Apply now for 2024-25 MCCC scholarships

MONROE — Monroe County Community College will award $400,000 in scholarship funding for the 2024-25 academic year.

The online scholarship application is available now at Returning and prospective students are encouraged to apply for more than 200 available scholarships. Applications are due March 1.

“However, it is recommended that students apply as soon as possible,” Joshua W. Meyers, executive director of The Foundation at MCCC said. “Not all scholarships are need-based or require a high-grade point average or full-time status. Many are program-specific and are available in all traditional and technical career training programs.”

To apply for scholarships, students need their MCCC student email address and seven-digit student identification number, which is assigned after completing the free MCCC Application for Admission, which can be completed  online at

The college uses a common, online application for all its private donor scholarships at

“Students can complete an application in as little as 20 minutes, but students are encouraged to take their time to ensure a complete, compelling and accurate submission.

MCCC offers suggestions for applying for scholarships:

–Write responses to the short essay questions in Microsoft Word prior to filling out the application form so clean, edited versions of the essay can be “cut and paste” into the digital application. 

–There are three short essay questions, one that is required and two others that are highly recommended for completion. The essays ask about educational and career goals, school and community service activities and financial hardships.

–Thoroughly completing the application before submitting it is important, as each question may qualify the student for additional scholarships. The application process does allow for saving drafts prior to final submission. 

MCCC students also are encouraged to completed the FAFSA, available at

“Our financial aid staff work with students as much as possible to identify sources of financial aid that will help them with the cost of a college education,” said Scott Behrens, vice president of enrollment management and student success. “Scholarships are a great resource of course. It is important for students to understand there are other opportunities, too, such as federal and state grants, scholarships from the college and other organizations, work-study and lastly loans, but students have to apply.” Students can call 734-384-4135 for more information.

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Nearly 200 scholarships were awarded at MCCC last year, with awards ranging from $250 to full scholarships that cover all tuition and fees for two years at MCCC.

“Donors who contribute to The Foundation make it possible for us to fund such a wide variety of scholarships in all of the college’s over 60 areas of study, including students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges after completing their studies at MCCC,” Myers said. 

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