Do all Mulch Attract termites?

No! That does is not the case with all mulches. There are mulches that are just vacation places for these termites, and some mulches do not much appreciate termite presence in them.

Mulches that do attract termites are Pine Bark, Pine Straw, and some others. But before we dive into them separately, let us know which elements in these mulches ACTUALLY attract termites.

When mulches have a suitable concentration of nitrogen, cellulose, phosphorous, and some others elements present in them, termites come running towards these kinds.

Pine Bark:

One thing to keep in mind here is that Pine Bark mulch does not possess a suitable concentration of cellulose, yet termites prefer to live in these mulches. Why is that?

That is because termites do not feed on Pine bark mulches; instead, they just see the mulch as a residing place. Pine bark mulches are often put near the house. That is why termites hide in these mulches to get inside your home.

They use Pine mulches as their pathway to go in and out of your house. This maneuver causes considerable damage sometimes. Beware! Because they may be lacking necessary cellulose, but they are getting the nitrogen and phosphorus in good quantity. Comprende?

Pine Straw:

You may hear the masses saying that Pine Straw mulch does not welcome termites in them. But this statement is not entirely accurate. Because the termites love moist places. Pine Straw is pretty good at keeping the soil moist.

What can you expect then? Termites come here; they like the environment and decide to make it their retirement destination. But they don’t just stop there. They start moving forward by building pathways through the mulch.

And where do you think they are headed? Your home! One more thing, the Pine Straw mulch is pretty volatile and can easily be caught on fire. So, tread lightly.

Softwood Mulch:

Termites live on cellulose, and softwood mulches have plenty of it. It is pretty simple. If you decide to use softwood mulch in your garden, be prepared to receive some unwanted guests and you very well know who these guests are.

But don’t worry. Termites will not stay in your mulch for a long time, it will become difficult for them to live there. Termites are going, relieved? You should not be! Because once they can’t live in the mulch, they will turn towards your home. You won’t like that either, would you?

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