What is better, pebbles or mulch?

This is among the most asked questions whether to use pebbles or mulch? To be honest, both of them have their pros and cons, and knowing them before making any decision is vital.


Using the pebbles or stones in the landscape is pretty good in the long run and is often preferred by many gardeners and garden owners.

The reason is that they do not require much care or maintenance. It is pretty easy to guess that stones or pebbles would act as a strong barrier for the soil.

Moreover, these stones or pebbles can also be found in various colors. Meaning that it would be excellent and pleasing for the eyes to see.

You get a wide variety of colors and many different shapes. So, you can choose from this variety as per your liking.

It is possible that you would not have to change these stones/pebbles for a really long time. This quality differentiates rocks from natural mulches.

But, there are some drawbacks of using stones or pebbles as well. It is obvious that stones/pebbles will NOT break down over time to benefit the plant in its growth.

The water retention rate is also pretty low. That also affects the plant and the soil in many ways. Furthermore, they tend to get heated up by an impactful percentage in the summer season.

Pebbles and stones are an excellent choice to use for landscape while keeping all of these pros and cons in mind. If you are okay with it, you are good to go!

Natural Mulch:

Organic mulches have more users than any other landscape material. Among the many reasons is that they are cheap and more people can afford them.

If you want that statement in numbers, stones or pebbles as landscape materials are 70%+ more costly than the natural mulches.

Mulch has a plus point here because it can also be created at home by using natural components. Something you can’t or, let’s say, won’t easily be able to do with stones/pebbles.

The most significant difference between natural mulches and stones is that they break down over time to get mixed with the soil and benefit the plants in impactful ways.

Organic mulches have a good and sustainable water retention rate, and they also act as a strong barrier against weeds.

But, stones have good longevity, and they last for a significant amount of time, while mulch will need replacement after a year or two, depending on their maintenance.

And yes, before I forget, mulches require maintenance, and without it, they will not perform correctly, and you know what that means, don’t you?

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