25+ Beautiful French Tip Nails

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25+ Beautiful French Tip Nails

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France is not only famous for its cheese, museums, shopping, and scents, but also for the tip nails. From the black glitter coatings to the pink and white nails. Here we have listed some of the best French tip nails.

25+ Beautiful French Tip Nails you should know about

Simplicity is the evergreen fashion. Many fashions have come and gone, but simplicity has remained intact.

This is what separates the French tip nails from other hand products—their elegance and simplicity.

I called them evergreen because they provide the same beauty and attraction, whether a young person uses them or an old one.

It would not be wrong to say that the French tip nails bring out the lost youth in the older people. That is among the many reasons why they have always been in demand.

Their design can either take you back in time or ahead. People have been using them for many years, and their quality has not changed a bit.

Here we have listed some of the best French tip nails that people just can’t help but notice whenever you put them on. Let’s begin, shall we?

30 best french tip nails:

1. Shimmery Red French Tip with Glossy Topcoat:

Have you ever watched the “Wizard of Oz?” Then you would know Dorothy’s red slippers. The whole idea of these tip nails has been taken from Dorothy’s slipper color.

The look of these nails tips is something different in itself. Needless to say that the red color is among the most appealing colors when correctly put on.

2. Gel French Manicure with Baby Pink Polish:

If you are planning to attend a wedding or any other ceremony, then using these French nails would be your best bet. Why?

They are designed in such a way with such delicacy that there is no room left for improvement. The thin paint of their tips is just incredible.

Gel French tip nails are the correct balance of style and simplicity. They will do an excellent job if given a fair chance.

3. Edgy Long Nail Design with French Tips:

These tips nails are perfect for girls who have a bold nature. Because it is pretty apparent that not all girls like pink and white nails.

Some like the black nails as well. Keeping that in mind, the nails are precisely designed for them. The black color of the three fingers and on the tip of the ring finger is a sight to see.

4. Pink Matte and Chrome-Tipped Manicure:

But yet there are some who like the pink and white nails simply because they match any dressing. Well, they do not need to worry because, for the same reason, these tip nails are created.

Their pure delicacy and up-to-date looks are like no other. They are generally used on all kinds of occasions.

5. Delectable Rose Gold Coffin Nails:

Damn! I cannot praise enough the ladies who prefer long nails tips. I mean, just look at them. Don’t they seem precious? Like their design and color, everything.

What more is there to say about this elegance, except for when are going to buy them, huh?

6. Charming Short Nails with Skinny French Tips:

A perfect example of simplicity, we have these short French tip nails that are too good not to be bought once.

Their charming look is different than others, I mean obviously! Why else would we list these nail tips if they weren’t try-worthy?

7. Pink and Gold Chrom Nails:

As you all know, whenever gold is included in a product, be prepared to witness something extravagant.

These French tip nails have just the right amount of gold and pink in them to ensure that sparkle is not dulled.

8. Subtle Nail Polish Idea with Pale Pink:

Well, if you are in search of something that is both ancient-looking and still fitting today’s style criteria.

Then, you will not have to look any further, as these nails tips provide you with both the old and the future look. So, what are you waiting for then?

9. Pink and White Nails with Casual Elegance:

Why do you need to be formal all the time? Let’s just be casual for some time with these casual tip nails. These nails tips help you stay casual with the same classy look.

Their informal and straightforward look is purely delicate. Many people, especially ladies, prefer these nails not to look formal and dressed up all the time for no apparent reason.

10. Squared Tips with Shimmering Glitter:

Let’s just change the shape of your nails a bit with these squared French tip nails. They are pink from the base, and the ring fingernail has been with shiny glitters.

They are put in the long nails category and are highly I’m demand because of this reason. If you ask a girl/lady, their expected answer would be that they prefer the long nails even if they are not as hygienic as the short nails.

11. Pearlescent Pink and White Nails:

What happens when pink and white polishes combine? Well, you are about to find out what their contrast has in store. These French tip nails are pretty shinny and are put in the short nails category.

Depending on your choice entirely, you can choose to have these beautiful tip nails with a glitter coating on any of your fingers, ring finger preferably.

12. Gold Glitter Glam French Nails:

When the Frech manicure is at its best, they create such designs, and what do you think will happen when they add a coating of gold as well?

You guessed it right. It becomes an absolute masterpiece. Well, these French tip nails are comprised of all these qualities to the fullest.

13. Beautiful Pink Nails:

When we talked about simplicity, this is what we meant—excellent contrast of pink and white colors with a glitter coating on the ring finger.

Isn’t this what you wanted with the simple designs? Well, here is a bonus point, they are among the most affordable French tip nails.

14. Subtle and Classic French Nail Design:

If you are looking to find something that fits with any of your attires, from casual ones to formal ones, then you might want to consider these tip nails.

The creamy pink color with slightly whitish tips is a suitable contrast, and it has been in appeal for a long time.

15. Short French Manicure with Square Tips:

Among the best French tip nails are these squared tips. You can either use them if you are not color-conscious.

Or you can go for colored french tips if you prefer different-color contrasts. They give your nails a pretty excellent and shiny look.

16. Adorable Floral Nail Art Design:

They provide a contrast of pink and white with many flowers painted on the ring fingers to give off a new and unique look.

Anyone from any age can put these nail tips on. They are not limited to any specific age or skin color.

17. Shining Golden Stripes on a French Tip Manicure:

Not all ladies but most of them put these nail tips on for their loved ones, especially their partners. That is why most of these designs are painted on the ring fingers.

This little detail adds uniqueness to your fingers, and what is better if the gold is also added to the fold?

18. Cute Silver Glitter on French Tip Nails:

A compass of silver sparkle across the tips holds these normal-looking nails back from being exhausting. The base coat is exemplary blush pink, and the tips are a delicate white.

This charming simple nail configuration would look decent on anybody. The most youthful nail artistry darlings would particularly appreciate wearing it.

19. Classy Pink, White, and Glittery Manicure:

This pink and white nail configuration has excellent blush nail clean with delicate white tips. The ring fingernail is complemented with a matte glittery completion.

This look is ideally suited for any individual who needs to give the customary pink and white French nail trim somewhat of a twist. It is sufficiently inconspicuous to be incredible for work or a formal event.

20. Unique Nail Designs with Gray and Gold:

These French nail treatment nails consolidate an ideal layer of dim matte clean with excellent gold chrome tips. This is one of the more inventive nail thoughts out there.

These tones are not frequently combined together. This nail trim is sensational and will get you taken note of. These nails would be incredible for a formal event or with a restless outfit.

21. Metallic Green French Tips with Nude Nail Beds:

These green-colored French tip nails are pretty unique, and they give a pretty fresh and pleasing look. I believe that green is a color that does not need any other color to look complete.

Color like green, blue, or black is complete in itself. So, using this color as tip nails is a good decision for informal events as well as formal ones.

22. Unique Pink and Magenta French Tips:

The bright color of these French tip nails is pretty visible and easily noticeable with light pink color on the base.

And dark pink and shiny colors on the tips. These French tip nails have a unique design and are put in the long nails categories.

23. Rainbow French Tip Nails with Pizzazz:

Why don’t we include all the colors separately on your fingers? Instead of going for only black, white, pink, and green, let us just put them all together.

All of them have a light pink base and many-colored tips. In simpler words, all the rainbow colors are put in these tip nails.

24. Superbly Painted Pink and Iridescent Nails:

You might find it pretty simple to design at first sight but wait just a minute before you see the actual details and delicacy put into making these tip nails.

The contrast of light blue and pink color is highly appealing and in demand. They get squared from their tips and provide an excellent look.

25. French Tip Coffin Nails:

MAN! These nails have such a good design, and the word “coffin” is there to refer to the coffin-shaped tips, which are just awesome.

They also have glitter coating on the ring finger to provide an appealing look to the hands.

26. Pink French Tip Pedicure with short nails:

The pink French tip pedicure is polished with pink and white colors. They can either be square-shaped or rounded from the tips.

White-colored from the tips, and their base is often pink. These French tip nails provide a shiny and pleasing look to a lady’s feet.

27. Blue and Silver Designer Nails:

These tasteful light blue French tip nails are emphasized by silver metallic clean. They give a pleasant differentiation to all the pink and white French tip nail trims out there.

This nail treatment would be incredible for somebody who needs the exemplary French look; however, be prepared for an alternate tone to make a splash a little.

28. French Tip Nails Studded with Pearls:

Let’s take a step further from gold and silver and fit pearls in the tip nails. These pearls are very delicately fitted in the tip nails, especially on the ring fingers.

They are pretty expensive but are worth the money spent on them. These tip nails are mainly in cream color.


We have listed some of the best French tip nails that have such good and extravagant qualities. Most of them are pink and white in color and some are green and also blue.

It depends on your choice. If you want ancient looks, modern looks, or stylish looks, we have listed almost all of them. Choose wisely.

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