How To Make An Anvil In Graveyard Keeper? Full Guide 2022

how to make an anvil in graveyard keeper

Obviously! You are looking to make some nails and an anvil in Graveyard Keeper.

There are some ways through which you will be able to craft/make new weapons, wooden materials, and other things.

What this article will cover:

  • How to make an anvil in Graveyard Keeper?
  • Where do I get nails for Graveyard Keeper?
  • A bonus question in the end.

How to Make an Anvil in Graveyard Keeper?

There are several methods to make nails and other metal parts. Anvils are used for this purpose often.

All the materials that you craft from an anvil are pretty important in the game. That is why you need to make some efforts here.

You would need to unlock the smithing ability. To obtain this ability, you will need to travel to a village and talk to the innkeeper.

The innkeeper will give a hunt that will help a blacksmith. The hunt is about killing some slimes for the blacksmith.

After you are done with killing them, you will earn the blacksmith’s respect, and you will be able to chat with him.

Talk to him and find out where you can find special metals. By doing this, you will unlock the smithing ability.

This ability will let you make an anvil in Graveyard Keeper. Which metals would you need to make an anvil?

You will need some iron parts and some wooden billet to make the anvil. You will obtain these wooden billets by cutting trees.

And you will purchase the iron parts from the blacksmith in the city. Then you will make an anvil in Graveyard Keeper.

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Where do I get Nails for Graveyard Keeper?

These Graveyard Keeper nails are among the most essential assets in the game.

You will be able to make these nails from iron ingots (minor metals) by hammering them upon a wooden anvil or any other anvil.

Or else, you can also buy them from blacksmith stores in the city, and you will find them inside barrels and by breaking the furniture.

Bonus Question: Where is the Feather in Graveyard Keeper?

These feathers are pretty unique, and you can’t make or craft them. You will have to buy them.

They can be bought from the Astrologer or the fresh egg basket.


I have descriptively talked about how to make an anvil in Graveyard Keeper, where to get the nails, and where to find the feather.

Hope this guide helps you throughout the game. Let us know in the comments about your further queries. Thank You!

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