Recommendations of the best true wireless Bluetooth headsets in 2021

True wireless Bluetooth headsets have been the darling of the headset market in the past two years. We have tested and compared a large number of truly wireless headsets and referred to many evaluation results to find products with perfect functions and excellent experience at various price points for you to choose from.

True best wireless Bluetooth headsets are a relatively old category in the headset market. Although several niche manufacturers have come out before, after Apple released the first AirPods at the end of 2016 and set a benchmark, true wireless Bluetooth headsets began to be popular. With the development and competition in the past few years, products with complete functions and excellent experience can be found at all price points in the market. The sound quality and battery life of these products are already comparable to traditional in-ear Bluetooth headsets.

With the release of AirPods Pro, the most popular attribute value of true wireless Bluetooth headsets in the past year has become active noise reduction. Active noise reduction headsets use built-in microphones to analyse environmental noise and emit reverse sound waves equal to external noise, reducing the noise. And to achieve the effect of noise reduction. Half of the list of the best true wireless Bluetooth headsets recommended in this article supports active noise reduction. These headsets can be protected from external interference during travel, rest, work and study.

Summary of the best wireless bluetooth headphones in 2021

We have tested and compared a large number of true wireless headphones and referred to many evaluation results. The following are our recommended best true wireless headphones in 2021. The prices of these headphones are high and low, but they are the best in their respective price points.

True wireless Bluetooth headset recommendation type weight Endurance Active noise reduction
Jabra Elite Active 75t In-ear 5.5g 7.5h/28h support
Apple/Apple AirPods Pro In-ear 5.4g 4.5/24h support
Bosch/Bose Great Shark Noise Reduction Beans In-ear 8.5g 6/18h support
Jabra Elite Active 85t In-ear 7g 7h/31h support
Beats Powerbeats Pro Earhook/In-ear 20.3g 9/24h not support
Samsung/SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds+ In-ear 6.3g 11/22h not support
Huawei/Huawei FreeBuds3 Semi-in-ear 4.5g 4/20h support
Wanmo/1MORE Color Buds New Fashion Beans In-ear 4.1g 6/22h not support
Xiaodu true wireless smart headset Semi-in-ear 4.1g 7/28h not support
QCY T1C In-ear 4.2g 4/20h not support

Note: The battery life in the above table is expressed as the battery life perspective of a single charge/plus charging box charging. The data is from the official brand of each brand, and the active noise reduction function (if supported) is not turned on.

Jabra Elite Active 75t

The best comprehensive true wireless Bluetooth headset

Main specifications:

Type: In-ear | Single ear size: 21.9 x 19.4 x 16.2mm | Single ear weight: 5.5g | Battery life: 5.5/25h (ANC on), 7.5h/28h (ANC off) | Active noise reduction: Support | Bluetooth version : 5.0 | Three-proof rating: IP57 | Special features: non-slip coating, auditory test, 4-microphone radio and noise reduction, equipment dual connection, etc.


  • Clear and balanced audio
  • Waterproof/concise design
  • Excellent active/passive noise reduction
  • Ideal endurance


  • Does not support aptX format
  • Relatively serious appearance

Jabra Elite Active 75t added the active noise reduction function after a firmware update, which won the title of our best true wireless headset. Its noise reduction effect does not reach the state of BOSE “isolation”, nor can it be comparable to its new flagship Elite 85t, but with the 4-microphone array, in-ear design and unique algorithm, 75t can indeed eliminate most of the noise. The price basically has no rivals.

In fact, 75t already showed enough strength before the active noise reduction function was added. It has better battery life, durability, better sound and more than the most powerful competitor on the market today-AirPods Pro. Function. One of the biggest features of this series of headphones is that the call is very clear. It uses 4 microphones to do digital noise reduction. Whether it is a WeChat voice or making a call, it can make both parties hear the conversation clearly in various noisy environments, and never use it again. Worried about not being able to hear the conversation of the customer or the boss.

The 75t adopts a unique twist-lock and low-sensitivity coating design. It is comfortable and stable to wear, while the shape remains stylish, and it is sturdy and durable. It has passed IP57 certification and can provide waterproof protection, dust and sweat resistance. Different from other mainstream true wireless headsets, the 75t uses a combination of physical-mechanical buttons and sliding touch control, and can customize shortcut functions, so the control is more direct and convenient.

Apple/Apple AirPods Pro

The best Apple true wireless Bluetooth headset

Main specifications:

Type: In-ear type | Single ear size: 30.9 x 21.8 x 24mm | Single ear weight: 5.4g | Battery life: 4.5/24h (ANC on) | Active noise reduction: Support | Bluetooth: 5.0 | Rugged level: IPX4 | Special features: Siri wakeup, transparent mode, automatic switching between Apple devices, spatial audio, etc.


  • Excellent active noise reduction
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to control


  • Battery life is not ideal
  • Many functions on Android phones can’t be used

Due to its iconic design, convenience, and seamless connection with iPhone and other iOS devices, AirPods has become a typical representative of the true wireless Bluetooth headset revolution. But AirPods are far from perfect, and the two most criticized problems are the medium sound quality and the non-waterproof design.

This also explains the reason why AirPods Pro is more expensive but more popular. It solves these two problems, and by adding active noise reduction and spatial audio functions, it adopts a more comfortable and anti-lost in-ear design and automatically targets each intelligent EQ system for personalized adjustment by users further enhancing competitiveness. Frankly speaking, the sound quality improvement and noise reduction effect of AirPods Pro amazed us.

The user experience is still the industry benchmark level. Its touch design, in-ear detection, master-slave switching and other functions have almost become the standard for subsequent true wireless Bluetooth headsets; of course, there are also other manufacturers that cannot imitate, such as automatically on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Wait for the function of switching between Apple devices.

Unfortunately, the battery life of AirPods Pro on a single charge does not increase but decreases, but the good news is that its charging box now supports wireless charging.

Bosch/Bose Great Shark Noise Reduction Beans

The best true wireless Bluetooth headset with active noise reduction

Main specifications:

Type: In-ear | Single ear size: 3.9 x 2.6 x 2.7cm | Single ear weight: 8.5g | Battery life: 6/18h (ANC on) | Active noise reduction: Support | Bluetooth: 5.1 | Three anti-class: IPX4 | Special Function: 11 levels of adjustable noise reduction, transparent mode, shark fin, dynamic equalization technology, etc.


  • Top-notch active noise reduction effect
  • Shark fins are comfortable and stable to wear
  • Strong bass
  • Clear call


  • No adjustable EQ function
  • The protruding part on the ear is a bit big

Bose’s dominant position in the field of active noise reduction headphones has been going on for a long time. In the past, the best true wireless active noise reduction earbuds were led by the excellent Sony WF-1000xM3, and now Bose has finally launched a similar product “Bose Big Shark”. And regained the title without any suspense.

The noise reduction effect of the “Big Shark” is comparable to that of the flagship noise reduction headphones Bose 700, especially for low-mid and low-frequency filtering. The sound of the engine can be filtered cleanly on the bus, and the noise of the crowd on the street is also very good. Can eliminate nine out of ten. The sound adjustment is still a low volume Bose style, the difference is that this time the details of the high and medium audio have also been enhanced.

With the built-in dual microphone array, “Big Shark” can pick up human voices for high-quality calls, or copy ambient sounds to achieve “transparent mode” to ensure the safety of outdoor travel. These are all BOSE housekeeping and practical functions. Our only dissatisfaction is its moderate battery life, the noise reduction mode consumes fast power and the charging box reserves less power than AirPods Pro.

Jabra Elite Active 85t

Top sound quality and active noise reduction

Main specifications:

Type: In-ear | Single ear size: 23.1 x 19.0 x 16.2mm | Single ear weight: 7g | Battery life: 5.5/25h (ANC on), 7h/31h (ANC off) | Active noise reduction: Support | Bluetooth: 5.1 | Three-proof level: IPX4 | Special features: 11-level adjustable noise reduction, auditory test, 6-microphone radio noise reduction, equipment dual connection, etc.


  • Top dynamic audio effects
  • Top noise reduction and call effects
  • Rich APP customization features
  • Full of sincerity in specifications


  • Moderate battery life
  • The price is still high

If you only talk about performance, then the best is the suspected stacking Jabra Elite 85t. This pair of headphones is equipped with a 12 mm driver, which allows you to feel the clear over-scale sound effects, surging bass and full sound field. Its active noise reduction effect is also top of the class. The 6-microphone array is supplemented by wave speed moulding technology and new digital processing algorithms. 85t can block more than 90% of external noise and accurately “pick up” your voice during a call. Interference-free listening and talking effects.

In addition to high-end Bluetooth headset functions such as one-key listening, in-ear induction, fast connection, and dual device connection, Jabra’s Sound + application also provides a lot of extensions for the 85t, including an adjustable noise reduction effect of 3 decibels, and hearing Test customization and custom buttons, etc. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.1 and Qualcomm’s QCC5126 flagship SoC chip, the connectivity of the 85t is also very stable.

Taking into account its price, the battery life of 85t did not meet our expectations. When the noise reduction is turned on, its payback time is between AirPods Pro (4.5 hours) and Bose Quiet Comfort earplugs (6 hours). Fortunately, it’s the battery management function is quite satisfactory, and the charging box also supports wireless charging.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

The most suitable true wireless Bluetooth headset for running/sports

Main specifications:

Type: ear | monaural Size: High 5.6cm | monaural Weight: 20.3 g of | life: . 9 / 24h | Active Noise Reduction: not supported | Bluetooth: 5.0 | three anti Level: IPX4 | Special Function: slip ear hook, Apple H1 chip, motion status detection, Siri wakeup, etc.


  • Ear-hook design suitable for sports
  • Simple configuration/control
  • Fashionable style/ideal battery life
  • Tonal balance


  • The charging case is large
  • Many functions on Android phones can’t be used

PowerBeats Pro is one of our preferred best sports earphones. It adopts an in-ear design, but it is also an ear-hanging design, so you don’t need to choose a larger earplug for sportswear, and how comfortable it is. Although the size is much larger than other true wireless earplugs, the rear ear hooks are actually hidden behind the ears. They look compact and have a low profile enough to wear easy hats and glasses.

The sound quality is absolutely lower than that of the previous generation product. The sound is tuned to the bass without losing balance. You can hear the strong drums and the crisp vocals. The sound field provided is very wide, and each song sounds like it is playing. Listen in a larger room, and the speakers are far away from you.

Apple’s H1 processor brings many performance advantages of AirPods Pro. In fact, you can use it as an Apple product, enjoy seamless pairing, automatic switching between Apple devices, and “Hey Siri” voice activation and other convenient functions.

The only drawback of Powerbeats Pro I can think of is that the battery box is larger than most similar products (almost 4 times that of AirPods), but you don’t necessarily need it every time you go out for exercise, because the headset itself has a long battery life on a single charge. 9 hours, and it can be used for 90 minutes after 5 minutes of fast charging.

Samsung/SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds+

Feature-rich Android true wireless Bluetooth headset

Main specifications:

Type: In-ear | Single ear size: 22.5 x 17.5 x 19.2 mm | Single ear weight: 6.3g | Battery life: 11/22h | Active noise reduction: Not supported | Bluetooth: 5.0 | Three anti-class: N/A | Special features: Sanmai call noise reduction, ambient sound, low latency, fitness measurement, Bixby voice assistant, etc.


  • Solid comprehensive sound quality
  • Long battery life on a single charge
  • Supporting APP is rich in functions
  • Clear call effect


  • No active noise reduction function
  • The charging box can only be charged once

The edge of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is not concealed by Galaxy Buds Live, which has active noise reduction. It is quite balanced for comfortable in-ear headphones, so it is suitable for listening to many different types of music. The leakage control is also very good. You can do it. Turn up the volume of the music without worrying about annoying people around you. We also found that its call quality, passive noise reduction and environmental monitoring mode are more reliable than previous generation products.

You can also extend some high-end features through Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app. Our favourite is the EQ setting (built-in presets for regular, bass enhancement, soft, dynamic, clear, treble enhancement, etc.), as well as the one-key wake-up player function, which can immediately wake up the streaming media player and play whatever you like a playlist. The one-click “find my earbuds” function is also very important for these easily overlooked “little guys”.

The battery life of Galaxy Buds+ on a single charge is the longest among the true wireless headsets we have ever tested, reaching an astonishing 13.3 hours. Heavy users can basically do a charge in two days, while the portable charging box can help you stay on the go. Time to provide a charge. Unfortunately, this pair of earbuds does not support multi-device pairing, and cannot automatically roam between multiple devices like Air Pods Pro. If you often switch between devices, it may be very inconvenient.

Huawei/Huawei FreeBuds3

Unique semi-open active noise reduction true wireless Bluetooth headset

Main specifications:

Type: Semi-in-ear | Single ear size: 41.5 x 20.4 x 17.8mm | Single ear weight: 4.5g | Battery life: 4/20h (ANC off) | Active noise reduction: Support | Bluetooth: 5.1 | Three anti-class: N/ A | Special features: adjustable noise reduction, dual-microphone noise reduction, 14.2mm unit, etc.


  • Semi-open active noise reduction design
  • Strong bass
  • Clear call
  • Well-made


  • Noise reduction is not as good as in-ear headphones
  • Many functions of non-Huawei phones cannot be used

Huawei freebud3 is special. It is a semi-open design of active noise reduction headphones, comfortable to wear and without annoying stethoscope effect. It can be seen from its hot sales that this design combination is still very popular. The semi-open type does not have the tiresome stethoscope effect of in-ear headphones, but the noise reduction effect is relatively limited. Indoors, the noise environment of buses and subways is relatively fixed and the noise reduction effect of a single scene is not bad, but the roadside is in a complex noise environment it seems to be powerless.

In terms of sound quality, there is a 14mm moving coil unit + phase-inverted whole blessing, the low-frequency dive is powerful and shocking, and the expression of the mid-frequency human voice is also clear and full. Although the overall adjustment is biased towards mid-bass, it has a good resolution for the sound of each frequency band, and the sound field provided is quite broad.

Unfortunately, its advanced functions such as dual-channel transmission, pop-up window pairing and low latency require the cooperation of Huawei mobile phones to be enabled. Active noise reduction adjustment also requires downloading a dedicated APP, so Huawei mobile phone users are recommended to start.

Wanmo/1MORE Colour Buds New Fashion Beans

Recommended for true wireless Bluetooth headsets within 500 yuan

Main specifications:

Type: In-ear | Single ear size: 27 x 21 x 20mm | Single ear weight: 4.1g | Battery life: 6/22h | Active noise reduction: Not supported | Bluetooth: 5.0 | Rugged level: IPX5 | Special features: full frequency Moving iron, dual-mic call noise reduction, Qualcomm chip, call noise reduction, etc.


  • Qualcomm QCC3026 chip
  • Support APTX protocol and AAC protocol
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Clear call


  • Not suitable for everyone
  • No active noise reduction

The shape design of Wanmo New Fashion Bean is relatively young and bold. The outer cover is made of metal-like baking varnish, and there are a variety of candy colours to choose from. It is a bit cheap to see the renderings, but it gives a round and delicate feeling to get started. Compared with the previous generation of fashion beans, the volume is reduced by 30%, and the comfort and stability of wearing are correspondingly improved. Coupled with the IPX5 waterproof, it can be worn easily during exercise.

This generation still uses Qualcomm chips internally to support high-fidelity APTX and AAC protocols. The difference is that the full-frequency moving iron unit is upgraded, which brings lower distortion and a balanced full-band hearing. In addition, the delay performance and connection stability are good. Overall, it is a bean-shaped in-ear Bluetooth headset with good overall strength and a stylish appearance.

Xiaodu true wireless smart headset

Recommended for true wireless Bluetooth headset within 300 yuan

Main specifications:

Type: Semi-in-ear | Single ear size: N/A | Single ear weight: 4.1g | Battery life: 7/28h | Active noise reduction: Not supported | Bluetooth: 5.0 | Three-proof rating:  IPX4 | Special function: simultaneous interpretation, AI intelligent voice assistant, dual-mic call noise reduction, small speaker interconnection, etc.


  • Full scene intelligent assistant
  • Noise reduction for dual microphone calls
  • Sound quality goes beyond pricing
  • Battery life


  • The voice assistant needs to be used with the Xiaodu APP
  • For the time being, only Chinese-English translation is supported

Xiaoduzhen wireless smart headset is actually a smart speaker that hangs to both ears. Baidu attaches a series of functions of the smart speaker to the Bluetooth headset (which requires the cooperation of the mobile phone APP) to realize smart translation, voice song on demand, and voice transcription. Voice navigation and other functions. We like its “Wandering Earth Mode” the most. Both sides of the conversation wear a headset, and real-time translation can be achieved when the network is good.

Returning to the original wireless headset, this pair of “small degrees” is also excellent: battery life up to 7*4=28h, Bluetooth 5.0 connection is stable, support for AAC/SBC audio decoding, three-frequency adjustment and balance, although the sound has no obvious characteristics, the sense of hearing is very good, long-term listening, and full of the human voice, especially suitable for business scenes.

Recommended for true wireless Bluetooth headset within one hundred yuan


Main specifications:

Type: In-ear | Single ear size: N/A | Single ear weight: 4.2g | Battery life: 4/20h | Active noise reduction: Not supported | Bluetooth: 5.0 | Three-proof rating: IPX4 | Special function: master-slave switch, Coverless charging box, pop-up window pairing, wake up voice assistant, etc.


  • full functioning
  • Stable connection
  • Good hearing
  • Big factory guarantee


  • Average battery life
  • Sound quality is average

QCY is one of the first Bluetooth headset brands to settle in the Xiaomi ecological chain, and the Xiaomi Air series true wireless Bluetooth headsets are found in this factory. If your budget is limited, or you want to experience the convenience of true wireless Bluetooth headsets, it is recommended to choose one of the products of this “big factory”. The product quality and after-sales will be guaranteed. “Apple” products are disconnected to doubt life.

For example, the explosive T1C with extremely high-cost performance has mainstream functions such as pop-up window matching and master-slave switching. The most important thing is that the pricing is completely “painless”. It is a typical product for entry-level users and does not require good sound quality. Or how high the resolution is, as long as the connection is stable, the function is perfect, and the sense of hearing is good.

How to buy a true wireless Bluetooth headset

Finding the best true wireless Bluetooth headset can be a daunting task, especially since many options have appeared on the market in the past two years. If you want to personally choose the most suitable true wireless Bluetooth headset for yourself, please refer to the following items to pay attention to when purchasing a true wireless Bluetooth headset.

What is a true wireless Bluetooth headset?

Wireless Bluetooth headsets have existed for a long time. In summary, there are two types, one is a single ear, the other is binaural, and the two ears of the latter are always connected, whether it is a headset or an ear hook. This is true for either the neck-mounted style or the neck-mounted style.

What is the difference between a true wireless Bluetooth headset and a wireless Bluetooth headset? The special feature of true wireless Bluetooth headsets is that they are all binaural headsets, and there is no connection between the two ears, so they are called “true wireless”. In addition, true wireless Bluetooth headsets are generally equipped with a charging box to extend battery life and facilitate storage.

Apple/Apple AirPods Pro defines true wireless Bluetooth headsets

What are the advantages and disadvantages of true wireless Bluetooth headsets?

Are true wireless Bluetooth headsets good? There are good places and bad places. The good thing is obvious, that is the uninhibited feeling brought by wireless. If you buy a model that is comfortable and stable to wear, you may completely forget its existence.

Of course, there are many shortcomings. It inherits all the shortcomings of traditional Bluetooth headsets. First of all, there will be trouble with charging and battery life. Second, the sound quality is not as good as the price of headphones. Finally, it is easy to lose because they are very small and completely wireless.

What is active noise reduction and passive noise reduction?

Most noise reduction headphones use active noise reduction and passive noise reduction methods to reduce or eliminate noise. Passive noise reduction is simply blocking the ears to isolate the noise; active noise reduction headphones use a built-in microphone to analyse the environmental noise and emit a reverse sound wave equal to the external noise to neutralize the noise, thereby achieving the effect of noise reduction.

How Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Work

Call noise reduction is also a kind of active noise reduction. The usual method is to collect different sounds through two different microphones, and then use algorithms to separate the sounds to filter out environmental noise. High-end wireless Bluetooth headsets will even use three/four, or even six-microphone arrays for sound source pickup to achieve two-way noise reduction.

If you don’t consider size, the best noise reduction headphones should always be headphones. Make sure to check out our recommendations for the best active noise reduction headphones.

The opposite of noise-cancelling headphones is open-design bone conduction headphones. The speakers of bone conduction headphones do not need to be inserted into the ears, so they will not isolate external sounds at all, and will not have a stethoscope effect. They are the best choice for outdoor sports.

Wearing comfort and stability

The wearing comfort of the same headset varies from person to person, but there are some basic rules. Generally, the semi-in-ear type is more comfortable than the in-ear type, and the smaller the size of the earphones of the same shape, the less obvious the wearing feeling, and the more comfortable. The most ideal situation is that the earphone size is just right and can completely fit the ear canal. Of course, this needs Customized or fate.

The wearing stability of headphones is the opposite of comfort. In-ear headphones are more stable than semi-in-ear, but most people find the latter more comfortable. Reasonable ergonomic design and some coatings can alleviate this contradiction, but it always treats the symptoms but not the root cause. After all, the more stable the earphone means the greater the effort in the ear canal, and the greater the force, the more obvious the foreign body sensation.

Most models of in-ear headphones provide multiple sets of earplugs of different sizes to choose from. If your ear canal is more sensitive, you’d better choose these models. Some models are designed with shark fins or ear hooks. These earphones provide stress points outside the ear canal, which means that you don’t have to choose larger earplugs for sportswear stability so that it is both stable and comfortable. Sports enthusiasts recommend you to choose this type of true wireless Bluetooth headset.

Bosch/Bose shark noise reduction beans designed by shark fins


The true wireless Bluetooth headset is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and is equipped with a charging box to store and charge the headset. You need to pay attention to the single-charge battery life of the headset and the battery life that the charging box can provide. For active noise reduction headsets, you also need to pay extra attention to active reduction The battery life when the noise function is turned on.

Battery attenuation is also a problem that you should consider. It is best to choose a headset with a new phone whose battery life exceeds your requirements, so as to avoid the embarrassing situation of frequent charging after the battery is attenuated. Heavy users recommend choosing a charging box that supports wireless charging, which is much more convenient to use.

Sound quality

The sound quality of true wireless Bluetooth headsets is largely determined by the quality of Bluetooth wireless transmission, among which transmission coding has the greatest impact. As described later, the larger the maximum bit rate of the Bluetooth encoding format, the better the possible sound quality; however, the unlimited increase of the bit rate will introduce problems such as high latency and low connection stability. Therefore, the final solution adopted by the manufacturer It is often a compromise. The best response on the market is Qualcomm’s Aptx-HD and Sony’s LDAC format, but the sound quality they can achieve is far inferior to wired headphones.

Under the premise of the bottleneck of Bluetooth transmission quality, the improvement of sound quality by acoustic design is very limited. According to relevant statistics, the relationship between the sound quality of headphones above 500 yuan and the price is very small. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the characteristics of true wireless Bluetooth headset tuning, such as whether the bass is strong enough, whether the human voice is clear, whether there is adjustable EQ, etc., these factors have a great impact on the final hearing.

Encoding format

The communication between the Bluetooth headset and the mobile phone requires special encoding/decoding. The mainstream encoding formats include SBC, ACC, Aptx/HD/LL, LDAC, HW, etc. The maximum bit rate, delay and other parameters of these encodings are compared as follows:

Comparison of encoding formats of mainstream Bluetooth headsets

The higher the maximum bit rate means the more signals transmitted per unit time, the better the sound quality that the Bluetooth headset may achieve, but the maximum bit rate that can be achieved by the prior art is still the bottleneck of the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset. In addition, generally, the larger the bit rate, the greater the delay, and the stability of the connection and the transmission distance will also be weakened.

Bluetooth version

The mainstream version of Bluetooth headsets on the market is 5.0/5.1. Bluetooth 4.2 is facing obsolescence and is no longer worth choosing. Compared with 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 has greatly improved speed, power consumption and transmission distance:

  • Low power consumption: transmit audio with low power consumption (rate up to 2Mbps)
  • Device dual connection: 2 mobile phones can be connected to 1 headset at the same time or 1 mobile phone can be connected to 2 headsets at the same time
  • Long-distance transmission: up to 240m, 4 times that of Bluetooth 4.2

Compared with Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 5.1 brings some new features, mainly convenience improvement, not much performance improvement:

  • Device positioning accurate to the centimetre level: A very common application is to search for Bluetooth headsets that you don’t know where to drop.
  • Generic Attribute Profile (GATT), which can improve pairing and communication speed, and a random channel index that helps avoid packet collisions to ensure the arrival rate of Bluetooth advertisements, etc.

New features of Bluetooth 5.1

Bluetooth 5.3 also brings some new features compared to 5.2

  • Feature 1: Enhanced Attribute Protocol: Enhanced ATT protocol to improve matching efficiency.
  • Feature 2: LE Power Control: LE power control, can adjust the transmission power according to actual needs, so that the power consumption of the device is lower.
  • Feature 3: LE Isochronous Channels: LE synchronization channel, supports synchronous audio stream transmission channel in connection mode and synchronous audio stream transmission channel in broadcast mode.

Bluetooth Class1 vs Class2

To be precise, PowerClass1 and PowerClass2 are the energy levels of Bluetooth transmitting/receiving terminals. Bluetooth transmission has 3 power levels: Class1, Class2, and Class3, which support transmission distances of 100m, 10m, and 1m respectively. At present, mainstream Bluetooth headsets are almost Both are Class1. It should be noted that both the transmitter and receiver must support the Class1 standard to achieve long-distance transmission. In other words, the short connection distance of the Bluetooth headset may also be a problem with the mobile phone.


Pairing convenience: The smoothest first connection and pairing experience of the Bluetooth headset and the mobile phone should be like this: the mobile phone automatically pops up the window after removing the headset from the headset box, and it is connected. Although the pairing only needs to be done once, it will not affect the subsequent use experience, but if you buy a true wireless Bluetooth headset as a gift or for the elderly, a good pairing experience will indeed add a lot of points. This is a basic function and it is also a compatibility issue. If you care about this function, please pay attention to the compatible device list of the headset.

Connection stability: The stability of the connection between the true wireless Bluetooth headset and the playback device or between the two ears is the performance that most affects the user experience. You definitely don’t want the headset to be disconnected suddenly during a call, or when listening to a song. There is no sound. A good decoding chip is a basic guarantee for the stability of the Bluetooth headset connection, and it is also related to factors such as antenna design. It is recommended to choose a large manufacturer as much as possible during the purchase process, and pay due attention to the reputation and compatibility of the product.

Device dual connection: This is a new feature introduced by Bluetooth 5.0, which allows one set of Bluetooth headsets to be connected to two playback devices at the same time, or to connect two sets of Bluetooth headsets to one playback device and play audio at the same time. If you are using multiple mobile phones or other devices at the same time, this is a very convenient feature, because you no longer need to cut out and reconnect frequently. Some models of Bluetooth headsets also support Bluetooth memory speed matching, which can increase the speed of reconnecting.

Single/dual transmission: The development of true wireless Bluetooth headsets has undergone a transition from single-channel transmission to an upgraded version of single-channel transmission and then to dual-channel transmission:

  • Single-channel transmission: There is a headset in both ears as the main unit, which can only be connected from the main unit to the mobile phone, and the auxiliary ear cannot be used alone
  • Upgraded single-channel transmission: supports master-slave switching, both earphones can be used as master, and both ears can be used separately
  • Two-way transmission: both ears can be connected to the mobile phone, independent connection, independent use

The dual-channel transmission technology is more advanced. Now mainstream true wireless Bluetooth headsets all adopt this solution. The left and right earphones can be used at any time, which is more convenient to use and more stable in connection.

The difference between single-channel transmission and dual-channel transmission of true wireless Bluetooth headset


The smaller size of the Bluetooth headset is destined to not be a good control experience, especially for some models with more functions, it is necessary to complete the volume control, playback control, active noise reduction, and transparent mode on the petite body. The operation can sometimes be maddening.

Some Bluetooth headsets (such as the Jabra 75t/85t series) use a combination of physical buttons and touch gesture control and can customize the buttons. You can bind commonly used functions to the physical buttons so that they can also be used during exercise. Able to complete some operations, this is a design that we think has a better experience. The force sensor provided by the “industry benchmark” Airpods can barely be regarded as a physical button, and different frequencies/durations of pressing can complete different controls.


The playback delay of true wireless Bluetooth headsets mainly affects game users, especially for shooting games that require listening to the sound. Generally, the delay difference of Bluetooth headsets with the same chip solution is very small. Devices of the same brand often have a low-latency bonus. The most obvious and preferred one is Apple mobile phones with AirPods, and the delay can be controlled to 15~30ms.

Three-proof grade

The requirements for the three-proof level of true wireless Bluetooth headsets depend on your application scenarios. The protection level against sports sweating requires IPX4 to start. The protection level is best to use in the rain. The protection level is IPX5 upwards. If you want to listen to songs in the bath, IP67 lowest bar.

What? Do you want to swim and listen to music with a true wireless Bluetooth headset? Sorry, no matter how high the protection level is, Bluetooth headsets are not up to the task, because the Bluetooth signal is close to the microwave frequency band in the microwave oven and will be quickly absorbed by water. Only professional swimming earphones/MP3 can meet the scene of listening to music in the water. For recommended swimming earphones, please check: Recommended swimming earphones

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