Do I need Handgun Training to Buy a Gun in 2021-22?

Handgun training

I mean it when I say it. It may piss off some of you, but I’m going to utter the truth. If you lack essential handgun training and you still decide to own a gun, not only are you endangering yourself but your surroundings as well, including people, animals, etc.

Most of us think that firing a gun is just a piece of cake by watching survival movies (assuming that you are ready to do the same), but that is not the case; it is not as simple as it seems to be.

It is vital to have at least basic handgun training before buying or using a gun. Basic learning is essential in many aspects. Whether you are engaged in gun combat or keeping the gun for self-protection, having needed knowledge of guns will help you a lot in this regard.

Whether you are planning to use the handgun daily or occasionally, ensuring safety is paramount, which once again can only be ensured by proper handgun training. This article would be helpful if you are looking for firearm training in the US.

Rules of Firearm Safety

Firearm safety rules

Never Let the other Person Know that Your Gun isn’t Loaded

You may have watched this many movies that when someone points a gun towards the other person with full confidence, it scares the other person, whether or not the gun is loaded. See where I’m coming from? You’ll likely have a gun at some point but no bullets or a gun not loaded.

Here you should never panic and give advantage to the other person. The problem is not the situation but how you react to that situation.

Don’t Put Your Finger on the Trigger Until You are Ready to Shoot

Guns have safety on usually, but your real safety is your finger. There is a high chance you can make a mistake while shooting if you weren’t ready to do so.

Let’s put it this way when you are aiming at someone or something, and you don’t want to shoot (scare them), you might end up shooting anyway because you are not focusing on one thing at a time (you are focusing on both the target and the gun)

Focus on the Target, Not on the Gun

I believe that your sole focus should be more on the target and less on the gun. It may sound absurd, but it is your mind which directs the bullet more than the gun itself.

Divided focus in gun combat is Lethal. Gun training teaches primarily about focus, being focused on when to shoot and when not to. How to shoot, how not to, and so on.

You are Never Too Perfect to Go on Your Own

Accept it or not, but you always need a mentor, a supervisor, or a teacher to teach you. Having someone who tells you what is right or wrong, where it is right or wrong when it is right or wrong, is essential.

Forgive me for being blunt. But You are never as good and ready as you think you are, especially when it comes to something serious like guns. You NEED someone to teach you.

How Long is a Handgun Training Course Suitable For?

Now comes the learning part. How much handgun training is enough? I’m going to tell you about the basic requirements of a security guard handgun training course so that you can relate and apply this procedure.

I will be using this article for this purpose to make it easy for you.

Armed Handgun training requirement for a Security guard

  1. 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training: It is a simple introduction to the training course.
  2. 16 Hour On-The-Job Training (OJT): This refers to guards’ duty, work requirement, and employer needs. Must be completed within 3 months of employment.
  3. 47 Hour Firearms Training: For this, you must have an NYS pistol permit. Successful completing this course means you are certified for this pre-service handgun training.

Only the pain points are listed here. You can read the entire article here.

How Do I obtain My Handgun license

There are more than 30 states in the US where you don’t need a license to own a gun (gun permits excluded); some of those states are:


  • License required? NO
  • Did permit need to buy a gun? NO
  • Permit required to carry a gun? YES


  • License required? NO
  • Did a permit need to buy a gun? NO
  • Permit needed to carry a gun? YES


  • License required: NO
  • Did permit need to buy a gun? NO
  • Permit needed to carry a gun? NO


  • License required: NO
  • Did permit need to buy a gun? NO
  • Permit needed to carry a gun? YES


  • License required: NO
  • Did permit need to buy a gun? NO
  • Permit needed to carry a gun? NO

You can read the detailed article here to know more.

These were some states where don’t need a license, but still, there are some states where you do, and the requirements for obtaining the license vary from state to state.

How to obtain a license in a State (where required)?

You’ll have to go through a series of checks such as Background checks, Gun permits check, Gun safety course checks.

As I said, these gun laws vary from state to state. We’ll take a look at the New York gun laws in this article because New York gun laws are the most complex in the country.

Obtaining a Gun license in New York State

Obtaining a license here can be easy and challenging at the same time.

  • First of all, You need a permit to buy a gun in New York, unlike the other states mentioned above.
  • Second, you need to register under state laws.
  • Third, You need to provide the license of ownership of the gun.
  • Finally, A permit to carry a gun is required.

To obtain a license, you must have a clean criminal record, a family member to vouch for you, proof of mental stability, evidence of your good moral character. After providing all these details, you’ll have to wait 4 to 6 months until a license is awarded to you.

You are all set to own and carry a gun NOW! (excluding New York City, where you need special permission to have a firearm)

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