The Best Gaming Headphones 2021 from $90 to $136

Choosing the best gaming headphones 2021 for yourself may not be as easy as it seems at first glance. After all, everyone has differently sensitive ears, and what is sound heaven for one will be an unbearable hell for another. The game genre you most often focus on and whether you are sitting at a PC or one of the consoles can also be a decisive aspect.

In this selection of the best gaming headphones, we focused on those that have 7.1 surround sound. In this case, playing will significantly improve your orientation and draw you into the story. RPG or FPS players (such as Call of Duty) will enjoy the virtual sound the most. On the other hand, if you prefer to steam Doom, the above sound will not inspire you twice. The reason is a noticeable change in the playing of classical music, which is rather harmful to sound.

Some readers will surely wonder why to choose a specialized headset. The answer may surprise you – but you don’t have to. I see the main advantages of gaming headphones in the clever connection of the microphone with the headphones, the possibility of surround sound, and the unique design, which is so typical for gaming sets.

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Cheapest and Best Gaming Headphones 2021

If you are an active player who spends a few hours a day with your machine, you will need gaming headphones with a quality construction. Razer Kraken for Console are made of high-quality aluminum material, which excels in longevity and at the same time maintains a low weight. In addition, the Razer headphones have a cooling gel in the right and left earbuds, which comes in handy during long play. I appreciate controlling the volume of the microphone directly on the shell, so you don’t have to deal with a swaying box somewhere on the cable. Girls and everyone who suffers from neck pain will also appreciate the lower weight of the overall device.

I see a minor shortcoming in the short cable, which cannot be disconnected. As a result, however, the headphones offer a really packed gaming experience with surround sound below  $90, which is a real luxury at standard gaming headset prices.

In case you still want to save a few hundred more, you can look at the Razer Kraken X for Console. They are less than four hundred cheaper, have comparable parameters, but only players with Windows 10 64-bit can enjoy virtual sound on them.

Main advantages

– Earpads with cooling gel and memory foam
– Compatible with PlayStation, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles + PC and mobile
– Frequency 12-28,000 Hz
– Retractable microphone
– Aluminum construction
– Low weight (322 g)


– Short cable (1.3 m)
– Bass too strong for someone

Best Gaming Headphones under 100

While this may not seem like a key parameter at first glance, I personally think that comfort greatly affects the overall gaming experience. That is why I have included the Patriot Viper V380 7.1 gaming headphones in today’s selection, which have ergonomically shaped earbuds. They bring a really comfortable fit and at the same time very deftly dampen excess noise from the outside. A two-meter cable is also fully sufficient, thanks to which you can enjoy playing from the comfort of your couch. I find the RGB backlight control very useful, which you can adapt to whether you play day or night.

The gaming headset will definitely please players with a heartbeat for multiplayer. The microphone is equipped with technology to suppress ambient noise and the Xear algorithm, which eliminates background noise. You will also enjoy the rotary volume selector or a separate button to mute the microphone.

If I had to find a shortcoming in the Viper V380 headphones, it would be a lower overall volume when playing on the console (even at the highest possible setting). But if you forgive them for this small scar, you will get headphones that will definitely not stop having fun while playing games.

Main advantages

– Comfortable to wear even during long-term play
– Compatible with PC, PlayStation 4
– Frequency 20-20,000 Hz
– Microphone (removable) with ambient noise suppression
– Steel, leather, and ABS construction (high-performance plastic)
– Cable length (2.1 m )
– Design element in the form of RGB backlight
– Low weight (310 g)


– Lower volume when connected to PlayStation 4

The best gaming headphones for PC

If you’re playing primarily on a laptop or desktop computer, you could reach for the Acer Predator Galea 350 headphones. They are equipped with the possibility of setting 3 sound modes (for watching movies, listening to music or playing games). In addition, switching between the individual modes is very easy thanks to the box, which is located on the cable. The reduction with Jack connectors is also practical, so if necessary, the device will also serve as ordinary headphones with a microphone.

Also worth mentioning is Acer True Harmony technology, which ensures clean and powerful surround sound that can outperform even more expensive competitors. In addition, if you download the Dolby ATMOS headphone system to your computer, you will enjoy your movie or gaming experience to the fullest.

Finding something bad on the Acer Predator Galea 350 headphones is not easy at all. Some may mind that the gaming headphones are only compatible with the PC, but I don’t see it as a beauty flaw. Another complaint then concerns a bit of indistinct bass. However, this is a personal preference, and in no way does it make Acer headphones a bad product. This time, as a disadvantage, I do not mention the short cable, which is actually an advantage when playing on a computer.

Comparing all the positives and negatives, the Acer Predator Galea 350 headphones are a great choice if you want to enjoy not only playing your favorite video games but also movies and music!

Main advantages

– Acer True Harmony technology
– Foldable headphone design
– Frequency 20-20,000 Hz
– Possibility to set 3 sound modes
– Microphone with ambient noise suppression
– Reduction with Jack connectors included
– Cable length (1 m)
– Low weight (352 g)


– Compatibility only with PC
– For someone weaker bass

Best Wireless Gaming Headphones for PC

If you’re looking for the best gaming headphones for pc that aren’t limited by a cable, you might catch HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless + 7.1. These excel not only in battery life (up to 17 h), but also in the range of 12 m. Practical is the volume control on one of the shells and a microphone that suppresses ambient noise. HyperX headphones also offer 7.1 surround sound, which in this case you can set up in HyperX NGENUITY software (console players will have to make do with stereo sound).

I find a smaller disadvantage in the production material, which is limited to the plastic only. On the other hand, you get extra light headphones that you won’t even feel on your head after a while. Overall, the wireless headset could be said to be suitable for casual gamers looking for low weight, long battery life, and great range.

Main advantages

– Wireless solution has a range of up to 12 m
– Low weight (240 g)
– Maximum battery life up to 17 h
– Frequency
50-18,000 Hz – HyperX NGENUITY software for PC
– Microphone with ambient noise suppression
– Built-in volume buttons
– Compatible with PC and PlayStation 4


– 7.1 surround sound for PC only
– Construction made of plastic

The Lightest Headphones

A very important parameter for choosing headphones can also be their weight. After all, if you spend a few hours a day with your favorite video games, you will soon find that every extra gram is spoken quickly. The JBL Quantum 400 gaming headphones come with an extra light headset that you won’t even feel wearing at a good gaming party. Another advantage is the swivel earrings made of memory foam, which fit perfectly on the head and do not hurt the ears. 

PC users will certainly enjoy the JBL Quantum ENGINE software, with which they can adjust the sound according to personal requirements. In addition to low weight, girls will appreciate the finer construction, which fits well even on smaller faces. Of course, JBL offers a microphone with noise suppression. But I also like the small twist on the microphone in that it turns off when folded down (ideal for those who have trouble finding the OFF button on the shell).

The JBL Quantum 400 gaming headset is simply great, and even if you pay a little extra for it, you will get a product that will change your view of gaming without exaggeration.

Main advantages

– Headphone weight only 274 g
– Comfortable memory foam earbuds
– Frequency 20-20,000 Hz
– Sound adjustment via JBL Quantum ENGINE PC
– Microphone with ambient noise suppression
– Built-in volume buttons
– Connecting cable to Jack connectors included
– Compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One
– Design element in the form of RGB backlight


– Higher price
– Cable length (1.2 m)

Most Popular Gaming Headphones

Quality sound is the basis of headphones. To enjoy it, you also need equally good filtration of the surrounding noise. And that’s why I included HyperX Cloud II gaming headphones in this selection, which handle Passive Noise Cancelling perfectly. Another successful issue is the certification for TeamSpeak, which guarantees a clean and clear voice. 

A pleasant surprise is also the internal DSP sound card, which amplifies the sound and voice for an optimal gaming experience at the Hi-Fi level. The little thing in the form of a detachable microphone will also please you, so you simply connect the headphones to your mobile phone and you can go outside. In addition, you get HyperX Cloud II gaming headphones with a wide range of accessories, which includes an adapter for use in aircraft, leatherette and velvet padding of earrings, and a travel net.

Even the most popular headphones from HyperX did not miss a minor flaw in beauty. This is a short cable for Jack inputs, which is only one meter. But once you connect the USB extension, you suddenly get a three-meter-long cord.

Main advantages

– Comfortable memory foam earbuds
– Frequency 15-25,000 Hz
– Compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
– Certification for TeamSpeak
– Crystal clear sound
– Button to turn the surround sound on and off
– Detachable microphone
– Package includes spare earbuds and a case Carrying
– Low weight (320 g) without microphone


– Surround sound for PC only
– Short cable for Jack inputs (1 m)

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