How to Make an Origami Swan


  • Total time: 30 Mins
  • YIELD: 1 Origami swan
  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner

The origami swan, the traditional model, is among the most basic origami bird models available. If you’re just beginning to learn about origami, this is the best model to begin with. Many people start by attempting this origami crane but are unable to make it difficult.

It is possible to use this origami pattern as a minimal decor, or make many of them to create a chic bridal display or serve as a fantastic chopstick holder during an Japanese dinner. To create a two-color effect make sure to use paper with an image or color that differs on each side.FEATURED VIDEO Zero seconds in 2 minutes, 33 secondVolume 0%02,33 How to Create the Easy Origami Crane 1 minute, 0 second 19 secondsVolume 95 percent  1:19

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What You’ll Need


  • 1 piece of origami paper


  1. Make the Body
Four steps to origami swan folding, including folding over the paper and creating a kite shape.
  1. Begin with the paper with the white side facing up. It will then be your primary color of your body.
    • The paper should be folded in two diagonal folds, then unfold.
    • Fold the right and left edges towards the middle.
    • Flip the model upside down.

  1. Fold the Head and Neck
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  1. Fold the right and left edges towards the middle.
    • The bottom edge is folded down and over.
    • Reduce a tiny section to create the head of a swan.
  2. Make the Finishing Touches
    • Fold the top edge (the head of the swan side) in half in a straight line, then reverse.
    • While keeping your top (swan body) down, pull only the neck and head up.
    • Pick a place for the neck of the swan, and then fold.
    • It is recommended to have an attractive origami swan which can stand up by itself.If you’ve got yourself into an unintentional mess, don’t be concerned. It’s a matter of time to learn how to fold origami and creating new designs. Be sure that all folds and folds have been as exact as you can and you will end up perfectly in the final.

History of Origami

The term “origami” comes from the Japanese origins of the words “origami” that means “folding” and kami meaning “paper.” It’s the art of folding paper that is usually connected to Japanese culture. The traditional Japanese origami was practised from the Edo period, which began in 1603 and ended in 1867.

Although it is associated as a part of Japanese cultural traditions, the term “origami” has been adapted as an all-encompassing term that encompasses any paper folding technique regardless of the culture of origin. The idea is to turn a piece of paper in a completed sculpture by folding it and using the sculpting technique. The majority of origami artists avoid using cuts or glue marks to the sheet of paper. But it is true that the Japanese use a term for cuts that are allowed on paper called called kirigami.

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