Getting a Nose Piercing 2022

Getting a nose piercing is a trend as well as a fashion nowadays. Nose piercing is the process of penetrating the nose skin or around the nose skin. It was a tradition in old days among the people of South Asia, especially women.

The trend of getting nose piercing now has also spread across the world, mainly in Europe and the American continents. Nose piercing is considered to be the third most common kind of piercing after the Ear and Tongue piercing.

There are some important factors to consider, before getting a nose piercing. Like how to get your nose pierced, where to, when to, which one, and many more. In this article, we are gonna address all of those factors.

How to Pierce your Nose?

Before asking that question, ask yourself first which type of nose piercing am I getting? There are said to be around 9 to 10 types of nose piercing, and every piercing has its different process, different healing time, and different aftercare.

The most common of the nose piercings are the Nostril piercings, it is also the simplest. You may have seen many people having their nose pierced from the side, and wearing a small ornament there.

Other kinds include septum piercing, nasallang piercing, septril piercing, and rhino piercing, etc. The basics of getting a nose piercing are more or less the same. So, instead of going through all the types individually, we will discuss the important points to learn before getting a nose piercing.

We are going to be quoting some basics from Brendan Camp, who is an expert piercer. He says that doing simple stuff by watching Youtube videos is easy, nothing to worry about. But when it comes to getting a nose piercing, you should not completely rely on Youtube videos.

You should consult the nearest piercer, who is also considered best at what he does. The most common is the nostril piercing, which is, as you know, done on the skin above the nostril. Septum piercing is done on the cartilaginous wall dividing the two nostrils.

The third eye piercing is done between the eyebrows, and the bridge piercing is done on the upper strong bone of the nose, right to left. So before getting a nose piercing, you must have complete knowledge of the piercing you are looking to get.

Before the piercing, ask your nose piercer to point out the place of the nose with a, let’s say, marker, to give you an idea of what you can expect. You can also try fake jewelry hoops on your nose before getting a nose piercing to figure out the output of the process.

How bad does a Nose Piercing hurt?

As you all know, everyone has a different level of tolerance. Some are too strong to endure any pain, some are too sensitive to pain. It varies. But let’s talk about the pain of getting a nose piercing based on the piercing location.

The simplest piercing, as you know, is the Nostril piercing. Most people prefer this piercing because it is relatively less painful because it is done through the nostril skin surface. The pain is mild. Your eyes may become watery during the process, because of the connection between the nose and eye bones.

You can expect a little bruise right after piercing, but it will vanish in a day or two. But be careful of your recently pierced nose and you should also avoid sleeping on it.

Following that, a golden or yellowish crust will form around the pierced location, which you should not touch, as it may cause a disruption. Try using a spray of saline solution. If you don’t the crust to turn into a scab, you should stick to spraying that saline solution for some weeks.

How to heal a Nose Piercing fast?

After getting a nose piercing, your nose is exposed to infection, why? Because something has broken the nose skin’s fence. The nose is said to be a suitable environment for bacteria to grow. That is why you should use some antibacterials to prevent the infection from spreading.

What to use to clean a Nose Piercing?

Getting a nose piercing has some aftermath like warmth, swelling, redness, and mild pain. Its cure is to use some ice and ibuprofen. But if the inflammation is not easing down, maybe it is the start of an infection. Because maybe your body is not getting along the nose piercing very well. You would medical attention after that.

If you see acne forming around the pierced skin, you can use simple medicines for acne, but with increased caution. Because if by mistake you applied any unusual chemical substance, the pierced skin is likely to burn and sting severely.

How much does a Nose Piercing Cost?

The cost of getting a nose piercing differs from place to place, as states have different instructions to follow. An overview is that it will cost you around 30$ to 40$ per piercing. The cost of jewelry you use afterward is separated from this.

Because it is totally up to your budget whether you want something cheap and affordable or something expensive to use as nose rings. You can check reviews about different ornaments to make a good choice.

How to Clean Nose Piercing?

The nose piercing process is a quick process, but it is its healing that takes most of the time, from several weeks to several months. It depends upon the aftercare of nose piercing.

What to clean Nose Piercing with?

Right after getting a nose piercing, your piercer will advise you to use saline solutions to clean your pierced nose, whenever need be, or recommended, two times a day. If you wish, you can also use tea tree oil for cleaning the pierced location.

During the healing process, you should stick to the original jewelry for some time, as changing jewelry again and again during the process may slow it down, and there is a chance of the piercing closing again. You need to make sure that your hands are properly washed before touching the piercing.

To avoid bacterial infection, you should avoid touching the pierced location repeatedly, only do it when actually necessary. Let it heal at its own pace and don’t rub it with your hands.

How to treat/heal an infected Nose Piercing?

Getting a nose piercing does cause mild pain, swelling, and redness. It is normal to feel this if you have pierced your nose recently. But if the pain is increasing, the redness is not vanishing, or if the swelling is increasing. This might be a sign of infection.

But how can a nose piercing get infected? What can be the reasons for that? The reasons first include lack of cleanliness. If you are being careful about its hygiene, you are inviting the infection.

Avoid the unhygienic instruments to be used on your nose skin. Be very clear about that with your piercing specialist. Another reason is the wrong technique. Make sure your piercer is an expert in this field, as you don’t want your nose to become his experiment lab.

Or if you are a diabetic person, this can also cause problems for you during the piercing healing process. You should use a clean cloth or tissue paper to clean the nose piercing with the solution of diluted Hydrogen peroxide twice a day to prevent bacterial growth.

You can also use antibiotics. If crusts are starting to develop around the piercing, you should not pick at it or try to remove it with your hands, as your hands could be containing bacteria and can cause complications.

Also consider changing the nose jewelry, especially if it is a reactive metal like Nickel. You should use start using less reactive metals like Platinum or Gold. Because using reactive metals often causes inflammatory reactions more rapidly which can damage the nose piercing.

Use warm oils to ease down the pain. These oils are of counter inflammatory nature that will help decrease the reactions. Rinsing the infected area with soap water can also be useful or a saline solution, to increase the pace of healing and stop germs’ growth.

Taking painkillers can also be an option. If all of these things are not working in your favor, you should seek some medical attention, as a doctor would be the best bet to find the problem and cure it.

How to hide a Nose Piercing?

Although getting a nose piercing is considered to be a fashion nowadays, still some people prefer to hide it sometimes. You don’t need many things to hide your nose piercing. You just have to a little make-up on your face. Remove the nose jewelry and apply some foundation on your face carefully.

Or if you have a septum piercing, you can simply rotate the barbell upwards and it will be out of sight. You can also use plugs and retainers for bigger and smaller holes in your nose respectively.

Plugs for the bigger holes, as they fit in completely are color neutral. You can even choose their color according to your skin tone. Retainers for the smaller holes, they are also color neutral and can easily mix with your skin color, but only useful for small holes. Remember.


1. Why does my Nose Piercing smell?

Well, it is normal. Because your body discharges a liquid called Sebum. Sebum is an oily substance made by the body for the purpose of lubricating the body. When sebum interacts with dead skin cells around the piercing and the bacteria causes a very bad smell.

Some say that even perfumes can’t decrease this stinky cheese-like smell. Keeping the nose piercing as clean as possible will be the best bet at reducing this smell.

2. How Long does it take a nose piercing to heal?

Normally, it takes around 3 to 4 months to completely heal if cared for properly. But, different nose piercings have different healing times.

3. How much does getting a nose piercing at Claire’s cost?

Getting a nose piercing at Claire’s can cost you around 34$ to 45$ per piercing.

4. How long until I can change my Nose Piercing?

The ideal time of changing the nose piercing is when it is healed completely. After getting a nose piercing, it takes around 2 to 3 months to completely heal.

You can change your nose piercing or nose jewelry after that. If you face any kind of problem while changing it, you should consult your nose piercer with this issue, to avoid any complications.

5. What guage is used for nose piercing?

Usually, 18 gauge(1.02mm) is used for nose piercing, most people also change it to 20 gauge(0.81mm).

6. How to get rid of nose piercing bump/Keloid?

If you see a relatively darker bump on your skin after some time of getting a nose piercing, it may be a Keloid. A keloid is a kind of scar that develops after healing from an injury. Keloid on nose piercing is no different.

But, no worries, as you can treat it, and you should do it as soon as you can. Cryosurgery or Cryotherapy is considered to be the most suitable way to treat the keloid. In this process, the keloid or bump is frozen with liquid nitrogen by the doctors. Doctors will also advise you to use corticosteroid injections to ease the pain and reduce inflammation.

7. What age can you get a nose piercing?

The minimum age of getting a nose piercing is said to be 16 years old with a copy of his or her ID. Although it is a matter of choice, it is recommended to avoid getting a nose piercing before 18. Because by that time you normally have developed enough maturity to understand the outcomes.

At the age of 16, you can get your nose pierced but maybe you are doing it for just fashion without considering the outcomes of this. That’s why it is recommended to get your nose pierced after 18.

8. What does infected nose piercing look like?

Signs of infected nose piercing are usually redness, swelling, and a really bad smell. Pus develops near the pierced location usually yellow in color.

9. What to expect after getting a nose piercing?

You can expect a little pain, that little pain can also be a bit more if you are a beginner. Also, you can feel uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it. The nose piercing requires special care, so you can expect yourself to be less careless after a nose piercing.

10. How to take care of nose piercing?

After getting a nose piercing, taking care of it is the real deal. You should never touch your pierced nose with unwashed hands, you should wash your hands first with soap water.

Wash your nose with salty and warm water two times a day. Then dry it with a towel or tissue paper, these things must be clean. Also, the soap should be gentle and odorless to avoid any complications.

11. Why does my nose piercing hurt?

After getting a nose piercing, your nose hurt a bit, why? Because something has broken the nose skin’s fence. That’s why it hurts, but it is temporary if it is taken care of, carefully.

12. Where to get a nose piercing?

Try searching “Nose piercing near me” on Google, it will provide you with the nearest nose piercing locations for you to visit.

13. How to know if your nose piercing is infected?

After getting a nose piercing, if the nose pain isn’t going away, and it is increasing with time. If the pierced location is kept unclean during its healing time, these are the signs that your nose piercing is infected.


Getting a nose piercing is a good idea, as it is a good thought to go with the trend. But having complete knowledge of its process, healing, pain, aftercare is vital. Otherwise, you’ll end up only making it a mess. There are dozens of articles on the internet to help you get the information you are looking for.

You may ask yourself that are you doing this for the trend or for yourself? Because trends come and go, and if you are only doing this because of the trend, you might regret this later, as its process is quick but is aftercare is time-consuming. Thank you.

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