Broadcaster Dashboard,” and you must be offline while doing so.
  • Open the “Audience Box” and select the “All Subscribers” option.
  • You will see the “Include Moderators” and “Include VIPs” and untick them if you don’t want them watching. You’re good.

You will find a preview button that allows your viewers to watch your streams for some time, and then they will have to subscribe to continue watching.

This will also filter out many unnecessary viewers as well as increase your subscriber. Close to a private stream.

3rd Method – Privately Stream on Other Platforms:

If the above two methods don’t work for you on the Twitch platform, you can try your luck on platforms. So, how to private stream on Twitch and other platforms as well?

You can try your luck on platforms like Discord, Facebook, and YouTube.

These three platforms are pretty famous among people, and you would definitely have accounts there.

Private Streaming on Discord:

There is an option to private stream on Discord where you can allow a maximum of 50 viewers on your private stream.

You can increase these numbers by upgrading your Discord account, the Discord nitro.

By doing so, you can allow around 60 viewers and stream at 1080 pixels and 60 FR. How to do it?

  • Make a private account on Discord with any random name.
  • Then you can put your favorite ones in the 50 viewers list.

You are good to go! All of your streams on this channel would be secret/private.

Private Streaming on YouTube:

One of the best platforms in the world is YouTube, where you can easily privately stream.

  • Create a YouTube account.
  • Go live, and you will see a “public” option there. Click on it.
  • You will have a choice to select the “public,” “private,” or “unlisted” option.
  • Notify your favorites, and you are good to go!

You can now stream on Youtube, and by the looks of it, YouTube offers the simplest method to privately stream.

Privately Streaming on Facebook and Steam:

That is pretty simple on Facebook and Steam. How?

You can simply make a private Facebook page, and all your activities there would be absolutely secret.

And on Steam, go to the settings and alter the privacy to “private” instead of “public.”

Benefits of Private Streaming on Twitch:

Private streaming has its own perks. We have discussed how to private stream on Twitch on other platforms.

But what’s the point of all this? Why do people privately stream? Here is why.

  • You can make your private streaming a paid option, as viewers will have to pay you to watch you exclusively.
  • Allowing only subscribers will ultimately add up your followers if you are entertaining enough.
  • No trouble with copyright.
  • Your private stream may be a prize for your favorite viewers.
  • A good fan following may also help you gain more fans on other streaming sites.

These are just the perks we could think of. There may be others that we don’t know of. Tell us more in the comments.

How to Add Private Page to Your Stream Website?

You would have to create your own website for this to happen. You can make special pages for your special fans.

You can do it by using different plugins to do that. By applying these plugins, you will accord all your special subscribers in one place.

So, whenever you post anything or you stream on those private pages, only those fans will be notified and can join the stream.

How to Test your Twitch Stream with

Do you want to check your private stream before going live? Well, there is a solution for you.

The allows you to test the quality of your live streams even before going live.

Also, to ensure that you won’t face any trouble live streaming for people and everything will run smoothly.

Moreover, you can also check the speed of your Internet, and the stream won’t lag.

If you shift places and decide to go live, then it is recommended to first use the to make sure.

Let’s see how you can do that step by step.

  • Search for “” and access your Twitch account there.
  • It will need permission to run on your Twitch account.
  • After permitting the Inspector, you’ll see a purple button, “Run a scream test.”
  • You will be asked to fill in some formalities regarding your live stream, like the stream key.
  • One can find that key from one’s Creator Dashboard.
  • Go to “Dashboard,” then “Settings,” then “Stream.”
  • Copy that stream key from there.
  • Then provide all the essential things needed by Inspector.
  • Inspector will now have all the needed info on your streams.
  • Go live now and check your Internet speed and all the other things you want.

What Happened to Password-Only Streams on Twitch?

Twitch used to have the private stream option where you had to provide a password for your private fans.

Your fans could use that password to get added to your streams and could enjoy.

But then Twitch changed their plans and removed the private stream option. Why?

Twitch was concerned that adult and explicit content may be posted in the private sessions. That was unacceptable.

Moreover, the lesser the viewers on a stream, the lesser the fortune of Twitch. These were the apparent reasons.

So, it seems not possible that that option would ever come back.

Essential Tips to Follow while Privately Streaming:

The important are all those that are mentioned in their terms and services. You can read them here.

Don’t think that your private stream isn’t being watched by Twitch, and you can do anything there.

If you did something that doesn’t get along with their guidelines well, then you can face repercussions.

Some Tips to Improve Private Twitch Streams:

We have discussed how to private stream on Twitch. How about we take a look at how you can improve your private streaming.

The first is Consistency. This goes without saying that no one can succeed without being consistent.

Or else, if you are not willing to invest your time in yourself, why would someone do it? So, be punctual and disciplined in your line.

The second is Establishing your social presence. The more you stay in the spotlight, the higher chances of you getting more subscribers.

Have your streams and video posted on other platforms so that people get to know more about your talent and find you on Twitch. It is possible.

The third is Unique Personaliy. There are thousands of streamers on Twitch, why would a viewer leave them and watch you?

Scale your personality in such a way that no one can resist staying on your streams.


1. Can You Private Stream on Caffeine?

No, you can’t. There is no option on Caffeine that allows someone to privately stream on that platform.

It is doubtful that this feature will ever come on the platform. So, no.

2. Is it really necessary to private stream on Twitch or other platforms?

I wouldn’t say it is actually necessary to privately stream on Twitch or any other platform.

Some people just want to stream but don’t want to get noticed by the masses. Low confidence, might be.

They only want their close ones to watch them playing and build up their confidence before going big.

3. Can you test your private streams before going live?

Yeah. You can do it using the “Inspector tool” on Twitch. You can do that here

Concluding the Point:

We have discussed how to private stream on Twitch, how to private stream on Twitch by different methods?

Furthermore, all of your possible queries regarding private streaming on Twitch and many other things.

Hope you get what you are looking for. You are good to go! Thanks.

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