Do You Plan on Moving to the UK from the USA? Here Are Some Useful Tips to Keep in Mind in 2022

Well, I can tell you, you have made an excellent decision by planning on moving to the UK from the USA. Let’s be honest, the United States is a great country, but the UK does have some plus points.

From the landscape to the rich culture. From one of the best healthcare globally to Buckingham Palace, the UK has it all. And, don’t forget to meet David in London while you’re at it.

So, what are tips to keep in mind before moving to the UK from the USA? Let’s see.

Quick Facts About the UK:

Language: ENGLISH.

Population: 67.22 million+

Capital: London.

Known For? Largest Library globally. Excellent healthcare. World-Class Transport. Rich History.

Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time

Average Salary: Almost 42,000$ (2021).

Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP).

HDI: 0.932 (Very High HDI)

Climate/Weather: Temperate Climate. Generally less cold in winters than in the USA.

Cost of Living: Depends. If you have a family of four, then your monthly cost would 3,000$+ (excluding the rent). Or, if you live alone, you will pay around 900$ monthly (excluding the rent).

It is estimated that in the UK, the rents are about 24% less than in the USA., and the Cost of Living is about 1.30% less than in the USA.

Crime Index: The UK performs better on the International Homicide Rate than the USA. The crime in England and Wales is low.

Cost of Shipping/Moving to the UK from the USA:

It varies on which international services you are using while moving to the UK from the USA. There are dozens of reliable shipping services providers that offer the best services during the venture.

The shipping that I prefer to trust and use is the SDC International Shipping. Their rates are reasonable, and they are absolute professionals.

There are several costs included while shipping goods to the UK from the USA, like door-to-door delivery or insurance. One other thing to keep in mind is the distance.

More the distance, the costlier it would be to move the house goods. Suppose you are moving from New York to London that would be a bit cheaper than moving from Los Angeles to London. You get the point, right?

You can go to their site and get in touch with them to discuss the rates, according to your liking. Hurry Up! A better future is waiting for in the UK.

Value-Added-Tax (VAT):

The VAT is the tax you would have to pay in the UK to purchase services and goods. UK’s VAT is around 20%.

You would find this a new concept if you are moving to the UK from the USA, as the USA does not have the VAT; instead, it has sales taxes that vary from state to state.

Healthcare in the UK:

As mentioned above, the healthcare system in the UK is among the best globally. You will have to pay Immigration Health Surcharge as part of your immigration application.

All the services in the UK NHS will be provided to you the same way they are provided to any British citizen. That makes the UK and the European continent better than many other countries/continents.

You can also use the state’s health care services, but more Britishers trust the NHS for healthcare than the state’s system. It all depends upon your choice.

Where to Buy a Residence in the UK?

That depends. Both on your choice and pocket. Like London is the capital of the UK, that means London is the most expensive place to live in the UK. You can expect to pay around 280,000$+ to buy a house in the UK, and that is the average.

The most affordable city to live in the UK is Derry, Northern Ireland, where an average home price is around 150,000$+ with 37,000$+ average salary.

Moving to the UK from the USA is a good choice but keeping these factors in mind is vital. What if finance is not your problem, and you just want a good place/city to settle in?

Well, if you are looking to raise your kids in a good city after moving to the UK from the USA, then Bath, England should be your choice. Some other best cities in the UK are Glasgow, Dalston, and London.


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