Black Pots For Plants

Are black pots good for plants? Are they better than other pots? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Black pots are mainly used for protecting the plant from direct light. They help retain heat and protect plants from the damaging effect of ultraviolet lights. However, using them in a very sunny location can be harmful and damaging for the plant’s roots.

Since black absorbs heat, it can cause overheating inside the pot when placed close to direct sunlight. So, it is recommended to use black pots on the southern and eastern sides of your house.

In this article, I’ll explain under what conditions using black pots for plants is considered effective and where you should completely avoid using black, dark-colored pots for plants.

Are Black Pots good for Plants?

In shorter terms, yes. It is good for your plants for as long as it does not get overheated. Why would it? It is simple, always choose the pot depending on your plant’s capacity and need for heat. Some plants prefer more heat, and some do not.


The first and foremost pro (advantage) of using black pots for your plants is that they will take in more heat than other-colored pots.

The nature of black color itself is an advantage here, as there are some plants that need more heat than other regular plants, and black pots help with them with that.

Plants like Squash and Zucchini are among the extreme heat-tolerant plants in the world. If you have these plants in your garden, then black pots are your best bet.

Further elaborating the point, we have the Lantana plants, Lemon Verbena, Cosmos, Marigold, Geranium, Salvia, Sedium, and some others.

These are the plants that need a lot of heat, and if you have any of them on hand, you can happily put them in the black pots.

You can also buy these pots in other materials like plastic or ceramic.

Moreover, in the winter season, the supply of heat from direct sunlight is somewhat compromised, in a sense that the plants do get the sunlight but not the proper heat. That is where you will use the black pots and retain as much heat from the sunlight as possible.

It has been proven in a scientific study that the plant roots don’t like either the extreme cold or the extremely hot.

During the early stages of a new seed, it requires heat and sometimes a lot of it to keep the ball rolling. Putting it in the black pots solves the problem to a significant extent.

Tip: Keep lowering the amount of heat as the seedling grows to ensure best otucomes. 


If you just want the best for your flowers in the garden, you should consider avoiding black pots. Flowers are pretty touchy and delicate in nature and do not require extreme heat, or else they will start to die.

The most dangerous time to use black pots is in the direct sunlight, especially during the summers. Because of their heat-absorbing ability, they will surely get overheated, and that is not a sight to see for your garden plants.

During the summer season, plants require heat but not a lot of it. They do pretty well in slightly cooler areas, as their roots are well-developing and getting enough moisture.

In the extreme sunny part of the day (12:00 PM to 4:00 PM, to be precise), there is a high-level risk that plant roots might dry out because of extreme loss of moisture, and an even worse situation can occur if those plants are kept in black pots.

There is a reason why many gardeners prefer slightly lighter colors than black because they reflect light, while black absorbs it.

Recently some scientists performed an experiment by growing bush beans in black, white, and other-colored pots, and once they were grown, it was observed that the soil in the white pots had the least and most suitable temperature, while the black pot’s soil had the highest.

It may sound pretty obvious, but this research showed that it is better to grow your plants (both indoor plants and outdoor plants) in light-colored pots and only use black pots for plants that need a lot of heat, or preferably in the winter seasons.

Do Black Pots get too Hot?

Yeah, they do. What else can you imagine from something that has been directly exposed to the harsh rays of sunlight? But it is somewhat different than others. Not all of the colors get too hot, even if they are put directly in front of the sunlight for a long time.

White color is the best example of that. Black pots getting too hot is a problem that has severe consequences for your plants. Black plastic pots are also good for collecting solar energy, a study says. But the plants that are placed inside these pots must be the high heat-tolerant ones.

Do not forget this. Plants such as simple flowers that you just plant for beautification must not be put in the black pots because their delicate and critical nature can not survive in that much heat. But we also acknowledge that not all people use their gardens for beautification.

Some of them use wild species of plants that are just in love with sunlight. You can easily put them in these pots for as long as it suits them. But the overheating of black color does not spare anyone. So, consider removing them from the pots when the situation starts to go sideways.

Black Plastic Vs Black Ceramic Pots:

Black Plastic Pots:

The main advantage of using black plastic pots is that you can easily clean them with disinfecting sprays because they are relatively less heavy. You can also expect to pay slightly less money while buying them compared to black plastic pots.

Most people prefer to use them in their gardens because they can find many options and different styles in these pots, and they also look pretty good when adequately decorated. If by mistake, you dropped the plastic pots, nothing will happen to them (most likely) compared to the ceramic pots.

You can easily pick them up and displace them according to your will. This is not a surprise that plastic is less dense than ceramic (clay). So, your plants would also have a good time being put in the plastic pots.

Black Ceramic Pots:

Their most significant advantage is they allow air ventilation through them. Yes! One of the most essential parts of a plant’s life, air, can easily make its way through ceramic pots. This is something that is not possible in plastic pots.

If you mistakenly water your plants more than necessary, then ceramic pots have got your back! As they also suck the dampness of the soil, leaving only the needed amount of water in the plant soil. Do you know what that possibly means? That you would HAVE to water your plants more often than average to meet their necessities.

So, be sure to provide water to your plants in ceramic pots because if not, they will suck out every last droplet out of the plant’s soil, causing irreversible damage to your plants. That is among the reasons why people prefer plastic black pots.

Are Black Pots Harder to Maintain?

Not all the time, I’d say. Because if you are using black plastic pots, then you can simply use some disinfectants and other cleaning chemicals to clean them. It isn’t hard, is it? By doing so, you can make them new and ready for use again.

Things are not the same for other material black pots, as you can not just wash clay pots. That does not make sense. You can, however, scrub them with different brushes to remove their stain and dirt marks. Now you get why most people use plastic black pots, nowadays?

Where to Place Black Pots?

Well, you will find that the best place you can put these black pots is next to each other. But why? We know that you just can’t help loving the black color and we respect it. But you definitely can not ignore the overheating issue. So, what can you do?

We suggested putting them next to each other because by doing so, the tiny pots will automatically be shielded from direct exposure to the sunlight with the help of large pot shadows. This will keep them cool enough not to kill the plant roofs. But what about the bigger ones?

It is better to put them under the sunlight but they must be facing away from it. In simpler terms, put their front half in large tree shadows and their rear half in the sunlight. This is the best place you can put your pots in, depending on the seasons.

Keep the seasons in consideration, as the above suggestion works best in the summer or spring seasons. But the winter and autumn seasons require the black pots to come out of their shades and face the sun like men! Comprende?

Why do Nurseries use Black Plastic Pots?

They know how to use the black plastic pot’s nature to their advantage, as it is pretty cheap and can be easily lifted. Plastic pots are highly in demand nowadays, because they require less care compared to other materials like fiber and clay.

The black color also acts as a shield between the plant and the harsh rays of sunlight. It protects the plants from them and absorbs much of the unwanted heat. It is easy to use and can be cleaned whenever it feels necessary.


We have briefly talked about how good black pots are for plants, or how bad they can become. Black color is among the most liked color in the world and that is a big reason most people buy, sometimes completely ignoring the side effects of it.

Let us know in the comments about your further queries. We are waiting. Thank you.

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