9 Christmas Origami Projects

Whether you’re decorating for the holidays or looking for Christmas origami projects to make with your kids, we’ve got all the ideas you need here. You can bring these projects out of storage each year and they will remind you of the fun you had making them together with friends and family.

  • 01of 09 Origami SantaTwo origami Santas Chrissy PkThese cute origami Santas are great to make with your kids. Give them different expressions and decorate them with markers, stickers, and pom-poms.
  • 02 of 09 Christmas Tree CardTwo origami Christmas tree cards, one with a blue and other orange background. Chrissy PkThese easy-to-make origami Christmas trees can be used to make handmade cards, tree ornaments, paper garland, or stand on their own as a decoration for the mantle. Make them in different sizes and shades of green for a festive display.FEATURED VIDEO
  • 03 of 09 Lucky StarsOrigami lucky stars bowl with several dozen origami stars inside. Paper KawaiiThese cute little origami lucky stars are easy to make. They are made using strips of paper—strips of Christmas wrapping paper or colored printer paper work well. They look great threaded onto strings and hung up around the house or on the Christmas tree. You can also stick these onto cards or use one as the star on top of an origami Christmas tree.
  • 04of 09Star DishYellow origami star dish with colorful covering. Chrissy PkThis origami star dish is made from one sheet of square paper that’s first cut into a pentagon. Don’t worry—it’s easier than you might think. Use thick or textured paper to make these star dishes and you can use them for serving snacks at a holiday get-together.
  • 05of 09Blow-Up StarInflatable origami stars in orange and yellow. Chrissy PkThis origami stellated octahedron, designed by Sam Ciulla, is made from one sheet of square paper. What makes this origami star fun is that you fold the model and then inflate it by blowing into it. These origami stars look wonderful hanging on the Christmas tree or, if you make a few, they can be displayed in bowls.
  • 06of 09Hex StarOrigami hexagon stars in olive green and silver. Happy FoldingThese origami hex stars are made using six strips of paper and are quite easy to fold. They look wonderful hanging down from the ceiling or strung up on a garland. This pattern was designed by Maria Sinayskaya.
  • 07of 09Christmas CrackerSix origami Christmas cracker holders in rainbow colors. Paper KawaiiIf you’re up for a challenge, these origami Christmas crackers are a great choice. They actually open in the middle, so there’s no bang, but the upside is that they’re kid-friendly and your guests get to keep the cracker after they open it.
  • 08of 09Origami Christmas TreeThree origami Christmas trees. Jo NakashimaThis origami tree by Jo Nakashima is made from six sheets of square paper. Keep in mind that this model is an intermediate-level project, so if you’ve never folded anything before, you might want to try your hand at some of the other projects listed here first.Continue to 9 of 9 below.
  • 09of 09Sakura StarOrigami pink sakura star. Paper KawaiiThis origami sakura star from Ali Bahmani is a more advanced origami project. This model is a great choice if you have folded a few intermediate origami projects previously. The resulting origami star flower makes a lovely Christmas tree decoration, or if you make it with large paper, it could be the star on top of the tree.

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