What did Harley Dean Say About Rihanna? Harley Dean’s Bio, Wiki, Boyfriend 2022

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Who is Harley Dean? What did She say about Rihanna? 

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Let’s open your minds a bit and take a look at Harley Dean’s life, bio, wiki, boyfriend, net worth, and shared thinking about adult actresses. Read till the end before making up your mind.

Who is Harley Dean? What did She say about Rihanna? 

It is said that there is a natural beauty in women. They get that beauty too early and also lose it earlier than males. Harley Dean is the perfect example of this phrase.

She is a beautiful pornographic actress who started her career pretty early in her life. And in such a vast industry, she definitely made a name for herself.

Dean is also a great model and one of the most beautiful actresses in the porn industry. Today, her videos are viewed by a lot of people and have pretty great reviews.

In this article, we will discuss the life of Harley Dean, her controversial relationship with Rihanna, does she have a boyfriend and many other things. Let’s begin, shall we?

Harley Dean’s Early/Personal Life:

Dean was born on 5th June 1993 in Columbus, Ohio, USA. She is around 28 years old as of 2021. Her complete name is Harley Dean. She is among the top beautiful adult actresses in the industry.

Her zodiac is Gemini. She is a Christian by religion, if not by practice. A lot of people think that pornstars are prostitutes. Remember when a fan tried to take a selfie with Mia Khalifa without her consent?

She literally punched him in the face, and yes, it was a sight to see. That is the exact situation Harley faced during the early days of her career.

Harley’s father’s or mother’s name and information are still unknown, as do her siblings’ names. We have repeatedly said that models, especially adult actresses, prefer to keep their private and early life intact.

They don’t want people peeping into their life unnecessarily and later commenting on it without their consent. So, these actresses would be known by their work than by their past.

And, what is wrong with that? How would you feel if someone brought up something embarrassing from your past and spread it like breaking news? Harley Dean or any other adult actress is absolutely correct in keeping things private.

Harley Dean’s Physical Appearance:

An actress (adult) who is fit is always appealing. Alright, I’m gonna ask all the boys (who are sexually straight) reading this article a question. Why do you watch porn? Or better, who do you watch in porn? The actor or actress?

If you are actually straight, you would say, the actress, and obviously, because of their figure, right? Both the industry and the stars know this thing. That is why fitness is paramount.

So, Harley has maintained her figures throughout the years. She has a weight of 57 kgs or 126 pounds. Dean is 5 feet 7 inches, 170 cms, or 1.70 meters tall. Her body measurements are 31-23-33. Breast: 31 inches, Waist: 23 inches, Hips: 33 inches.

36 B is her bra size, and B is her cup size. Dean’s hair color is black, and her eye color is hazel. Her ethnicity is mixed (Caucasian, Filippino, Hawaiin, and others).

As you can see, she is pretty fit, and she often posts her body photos on her Instagram account.

Harley Dean’s Boyfriend/Relationship:

Sorry to disappoint you once again, as she has not yet shed any light on whether she is seeing someone or not. Once again, just like many other adult actresses, she does not want people to know about her relationship.

We will definitely update the article once we get to know more about her relationships and her boyfriend (or maybe, girlfriend, depending on her sexuality, which is also unknown). But right now, Harley Dean is Single at the moment.

Harley Dean’s Career/Professional Life:

Harley Dean started her career in 2014 and is still active. She began her career as a model in the adult film industry and is said to have received a lot of backlash due to her decision.

Her decision to become an adult actress wasn’t received well by the masses, and they started calling her by some “unique names.” They started to look at her as she were a prostitute/slut.

But honestly, I don’t blame them. The same people who call adult actresses prostitutes consider porn to be real sex. It is NOT. I was recently watching an interview of a former adult actress, in which she said that porn is not sex.

They both are opposite things. I don’t remember her exact words but what she meant was, “if you are preparing your “syllabus” by watching our videos, then it is wrong. Because we are basically cheating already.”

In other words, porn is not sex but acting. That is why pornstars should be seen as actresses. Had Harley Dean listened to the critics and left the industry, we would not have had such a great actress on our screens today.

Today, Harley Dean has a verified profile on the most famous adult content website in the world. She has 176,000+ followers there and more than 169 million total views.

Furthermore, she ranks at 214 on the website. That is an accomplishment, right? To rank at 214 number out thousands of other co-workers. Her videos are “pure art,” if you ask me, and are sure to turn you on.

I mean, if we are talking about adult actresses and you are reading it, then sex is not an alien concept to either of us. So, both you and I can comment on their content, right?

She has around 14,100+ followers on her Instagram account at @realharleyydean. Harley also has a verified OnlyFans account, where she has 433 posts and 110,000+ likes at Harley Dean.

What did Harley say about Rihanna?

During an interview, Dean made some surprising claims about the famous singer Rihanna. She said Rihanna infected her supervisor with an STD and had sex with him. When asked about the supervisor’s name, Dean restraint herself from giving the name.

Harley categorically said that Rihanna was f***king Harley’s supervisor while being in a relationship with Travis Scott. That supervisor was a prince, according to Harley.

All the other people thought that it was Harley who was having sex with her boss, but the reality was a bit different. Harley called Rihanna a “bitch.” Dean made several other shocking claims about the singer with pretty straightforward and easy-to-understand words.

Harley Dean’s Net worth:

Dean’s net worth is said to be around 100,000$ to 500,000$. The primary contributors to her monthly/yearly fortune are modeling, adult acting, brand endorsements, ads, and her OnlyFans account.

She charges around 4.99$ per month at the regular price. Her subscription bundles are 13.47$ for 3 months, 23.95$ for 6 months, and 41.92$ for 12 months/1 year.


I have briefly and bluntly about the adult actress, Harley Dean. It is my thinking, you don’t have to agree with this, that the more bluntly you say something, the easier it will be understood.

And one other primary reason is WHY. Why would you be reading this article if you had zero knowledge of, let’s say, sex. That’s why I did not hesitate to say what needed to be said. 

Thank you for reading till the end and reading with an open mind. What do you think of all this? Let us know in the comments.

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