Dad blog launches, CFO streamlines scholarships

Good Dads blog launched

Good Dads Inc., a nonprofit organization headquartered in Springfield, will bring new resources to dads in a new weekly blog for the calendar year. Its 2024 weekly coverage, focused on child development milestones, is uniquely geared toward fathers, a previously unmet need.

The blog, Growing Good Dads, is available for free on the Good Dads website starting the first week of January. The plan is to offer real-life, practical advice about being a Good Dad from before a child’s birth all the way to adulthood while featuring experts in the field and dads in the community.

By offering a variety of perspective from a diversity of experts and fathers, Growing Good Dads aims to serve Good Dads’ mission to help kids and communities one dad at a time.

Find out more about Good Dads online at

CFO offers universal scholarship app

Students can now apply for $1.7 million in scholarships administered by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. By completing the CFO’s new universal application, students can more efficiently apply for scholarship opportunities. Students can begin the process at

The universal application is a comprehensive online form with a series of questions unique to each student. Based on their responses, the universal application will pair students with the scholarship opportunities for which they qualify. The new system will save students time while identifying scholarships they might not have known about.

In addition to scholarships for graduating seniors, the CFO has opportunities for current college students and students attending technical or graduate programs. Amounts range from $200 to $10,000, with many scholarships renewable for two to four years.

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The CFO holds about 480 scholarship funds that will provide about 900 scholarships for students across central and southern Missouri for the 2024–25 school year. Scholarship funds are established by individuals, families or organizations with a wide range of intentions, such as supporting students who graduate from the donor’s alma mater or pursue a certain field of study.

Information about the CFO’s scholarship opportunities and application process is available at Applications will close for most CFO scholarships on March 24. For more information, contact Beth Hersh at, or call 417-864-6199.

Red Cross resolves to get more volunteers

The American Red Cross of Southern Missouri is asking members of the community to resolve to become a volunteers in 2024.

Volunteers are at the heart of the Red Cross mission and represent 90% of the Red Cross workforce. Visit to sign up for opportunities within your local community. Volunteers can help people in southern Missouri or sign up to support disaster victims in other parts of the country.

Locally, nearly 200 people volunteer with the Red Cross. In the last fiscal year, they responded to more than 360 disasters and assisted 450 families. Local volunteers are part of the almost 275,000 volunteers across the country whose support enables the Red Cross to provide relief and comfort for disaster victims, lifesaving blood products for patients, emergency support for military families and veterans, and much more.

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