The best hair dryer from $30 to $90| Best Buying Guide 2021

Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy hair so they need the best hair dryer. However, the desired effect costs not only a regular visit to a hairdressing salon but also quality home care. It usually starts with the right cosmetics and ends with a hair dryer in hand.

The best hair dryer should definitely have an ionizer that does not burn or strain the hair cuticle during blowing. With the help of anions (negatively charged ions), it neutralizes “harmful” cations (positively charged ions), which are formed during drying with a conventional hair dryer. As a result, the hair is soft, shiny and visually healthy thanks to the ionizer.

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The cheapest hair dryer with ionizer

If you want to take care of your hair, but at the same time don’t want to spend a lot of money on a hair dryer , the Remington D5219 Your Style Dryer Kit could catch your eye. You can find it in online stores for about six hundred crowns, for which you will receive a surprisingly high-quality product.

The Remington hair dryer will please with its really high output (2300 watts), 3 adjustable temperatures, and a choice of 2 airflow speeds. I also find the three-year warranty to be positive, and especially the possibility of cleaning the rear grille, thanks to which you will naturally extend the life of the product and prevent it from overheating.

For some, a small flaw in beauty can be a heavier weight (something around 1000 grams) or a shorter cable. However, these are emotional complaints that have nothing to do with the quality of the hair dryer.

Main advantages

+ Low price
+ High power (2300 watts)
+ 36 months warranty
+ Possibility of cleaning the rear grille
+ Additional attachments
+ “Root Boost” handle for a larger volume of hair


– Heavier weight
– Shorter cable (1.8 meters)

Remington D5219 Your Style Dryer Kit

The best compromise with a five-year warranty

If you are one of the people who will suffer from not only quality but also nice design, you could reach for the Remington PRO-Luxe AC9140 hair dryer . Although it is a few hundred more expensive than the above-mentioned D5219, in return you will get a lightly fitting machine with a five-year warranty!

Another bonus is hidden under the name OPTIHeat. This is a specially designed drying technology, thanks to which you can easily and quickly strengthen your hairstyle to the desired look. Personally, I like a nice and long enough cable and especially a lower weight, with which blowing long hair is a toy.

If you want to find a bug in the product, someone might mind the higher noise level. On the other hand, you get a hair dryer with a power of 2400 watts, which comes to me as fair compensation.

Main advantages

+ Low weight (714 grams)
+ High power (up to 2400 watts)
+ 60 months warranty
+ Rear grille cleaning option
+ 3 meter long cable
+ OPTIHeat technology


– Noise

Remington PRO-Luxe AC9140

Hairdryer with the highest quality workmanship

If there is a hair dryer that could easily fit into a hairdressing salon, it would definitely be Bellissima 11665 My Pro .

Right at the beginning, it is worth mentioning the ceramic workmanship and the overall design, which creates a luxurious and professional impression. The weight (approx. 650 grams) and the ergonomically shaped handle with side buttons (no more unwanted switching) are also pleasant. In addition, the Bellissima 11665 My Pro has up to 8 options for setting the temperature and airspeed, which will satisfy people with any hair type. The imaginary cherry on the cake is also a sufficiently long cable and basic accessories, which contains, in addition to the classic concentrator, also a diffuser.

A minor shortcoming may be the standard warranty for 24 months, but for a product with such quality, I don’t even mind. Its use with left-handers is a bit more complicated (the buttons are designed to fit naturally in the right hand), but I personally do not take this fact as a quality problem.

Main advantages

+ Low weight (650 grams)
+ Ceramic processing
+ High power (2300 watts)
+ 8 temperature and speed settings
+ 3 meter long cable
+ Elegant design
+ Quiet in its category
+ Number of accessories (concentrator and diffuser)


– Without the possibility of cleaning the rear grille

Bellissima 11665 My Pro

The most compact hair dryer with ionizer

If you are looking for a dryer with which you can travel around the world without any problems, your attention could be focused on the Babyliss 6730E . It meets high demands for quality, but at the same time maintains a nice, compact, size .

The excellent feature of the Babyliss hair dryer is definitely the high power consumption (2400 watts), which perfectly matches the professional AC motor with a long service life. Demanding customers will enjoy the Turbo function and the overall quiet character. I definitely also consider the comfortable grip to be positive , from which the hands do not hurt even during a longer blow, and the corresponding and appropriate weight.

Even the Babyliss 6730E did not work without a mistake, or two. This is a higher price and a limited temperature setting (only 2 options). But if we are talking about a quality product made in Italy and the fact that the third temperature level is cleverly replaced by the above-mentioned Turbo function, I can hardly blame the Babyliss hair dryer.

Main advantages

+ High power (2400 watts)
+ Powerful long-life AC motor
+ Compact size (also suitable for travel)
+ Quiet in its category
+ Turbo function
+ Innovative narrow handle
+ Number of accessories (shaping attachments and diffuser)
+ Made in Italy


– Without the possibility of cleaning the rear grille
– 2 temperature setting options

Babyliss 6730E

Hair dryer with the best care

If you are struggling with dry and stressed hair, you need special care and really gentle products for it. Rowenta CV7920 Premium Care Silence revives and protects even highly damaged hair, which restores shine and a healthy look.

The main advantage of the hair dryer is in the HydraProtect technology, which keeps the hair naturally hydrated during the entire drying process. Negative ions have an antistatic effect and, together with keratin and argan oil, leave the hair beautifully soft and shiny. As with the previous product, there is also a high-quality AC motor with long service life and the Turbo Boost function, which dries even thick hair in an instant.

I also consider the repairability of the product for a period of 10 years to be very successful. A slightly higher investment suddenly seems to make sense and leaves a person to sleep peacefully.

I see a small drawback in the higher weight and shorter supply cable. As a result, the Rowenta CV7920 offers such convincing features that it definitely deserves its place among the best hair dryers.

Main advantages

+ High power (2300 watts)
+ Professional long-lasting AC motor
+ Quiet in its category
+ Care with keratin and argan oil
+ HydraProtect technology
+ Turbo Boost function
+ Number of accessories (concentrator and diffuser)
+ 10 years repairable


– Heavier weight (1200 grams)
– Shorter cable (1.8 meters)

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