How to Dive & Swim Underwater in Final Fantasy XIV – Full Guide 2022

how to dive & swim underwater in Final Fantasy XIV

What is the point of playing and completing the Final Fantasy XIV game if you did not unlock the diving ability?

The latest edition in the game series lets you dive & swim underwater in Final Fantasy XIV. The feature was not present in previous games.

What this article will cover:

  • How and when can you unlock the diving ability?
  • How to dive & swim underwater in Final Fantasy XIV?
  • A bonus question in the end.

Let’s begin, shall we?

How and When can you unlock the Diving Ability?

Bear in mind that this ability will be needed in the game from time to time to complete several missions (quests).

So, it is recommended to obtain this as soon as you get the chance. But how and when? The 63rd mission or quest in the game is when you will get this ability.

The name of the 63rd mission (quest) is “In Saroban We Trust.” The mission is pretty straightforward.

That mission will be based in Tamamizu, in the Ruby Sea Area. What to do in the mission?

You will have a chat with Alisaie; once you are done, you will engage in a conversation with Lyse.

Then you will get the capability to dive & swim underwater in Final Fantasy XIV.

Moreover, you will also receive a special emoji in the game that can be used while you are underwater.

After obtaining the capability, you can also perform side missions that require diving skills like A New Fishing Ex-spear-ience.

Keep on completing these missions, and you will keep getting more and more exciting rewards.

How to Dive & Swim Underwater in Final Fantasy XIV?

First, make sure that the water you are going to dive in is pretty deep. Otherwise, there is no point.

You cannot just dive in any water. Try finding an ocean like the Ruby Sea and prepare to dive.

There are keys depending on which console you are using to play the game.

It can be PS4, PC, or an Xbox. So, we will be mentioning the respective keys with their consoles.

1. Xbox:

If you playing on Xbox, simply press the B button.

2. PC:

While playing on PC, tap the CTRL + Space key.

3. PS4/PS5:

And, if you have the PS4 or PS5, tap the O button.

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Does staying Underwater for too long affect my Health in the game?

No! That is not something you would need to worry about this time.

Because there is no meter to measure how long you can dive & swim underwater in Final Fantasy XIV. So, ENJOY!


We have talked about how can you dive & swim underwater in Final Fantasy XIV and how and when you get this ability.

And a bonus question as well. We hope that it helps you in your missions.

Let us know in the comments about your further queries. Thank you for reading this far.

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