How much does Twitch take from Donations?

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So, how much does Twitch take from donations then?

What we will talk about in this article:

  • How much does Twitch take from donations?
  • How to donate on Twitch?
  • Does Twitch take a cut of charity donations?
  • How much do streamers pay on Twitch donations?
  • Does it cost money to donate on Twitch?
  • How do people fake donations on Twitch?

But first, take a look at how can you donate on Twitch.

How to Donate on Twitch?

1. By Donation Button:

This is the simplest method of donating on Twitch. Let’s see.

  • Access the Twitch website with your account.
  • Go to the page/channel of the streamer you want to donate to.
  • You can search for it or you would easily find the channel if the streamer is your favorite.
  • After going to the channel. Look for “About” section and click on it.
  • Go down a bit and you will find “Donations here” button.
  • The donations button can vary from channel to channel.
  • Click on that “Donations here” and you will come to the donation page.
  • Fill in all the formalities.
  • Then you will be asked to choose payment method. Most probably, PayPal or Credit Card.
  • Select the one you like and donate! Your name would immediately appear on the stream.

2. By Using Bits:

It is another donation method, only accessible to Twitch partners or Twitch affiliates. Let’s see.

  • Access your Twitch account.
  • You will see the “Get Bits” option. Click on it.
  • Usually, 1 bit = 0.01$
  • You can buy the bits there for your account.
  • Search for the streamer’s channel.
  • Navigate to his chat and find “Bits” button on the right side.
  • You can also send text to the streamer alongside the bits donations.
  • You can donate as many bits as you want.
  • The streamer will recieve that donation after Twitch tax.

How much does Twitch take from Donations in 2021-22?

If you are streaming on Twitch, you are going to pay Twitch directly or indirectly. But not all the time.

There are many methods to how can a streamer earn through Twitch.

By Subscriptions, Bits, Ads, PayPal, Product marketing.

The primary sources of streamer’s income are these. They can also receive donations from other platforms like YouTube.

Does Twitch take a cut of charity donations?

If the subscriber donates to the channel using PayPal, there would be no Twitch tax on that donation.

The only tax will be of PayPal’s own. That is why most channels ask for donations through PayPal.

But Twitch earns money from ads, bits, and subscriptions.

As mentioned above, Twitch has the Bits option, through which it earns money by taxing the Bits purchase.

You will have to be a Twitch partner or Twitch affiliate if you want to earn through Twitch.

Let’s put that into perspective.

  • Twitch’s income through Subscriptions = Around 60% to 70%.
  • Twitch’s income through Bits = almost 28%.
  • Twitch’s income through Ads views = around 0.25$ per 1000 views (Disputed).
  • Twitch does not earn from third-party websites.


1. How much do Streamers pay on Twitch donations?

Any total donation amount of more than 85,000$ will be taxed 24% by Twitch.

2. Does it cost money to donate on Twitch?

If you donate using PayPal, then PayPal will deduct a tax of 0.49$ + 2.90% fee on every transaction.

So, if a streamer receives 100$ by Twitch donation, he will get around 96.62$ after-tax deduction.

3. How must does Twitch pay-per-view cost?

However, it varies. But estimation is that it costs around 2$ to 10$ per 1000 views.

4. How do people fake donations on Twitch?

By three methods:

  1. By Chat Commands.
  2. By Duplicate Credit Card.
  3. By Chargebacks.

Concluding the Point:

We have talked about how much does Twitch take from donations, how to donate on Twitch, the charges for donations.

This was all for educational purposes. However, if you are a future streamer, this info will help you a lot.

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