Top 10 Best Desktop Computers 2021

This page is used to briefly recommend the best desktop computers 2021 in various price ranges. The list starts with the cheapest set for the most basic use in the form of working with office programs or surfing on the Internet and continues to more expensive computers for more demanding users who want a more powerful machine, for example for editing photos and videos. These computers are NOT primarily designed for gaming, for such a recommendation go to the page about the best gaming PC sets.

In the case of each set, care is taken to obtain the best possible price/performance ratio.

All listed reports are regularly updated, see the date above for the latest updates.

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  • The best desktop PC set up to $690

The following recommended desktop computers 2021 are primarily unique PC kits from the currently most advantageous components on the market. First of all, these are NOT ready-made solutions, but proposals that you can have tailor-made.

Already build computers are only mentioned as alternatives, as they usually have a worse hardware configuration. However, the advantage of assembled PC sets can be seen in the license for the MS Windows operating system, which is usually included in the price. So you can basically start using such computers right after purchase – just connect them to your monitor or TV.

On the other side, a PC license has no license for the basic Windows OS. If you need this license and want to have the system installed on your computer, do not forget to add the Microsoft Windows 10 Home product to the order. If you are one of the users who can handle the installation of Windows themselves, you can get the operating system “second hand” for a significantly better price, see the following links –  Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro. You can also buy Microsoft Office 2019 Home or Professional.

The cheapest desktop computers 2021 (up to $275 )

Don’t want to spend more than necessary, but at the same time would like to have a desktop computer made of new components with a full warranty? The next cheapest PC for $275 is such an option. Sufficient performance is ensured by a modern 2-core Intel Pentium G6405 processor with an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 610 graphics card. The operating memory is 4 GB, the user memory then 128 GB in the form of a fast SSD disk. In both cases, of course, with the possibility of improvements in the future, for example, by purchasing additional RAM or a second magnetic disk with a larger capacity.

An alternative already assembled computer in a usable configuration is not in such a low price range.

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The best desktop computers 2021 up to $365

If you can afford to give a few hundred crowns more for a new desktop PC, I would definitely recommend it. For an attractive price of up to $365, we still stay with a 2-core processor, but we are choosing a slightly more powerful Intel Pentium G6605 model. We will also significantly improve RAM and user memory. Specifically, twice the 8GB RAM was used, as well as a larger 256GB SSD. The computer is thus significantly more agile when working with a lot of data, and of course, you can also fit more data in it.

If you want to buy the cheapest type-assembled desktop PC at home or in the office, then the main adept for purchasing is the HP Slim S01-aF1000nc. Although this ready-made solution has a significantly weaker Intel Celeron processor, it will please with a mouse, keyboard and a license for MS Windows 10 Home included.

The closest alternative to an already assembled computer is the Lenovo V530-15ICR Tower with a significantly more powerful Intel Pentium processor but without a Windows operating system license.

The best desktop computers 2021 up to $460

If you pay around 460 dollars for a new desktop PC set, you will get basically 100% more powerful devices than the previous solutions. You will be able to easily edit photos or play less demanding games. The main star of the whole set is a modern 4-core Intel Core i3-10105 processor with a more powerful integrated graphics card Intel UHD Graphics 630. The operating memory is 8 GB of RAM, but if necessary, a second module can be easily purchased. A fast SSD with a capacity of 512 GB is ready for your data. Improving the assembly in the future will not be a problem, as a higher quality motherboard and PC case are used.

A very advantageous purchase of an already assembled desktop computer for 460 dollars is the HP Slim S01-aF0003nc. Although this set has a significantly weaker 2-core processor, it attracts with its smaller size, integrated Wi-Fi card and pre-installed Microsoft Windows 10 Home included.

The best desktop computer up to 550 Dollars

If you have a beautiful budget of around 550 dollars ready for your new desktop PC, the set in the following spirit could appeal to you. The modern Intel Core i3-10105 processor with integrated graphics card again ensures sufficient computing and graphics performance. The RAM was chosen to be 16GB, as it is currently the ideal value for virtually any use. With an increase in the budget, a slightly better case was used again, if you would like to further improve this computer in the future, for example by purchasing a magnetic disk to increase the data storage.

Even in the price range of up to 12,000 crowns, the best already assembled alternative is a computer from HP, specifically the HP Slim S01-aF0005nc. Compared to the previous set, such a PC has a significantly weaker processor and half the operating memory, but it attracts with its overall smaller dimensions, an integrated Wi-Fi card and a license for MS Windows 10 Home included.

If you use Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, ie a version of the operating system with more functions, you will find the price of the LYNX Office 10462659 computer here.

The best desktop computer up to 690 dollars

For more demanding home and office/work use, the two previous sets are more than sufficient. But if you still don’t have a problem giving an extra crown for a new desktop PC, the following solution could certainly appeal to you. The preferred Intel Core i3-10105 processor and 16 GB of RAM in this case are housed in a motherboard that has an integrated Wi-Fi card. So if you don’t have wired internet in your room, you don’t have to deal with this computer, because you connect wirelessly. The set also included a fast SSD + high-capacity magnetic disk (2 TB) within the budget, so that you can work more comfortably with large files, such as videos.

A very advantageous already assembled PC set is the HP M01-F1001nc. Compared to the previous custom set-up, this computer has half the RAM and lacks a second drive, but boasts a more powerful 6-core AMD Ryzen 5 4600G processor and pre-installed Windows 10 Home. A very similar set only without a Wi-Fi card is the Asus ExpertCenter in a beautiful design cabinet.

If you use Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, ie a version of the operating system with more functions, you will find the price of the  LYNX Office 10462663 computer here.

Do you have any questions or comments about the mentioned desktop PC sets? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you looking for a computer primarily designed for gaming? In that case, take a look at the current recommendations of the best gaming PC sets.

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