Far Cry 4 Balance of Power missions Guide

far cry 4 balance of power mission

The Far Cry 4 Balance of Power are missions when you get to choose between two options, and whichever option you choose will decide your fate in the game.

Getting the opportunity to choose in games is among the most entertaining moments because you think you have the power.

Two co-characters, Amita or Sabal, will offer you to choose between them by telling you about the situations you will face with them and why you should side with them.

You will come across the Far Cry 4 Balance of Power mission many times. The leader you choose to side with will determine the future of your game.

We have provided the outcomes on if you choose Sabal or Amita.

Far Cry 4 Balance of Power mission: Amita or Sabal?

Throughout the game, you will have to choose between Amita and Sabal around 4 times. Let’s take a look one by one.

1st Balance of Power mission – Hunt Or Be Hunted:

If you choose Amita:

You will have to go to a Golden Path camp to get the information. You will come across only one Hunter in the first camp. But in the second one, you will encounter 5 Hunters.

Do something to draw them away and then quickly but will stealth, go into the house and avoid any confrontation. They can’t follow or attack you in the house.

If you choose Sabal:

You will have to defend a rebel village from enemy attacks by using mines and all other weapons. Pay close attention to your co-characters to know from where the arrows are hitting you, as you cannot see them on the radar.

Then you will proceed to the Alpha camp by running through the woods. Kill the hunters one by one quietly by sneaking up on them from behind.

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2nd Balance of Power mission – Reclamation:

If you choose Amita:

By choosing Amita in the Far Cry 4 Balance of Power mission, you will have to capture the Opium crops by killing all the hunters and the guard dogs.

Look out for the alarms. There are located on both sides of the main compounds. Once captured, the Golden Path will help you in defense of Poppy Fields.

If you choose Sabal:

Sabal would tell you to literally burn and destroy the Opium crops. You will need to move in quickly, avoiding any encounter with the hunters or their dogs.

Use flamethrowers or other fire-throwing weapons to start the fire in the Opium Fields. Once the guard notices the fire, he will immediately try to put it out by sprinklers.

Destroy their sprinklers and kill the hunters, and guard dogs if need be. You can find the molotovs in a building nearby.

3rd Balance of Power mission – Advanced Chemistry:

If you choose Amita:

You will have to attack and capture a Brick factory which you can later use for your own benefits, like keeping the Opium in-process and keeping the rebellion intact.

If you choose Sabal:

Sabal will ask you to completely destroy the Brick factory leaving no choice for the enemies to ever capture it again.

4th Balance of Power mission – Culture Wars:

If you choose Amita:

This is the last Far Cry 4 Balance of Power mission, in which Amita will tell you to demolish the Jalendu Temple and free the women inside.

Then Amita will want that you murder Sabal.

If you choose Sabal:

Sabal does not want the Jalendu Temple destroyed and wants all of them to unite under a single belief. He will tell to defend it.

Then Sabal will want that murder Amita.

3 Endings of Far Cry 4:

After choosing your paths in all the Far Cry 4 Balance of Power missions, you will get to choose between the endings as well.

1st Ending:

You don’t kill Pagan Min in the end, and you both have a healthy conversation. Then you both go outside, and you see the helicopter.

You go into the sanctuary and came out to see Pagan leaving in the heli and letting you keep Kyrat.

2nd Ending:

You don’t let Pagan Min live and decide to kill him after rejecting his offer.

3rd Ending:

When the game starts, Pagan will make you wait in the palace; if you do for more than 15 minutes, the game will end.


1. Is it better to side with Amita or Sabal?

Choosing Amita will either kill her, or you will never be able to see her again.

Choosing Sabal will make Bhadra the Tarun Matara.

2. What is the best choice in Far Cry 4?

Just my personal opinion. You don’t kill Pagan, side with Amita, and don’t kill Sabal, and then eliminate Amita.

3. Should I let Pagan live?

It is completely your choice. If you kill him, the game simply ends; if you don’t, he flies away on his heli.


We have discussed all the outcomes of Far Cry 4 Balance of Power missions and what endings they could lead to.

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