20 Most Famous Lingerie Models on Earth

The lingerie models listed in this article are actually not afraid to defy the odds against them and show the whole world that they are free to do anything they want and wear anything they want. With lingerie brands offering the best quality of women’s wear like bras, panties, and underwear, these bold models leave little to no stone unturned in showing them.

It is not an easy task to show your body with such boldness in front of the world. That is why these lingerie models in this list are deserving of the ranks. These brands offer women clothes in all sizes, and due to that, they hire models of every size. Models hired to show oversized or X-large garments are called “Plus-sized Models.” We will talk about the 20 Famous Lingerie models that you just can’t get your eyes off.

1. Rosie-Huntington Whiteley:

Rossie decided to go after modeling at a very young age, 16. She started chasing her career as a lingerie model from the beginning. Not only is she a successful lingerie model, but also a businesswoman, an actress, and a fashion designer as well. She was starred in many famous films such as Transformers and many others.

Born on 18 April 1987, Rosie is 34 years old today. She has worked with many popular lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret, Burberry, and Marks and Spencer. It is estimated she gets paid in millions for every of her Instagram post, possibly due to her huge fan following of a whopping 14 million and counting.

Her great figure and beautiful face have been a plus point for her all the way. Rosie is considered to be one of the best lingerie models. She is engaged to famous movie star Jason Statham and is a mother of 1 kid.

2. Dita von Teese:

This 49-year-old lingerie model has truly proved that age is just a number. Dita has completely changed the definition of pantyhose fashion to a whole new one, with her unique style. She has been in this field from 1990 till now and she is as young as she was back then.

It is said that in Dita’s childhood, her mother took her to buy her first undergarments, of pure cotton. She started working for lingerie at the age of 15 and is regarded as a veteran model today. Apart from being a model, Dita is an actress, a businesswoman, a fashion designer, and an author as well.

She has featured on many magazine covers like Playboy, Bizzare, and Marquis. At first, she created her surname, Von Treese, but due to a technical mistake, it became Von Teese. She got along with it. Her Instagram followers are about 2.6 million and counting.

3. Heidi Klum:

Heidi Klum is among the most paid lingerie models. During her 30+ year career, Klum has gained a lot of fame and money by working with top fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret and others. Like other models, she is also a successful businesswoman, a producer, and a T.V host.

She has around 8.9+ million followers on Instagram. Also, Heidi was ranked as the second most earning model by Forbes in 2011. She is a German-American model and currently resides in the U.S

4. Naomi Campbell:

Naomi, the supermodel, has some unique styles of clothing. With 11.8+ million followers on Instagram, she started her modeling career when she was 15 years old. Today, Naomi is 51, and she couldn’t have more young than she is now.

She is a model, runs a business, and is a good singer as well. Naomi also does a lot of charity. At the end of the 80s, she, along with the other two models, created “Trinity“, which became the reason for her success.

5. Liu Wen:

Regarded as one of the sexiest lingerie models, Liu Wen is 33 years old today, with a big fan following of 5.5+ million on Instagram. She has worked with famous fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret and others.

But things are going in her favor nowadays, as the fashion industry is not much of a diverse place to be. But apart from all that, Wen is a beautiful and successful model.

6. Candice Swanepoel:

Candice is sometimes referred to as one of the most authoritative lingerie models ever. Born in South Africa, she has an Instagram following of 16+ million. She has been one of the most prominent models of Victoria’s Secret since 2007.

She has made a great fortune by modeling. Forbes placed her among the top 10 highest-earning models, and Candice has been on this list consecutively from 2010. She is 33 years old and was born on 20 October 1988.

7. Adriana Lima:

Adriana was born in Brazil and known for being Victoria’s Secret’s face for 19 years. Born on 12 June 1981, she is 40 years old today. Lima has around 13.7 million Instagram followers.

She mostly promotes Victoria’s Secret’s bra, panties, and other undergarments. This Brazilian beauty has been among the top lingerie models since 1999.

8. Eva Herzigova:

This stunning Czech model was born on 10 March 1973 and has worked with several popular brands such as Louis Vuitton, Versace, Emilio Pucci.

With Instagram followers of around 318,000, she is a very talented actress as well. The reason for her popularity became her collaboration with Wonderbra in 1994.

9. Erin Heatherton:

If you want to learn, how to perfectly show off the best clothing, Erin Heatherton is your best choice. Being the face of Victoria’s Secret since 2011, she has successfully done her job.

She was born on 4 March 1989, has is 32 years old today. She has 946,000 followers on Instagram. Unlike many models, she prefers to keep her clothing simple. Because Erin finds it more appealing.

10. Marisa Miller:

Marisa Miller is said to be the returning supermodel. She has been a lingerie model for famous brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria’s Secret, and others.

Born on 6 August 1978 in the USA, she is 43 years old. Her Instagram account has 127,000 followers. Marisa is also an occasional actress.

11. Kate Upton:

Kate is a famous Victoria’s Secret model and has been active in modeling since 2008. She has been modeled for many brands like Guess, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and others.

She is a young talent with an age of 29 and was born on 10 June 1992. She has around 6.2 million followers on her Instagram account.

12. Stephanie Seymour:

Stephanie has been around in the modeling industry since 1983, and she is 53 years old today. Seymour was born on 23 July 1968. Her followers are around 214,000.

She has been a great lingerie model ever since and worked with Vogue, Sports Illustrated Swimwear Issue, and various other fashion and modeling brands. Yet another example of the phrase, “Age is just a number.”

13. Steph Claire Smith:

Thanks to her extravagant figure, Steph has made a great impact in the modeling industry. She was born on 10 January 1994 in Australia. Smith is determined to maintain a good body look by staying on the positive side of life.

She has founded the “Keep it Cleaner” brand. Also working with Midnight Co, Bras ‘N Things, and several other brands as well. Steph has around 1.3+ million followers on Instagram.

14. Jourdan Dunn:

Jourdan also makes the list of the most dominating lingerie models of all time. She has a runway model of Victoria’s Secret. Dunn was the model to walk on the Prada runway, the first to do so among all the black models.

Furthermore, she was also listed among the highest-earning models in 2014 by Forbes. Born on 3 August 1990, Dunn is 31 years old. Her Instagram following is 3 million strong.

15. Alessandra Ambrosio:

Ambrosio is a sexy lingerie model. She was born in Brazil on 11 April 1981. Apart from being a model, Alessandra is a businesswoman, a fashion designer, and also a T.V host.

Her popularity increased when she started working with Victoria’s Secret. She has been in this industry since 1999. She is 40 years old and has a whopping 10+ million followers on Instagram.

16. Romee Strijd:

Romee is a young lingerie model, and she has more than 7 million followers on Instagram. She is just 26 years old today. She is currently working with Victoria’s Secret.

She has worked with other fashion brands as well, and due to her extraordinary talent, she has gained a lot of appreciation in the industry. Romee also has a Youtube channel.

17. Josephine Skriver:

This beautiful model was also born in a beautiful country, Denmark, on 14 April 1993. Josephine has a lot of potentials and Victoria’s Secret knew that. Making her their angel in 2013.

She has a huge following of 6.8+ million. The biggest contributor to her career is her unique smile and sexy figure. Skriver has also worked with Prada, Gucci, and other famous brands.

18. Irina Shayk:

Her great talent in modeling is nothing new for anyone. She has always been good at what she does. Born on 6 January 1986 in Russia, she has been modeled for Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, and others.

She is also an actress and a mother. But that has never affected her fitness and her career. Shayk has 17+ million followers on Instagram. She has also been ranked as an “Industry icon

19. Shlomit Malka:

She is a sexy and hidden gem-like model who was born in Israel on 23 December 1993. Malka has over 400,000 fans on Instagram. Because she is an Israeli, it was mandatory to receive military training, but Shlomit left it to pursue her modeling career.

Malka is a good lingerie model, and she mostly prefers sweaters and other winter clothing. Worked with L’Oreal, Armani, and others.

20. Miranda Kerr:

Miranda was born on 20 April 1983 in Australia. This blue-eyed lingerie model is among the best models of all time. Another of her milestone is that she was named the “Sexiest Woman Alive“.

She has around 13 million followers on Instagram. She has worked with many fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret and others. Kerr is 38 years old. A successful lingerie model.

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