Dog Coat Types – Why do Some Dogs Need Sweaters?

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Winter is Coming and the Cold and Fever Come with it. Your Dog can’t face it alone. He deserves the same care as you do, doesn’t he?

As you are aware, there are dozens of dog coats out there and winter is on our doorsteps and every year we do anything we feel important to keep us warm and away from cold, don’t we? Why? Cause we CAN take care of ourselves, but what about your little family members?

Don’t they feel the same need as well? When buying something for yourself, you look for the best and affordable, what if I tell you that we feel for your dogs, because they can’t say it for themselves.

Why do Some Dogs need Sweaters?

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It is cold outside, no?

Before asking this, ask yourself, Why do you need sweaters, jackets, coats, etc? Obviously to keep yourself warm in cold weather, especially in winters.

Just like you, dogs are also living beings, aren’t they? They can say it for themselves that’s why some people avoid doing such things for them. A pet deserves a lot of care and deserves to be kept where the care is actually being provided.

Most of us think that feeding them, keeping them clean is caring for them, IT IS. But, there is more to it than just that, which is taking care of their health (Both Mental and Physical), taking care of their exercise daily, taking care of them in these cold weathers by gifting them those dog coats.

Dogs like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers don’t much require a sweater because of their coats and hairs, but other dogs like hairless dogs and dogs which are relatively small in size, tend to require sweaters in low temperatures.

All the above-listed dog coats are some of the best out there. Just take a glance at your dog before making any decision about their coats. Because it can have a negative or positive effect on the dog’s health.

It directly affects their mood and mental health, it keeps them active and protected.

And always remember this quote:

A Dog is the only being on Earth, that loves you more than he loves himself.

Here are our top picks for Dog coats out there.

1. Ollie Turtleneck Sweater – Burgundy:

dog coat types

Man! You are absolutely where you are supposed to be, If I were, I’d definitely buy this sweater for my dog, but why this specifically? Well, stick with me to find out.

You deserve and crave for the best, so should your dog, shouldn’t he? I’m not here to exaggerate this product but to actually tell you the truth, and to help you get the best and affordable sweater that you are looking for.

First things first, Ollie Turtleneck is a handmade luxurious sweater, crafted with the best fiber, keeping in mind all of your dog’s luxuries. It also includes a collar opening on the back.

Talking about its contents, It is made up of a whopping 84% of Baby Alpaca, 8% of Merino Wool, and 8% of Polaymide. Originally handmade in Peru. It requires a simple Hand wash with cold water to clean up and lay it flat to dry it up, and it is READY!

It comes from X-small to Large sizes, with the sweet Burgundy color. I know many people prefer to keep it simple and sustainable, haven’t you yet figured out this is simple as it can get? I mean, no problem in washing, no problem in drying, and no problem in using.

Okay listen, just close your eyes for a second and picture your dog in this sweater, doesn’t he look adorable? So what is keeping you now? Gift this cool or should I say, warm sweater to your dog and just feel what he’ll feel. Pure happiness.

2. Champ Shawl Collar Sweater – Navy:

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Is there anything that doesn’t look good in blue(Navy)? I don’t think so. Well if you still decide to look further for other options, stop right here! and hear me out.

It is believed that dark colors attract heat (warmth) towards themselves, see what I’m getting at? By buying this sweater, you’ll actually be doing your dog a favor, by providing him with such a beautiful and relatively warmer sweater.

Talking about its contents, it is, and it actually is, 100% Baby Alpaca. Hard to believe? Well try it and see for yourself. It is carefully handmade in Peru, by highly trained artisans using quality fibers.

It requires hand wash with cold water and machine wash (whichever you prefer) and laying it flat to dry it.

It comes from Small to large in sizes. Highly recommended for white-haired dogs, why white-haired? See for yourself.

3. Colby Hoodie Sweater – Marled Orange:

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Enough with the cute-looking efforts. How about we start talking about looking cool? I’m gonna ask you this, what would you prefer, a simple jacket/sweater or a hoodie? and if you say hoodie, I’ll ask why? Most probably (I’m not sure), but most probably you’ll say it just looks on me.

Don’t you think your dog, who has been around for a time, would think and choose the same if he could? My guess is, it is highly likely to be.

Just take a look at this cool hoodie, and even show this to your dog if you want, I’m sure he won’t have a second thought.

Talking about its contents, read it slowly with me, 100% Superline Alpaca. Man! the quality is in the air. It requires hand wash with or machine wash (whichever you prefer) and laying it flat to dry it.

It comes from X-small to large in sizes, and I almost forgot, it is beautifully handmade in Peru.

4. Major Shawl Collar Sweater – Marled Grey:

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You are choosy when it comes to products like these and you prefer quality, I’m just guessing. Well if you are, you are at the right place. How? Because it is all about quality, quality, and quality here.

I can bet, you will like every bit of this product, and by you, I mean your dog. Because obviously, it is for him. So shouldn’t he be the judge of it? I suggest you try it once and you’ll see your dog emitting instant positive vibes.

But how can I be so sure of it? The reason is its contents and usability, it is made up of 100% Superfine Alpaca. Yeah, you read that right. It is handmade in Peru.

Furthermore, it requires hand wash with cold and machine wash (whichever suits you) and laying it flat to dry it. It comes from X-small to large in sizes.

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