5 Most Reliable & Best Schlage Mortise Locks

Most of us know best Schlage mortise locks are a perfect fit for commercial buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, and factories. Typically, they are recommended for top security since they are very strong and usually recommended over other standard cylindrical locks. As they are also suitable for entry doors, you may consider using them in your home.

The question is, are all mortise doors reliable? A mortise lock may be challenging to purchase when you’re out there shopping. This article has been written to help you find the best best schlage mortise locks quickly since it is unwise to assume that all brands are safe.

In our assessment, Schlage has some of the best mortise locks. Schlage is one of the leading manufacturers of door locks. Thus, if you’re on the lookout for quality mortise locks, this article provides information on some of the most reliable brands on the market, including Schlage mortise locks.

We’ll start off with our recommendation of the best Schlage mortise locks.

Reviews of the best Schlage Mortise Locks

1. Schlage L9010 06A 626 Series L Grade 1 Mortise Lock one of the Best Schlage Mortise Locks

image 5 Most Reliable & Best Schlage Mortise Locks

A satin chrome finish gives the Schlage L9010 06A 626 Series L Grade 1 Mortise Lock its plain appearance, which many people like. The lock complements a wide range of door designs.

This door has also been designed with a tough steel case that keeps your door safe from edge attacks. When a break-in attempt is made, this mortise lock will provide strong resistance. It is designed to withstand any form of forced entry. Furthermore, the electronic components are protected by a lock case, especially during forced entry, when fluids fall on it or when there is a fire.

Additionally, this mortise lock has been UL-listed for “3-hour fire resistance”. In other words, it is fireproof. Rather than having a key, this lock has a passage function. A 3/4 inch latch bolt, which is anti-friction, allows you to easily enter or exit the lock. Thru-bolting connects the exterior and interior trims.

This lock is ideal for commercial and industrial doors. Apart from resisting break-ins, this lock is also durable enough to withstand the daily wear and tear on the door.

2. Schlage CO100 MS70KP SPA 626 Electronics Security Lock Sparta

image 1 5 Most Reliable & Best Schlage Mortise Locks

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The Schlage CO100 MS70KP SPA 626 is an excellent choice if you need a mortise lock with electronic access control.

From the Schlage CO series, this has to be one of the best mortise locks. The lock has over 500 unique 3-6 digit PIN numbers. In addition, you can create multiple codes and remove them at any time, making them even more secure and convenient to control.

The PIN code can be customized for each user, which eliminates the need for mechanical keys. As a result, carrying mechanical keys is reduced to a minimum, and you won’t have to worry about misplacing or rekeying them. There is a keyhole on this lock for mechanical keys, but if you prefer keypad access then you can do away with it.

Several chassis options are available with the Schlage CO100 MS70KP SPA 626, including mortise, cylindrical, and exit trim. Furthermore, it is designed with different levers and finishes that coordinate well with the existing hardware. Multiple cylinder types are perfectly compatible with the standard mechanical key override of this mortise lock.

In addition, this Schlage mortise lock works with many popular exit device models. Mortise locks are an excellent choice for classrooms, offices, and storerooms. This device provides excellent security against intruders, and its multiple PIN code feature can be helpful when a user forgets their password.

3. Schlage L9040 03A 626 Series L Grade 1 Mortise Lock

image 2 5 Most Reliable & Best Schlage Mortise Locks

Schlage’s mortise lock is built to withstand abuse and continuous use. The lock is extra heavy-duty, so it is durable, and no matter how often you use it, it will not lose strength.

With a 3/4″ anti-friction latch bolt, the latch is designed to prevent friction. This lock is easy to lock and unlock for your commercial business.

The heavy-gauge steel case completely wraps around your door to protect it from edge attacks. The electronic components are also protected by an inside lock case.  With this lock, intruders will have a difficult time breaking through.

This Schlage L-Series extra heavy duty mortise lock features a satin chrome finish steel case, which is similar to other Schlage L-Series extra heavy duty mortise locks. It is moderately modern and may fit your door designs.

Schlage L9040 03A 626 Series L Grade 1 Mortise Lock is UL-listed for “3-hour doors”, which means it can withstand fire outbreaks.

4. Schlage CO100 MS70KP ATH 626 Electronics Security Lock Athens For 09663 10072 KD Mortise

image 3 5 Most Reliable & Best Schlage Mortise Locks

Schlage has created another top mortise lock with this one. This one is designed with an electronic access control system for added security. Schlage CO100 MS70KP SPA 626 is slightly more expensive than this one, but it is worth the extra cost.

The Schlage CO100 MS70KP ATH 626 is a manual-programmable offline lock. Mechanical keys or access codes can be used for access. It is possible to assign different PIN codes to different users with this mortise lock since you can create up to 500 unique PINs. Additionally, it can reduce the number of mechanical keys that need to be issued to each user.

The cylinder chassis lock is also available with exit trim, mortise trim, and cylindrical chassis options. In addition, it comes in a variety of lever styles and finishes that complement existing hardware.

Commercial and factory doors can be secured with this lock, which can resist severe break-in attempts. As a rule, it can be used for classroom functions, office functions, and storeroom functions.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to install this lock if you’re a bit tech-savvy. In any case, this lock works properly when installed correctly, so you should only try to fix it yourself if you’re sure you’re doing it right. In any case, a locksmith should be contacted for proper installation.

5. Schlage L9453P 06L 626 C123 Keyway Series L Grade 1 Mortise Lock

best Schlage mortise locks

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The L-Series extra-heavy-duty mortise lock is another example from the L-Series. This lock meets commercial building requirements with its grade 1 security rating. Among its unique features is its grade 1 rating, which makes it an excellent lock for securing commercial doors. This rating also relates to how sturdy a lock is when frequently used.

Additionally, the design of this lock is excellent, so you will have a lock that matches your office design and other business settings.

Additionally, there are two anti-friction keys and a latch included in the package. A simple turn of the handle retracts the deadbolt by 90 degrees. When the door is locked, the key or knob can be used to retract both the latch bolt and the deadbolt simultaneously. It also includes a lever that can be quickly operated to let you out.

This lock is UL-listed for three hours of fire resistance, as are other extra heavy-duty L-Series mortise locks. Fire suppression systems can prevent fires from spreading and protect your property until help arrives which is also explained in ratedlocks

A lock of this design is designed to benefit the user – it is easy to operate and is suitable for commercial and industrial doors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Schlage Mortise Locks

How Does A Best Schlage Mortise Locks Work?

Mortise locks must be installed on a doorframe with a mortise or pocket in order to function properly. Their bolts are designed to fit into the mortise. Having been correctly installed, mortise locks tend to be far more secure than other locks since they rely on the strength of the door frame.

Are Best Schlage Mortise Locks More Secure?

For entry door locks, mortise locks are among the most secure. In the locks, the door has a unique cut that allows longer and thicker mortises to fit into the pocket right on the door. This provides more protection.

What Is The Difference Between A Mortise Lock And Cylindrical Lock?

There are significant differences between these two locks. However, the most obvious difference lies in their usage, durability, and installation. In factories and other commercial buildings, mortise locks are considered to be the most secure locks. However, cylindrical locks are not the same as this, so this does not imply that they are weak. Installation is another significant difference between these two types of locks. Cylindrical locks are quite easy to install while mortise usually requires an expert to carry out the installation as they seem more technical.

Can You Change A Mortise Lock To A Regular Lock?

You can replace a mortise lock with a regular lock if you want to remove it. First, remove the screws that hold the doorknob in place. The doorknob can then be separated by turning one of its sides counterclockwise. Your replacement lock might have a different installation process depending on its type. Alternatively, you can slide the block into place after separating the doorknob-and use a 1-inch finish nail to lock the top of the block in place. Now you’re ready to install the new lock.

All in all, mortise locks are replaceable. If the reinstallation seems difficult, you can have a technician replace them.

Are Mortise Locks A Standard Size?

Depending on the size, function, and level of security, mortise locks are available. When you’re making a purchase, make sure you know what size fits your door.

Wrap Up

People don’t like buying a product, then going straight for another, as the previous one wasn’t worth the investment. In addition, door locks serve to ensure that you are safe. In addition to preventing break-ins, some door locks can prevent severe fire damage if a fire breaks out.

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