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Are Dogs better than Cats? – 6 Reasons why Dogs are good pets

Are dogs better than cats? Not only are they better, but they prove to be good for your health as well, whereas, cats don’t much contribute to your well-being. Wanna know how? Well, that’s what we are here for.

Do you know that Dogs will go to heaven alongside human beings? That’s just one of the many factors of Dogs being better.

1. Dogs are more attentive to your voice than cats

Training a dog to pay attention is easier than training a cat

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Dogs pay attention literally to all of your actions, they even sense your emotions, you’ll understand this if you are a dog owner that dogs pay more attention to you if you call their name or if they are used to you, whistling, whereas Cats don’t care at all.

There is a famous myth about dogs and cats which is:

When you feed a dog, take good care of it, always keep it close, the dog thinks that they are all these good things for me, THEY MUST BE GODS.

Compared to when you do all those good things for a cat, the cat thinks they are doing all these good things for me, I MUST BE GOD.

2. Dogs care more about You than they care about themselves:

What’s better than Dog’s hug?

It may sound a bit exaggerated, but a dog can sacrifice its own life while saving the life of its owner. Dogs are the most honest creatures on this planet.

As I said before Dogs can sense their owner’s emotions, by doing so they try their best to brighten up their owner’s mood, which can involve licking, cuddling, and playing.

They also prove to be good for your health ( both mental and physical ), A study shows that dog owners tend to be happier in life than cat owners.

Mental health in a sense of happiness and Physical health in a sense that dogs require daily walk which is essential for dogs as well as its owner. Walking is good, right?

Dogs love to go for a walk

3. A Dog is a Man’s Best Friend:

Dogs get along quite well with children as well

Have you watched the movie, John Wick? If you have, then you would probably understand how much a man can love a dog, he can even kill people for him.

A dog is said to be a man’s best friend and it’s not just a saying, there are many other animals to whom a person can get really attached, but dogs? Man, they are simply the best.

A dog is loyal, a dog is active and helps keep you active as well. On the other hand, Cats are quite lazy in this regard, ’cause they can literally stay at home all the time and do nothing.

They only care when it suits them, like when they are feeling hungry or when they have to pee and their pot is dirty, and that’s it. Otherwise, they don’t even care about your existence.

4. Dogs love to be around you(almost all the time):

Always watching

Dogs are always happy to see you, I think there’s only one place where your dog wouldn’t wanna go with you, I mean the toilet, of course! Other than that it is really difficult to keep them away from you. Whereas Cats sometimes don’t even like to be touched, They just want to be left alone on their own.

A lot of people have cats as their pets, a lot have dogs, When you are in a house that has a dog, the chances of you getting to see it are relatively high as dogs are usually around their owners, compared to a cat house, where the cat would probably be sleeping in a corner, Which shows once again dogs are better than cats

5. World’s most loyal creature:

Hachikō. Often referred to as ” World’s most loyal dog

If there is one quality of a Dog that no other creature can match is Loyalty.

You probably would’ve heard a story of an Akita dog named, Hachikō, who waited for his deceased master(who died of a cerebral hemorrhage) for about 9 years until his own death, became a symbol of extraordinary loyalty and devotion towards his master.

Dogs in loyalty are undoubtedly unmatched, whereas, there might be some stories about cats’ loyalty, none that I heard of, to be honest. that also proves that dogs are better.

6. Dogs can keep you safe:

A police dog at your service

Have you ever heard of a cat being used for security purposes by the police? No, right? Well, there is a reason why they use dogs for these kinds of tasks.

Dogs are easier to train and their sniffing power is way better than cats. Dogs are relatively bigger than cats, obviously, which makes them more useful in terms of safety.

They bark and growl to alert you of any suspicious activity, Dogs will even fight the intruders if they sense that their owners are feeling threatened.

Can you imagine a cat doing all these? A dog takes its owner quite seriously, compared to cats, It’s highly likely cats would also be sleeping with the owners at the time of intrusion.

In case you’re having a bad day

Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really” – Agnes Sligh Turnbull

These were some reasons why are dogs better than cats, The choice is Yours.

Summary about are dogs better than Cats?

I’m not saying that cats are not to be chosen at all, If cats suit you that’s perfectly fine, I was just clarifying the differences between owning a dog or a cat.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Choose what’s good for you, your mental and physical health, because cats just don’t care.

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